Acalles ptinoides, copyright Barry Walter.

Belongs within: Cryptorhynchinae.

Acalles is a genus of fairly generalised cryptorhynchine weevils found in the western Palaearctic, with less reliably assigned species from elsewhere in the Holarctic realm (Astrin & Stüben 2008).

<==Acalles Schoenherr 1825 (see below for synonymy)A02
    |--*A. camelus (Fabricius 1792)AS08
    |--A. fallax Bohman 1844AS08
    |--A. lemur (Germar 1824)AS08
    |--A. papei Solari & Solari 1905AS08
    |--+--A. echinatus (Germar 1824)AS08
    |  |--A. ptinoides (Marsham 1802)AS08
    |  `--+--A. sierrae Brisout 1865AS08
    |     `--+--A. almeriaensis Stüben 2001AS08
    |        `--A. gadorensis Stüben 2001AS08
    `--+--A. micros Dieckmann 1982AS08
       |--A. pilula Wollaston 1864AS08
       `--+--A. dubius Solari & Solari 1907AS08
          `--+--A. parvulus Boheman 1837AS08
             `--A. temperei Péricart 1987AS08

Acalles incertae sedis:
  A. acerosus Erichs. 1842M86
  A. barbarus Lucas 1846E12
  A. bisignatus Pascoe 1874M86
  A. cazorlaensis Stüben 2004F05
  A. clunaris Chv. 1879FS90
  A. cribricollis Pascoe 1874M86
  A. cytisi Stüben 2004F05
  A. delirus Pascoe 1874M86
  A. distans Pascoe 1874M86
  A. doriae Pascoe 1885M86
  A. errans Boh. 1844 (see below for synonymy)FS90
  A. expletus Pascoe 1874M86
  A. foraminosus Pascoe 1874M86
  A. gonoderus Chv. 1879FS90
  A. guadarramaensis Stüben 2004F05
  A. impressicollis Lucas 1846E12
  A. luridus [incl. A. fuliginosus, A. immansuetus]M86
  A. memnonius Pascoe 1874M86
  A. monasterialis Stüben 2004F05
  A. nucleatus Pascoe 1874M86
  A. obesus Boisd. 1835M86
  A. perditus Pascoe 1874M86
  A. punctaticollis Lucas 1846E12
  A. rubetra Erichs. 1842M86
  A. rugosus Pascoe 1885M86
  A. scapularis Chv. 1880 [incl. Tylodes setulosus Chv. 1880]FS90
  A. solidus (Chv. 1880) [=Tylodes solidus]FS90

Acalles Schoenherr 1825 [incl. Microdalotes Gistel 1856, Milichacalles Voss 1960, Trachodius Weise 1891, Ulosomus Schoenherr 1825]A02

Acalles errans Boh. 1844 [incl. A. albifrons, A. albivertex Chv. 1880, A. costulatus Chv. 1879, A. laevirostris Chv. 1879]FS90

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[AS08] Astrin, J. J., & P. E. Stüben. 2008. Phylogeny in cryptic weevils: molecules, morphology and new genera of western Palaearctic Cryptorhynchinae (Coleoptera: Curculionidae). Invertebrate Systematics 22: 503–522.

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