Mature Moniliformis moniliformis, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Belongs within: Syndermata.
Contains: Eoacanthocephala, Palaeoacanthocephala.

The Acanthocephala, thorny-headed worms, are a group of parasitic worms that live within the gut of vertebrates, anchored in place by a thorny, protrusible proboscis. Circulatory, reproductive and digestive organs are absent and nutrients are absorbed directly through the body wall (Margulis & Schwartz 1998).

Acanthocephala [Archiacanthocephala, Oligacanthorhynchidae]
    |--Oligacanthorhynchus Travassos 1915M01
    |    `--O. tortuosa (Leidy 1850)M01
    `--+--Macracanthorhynchus Travassos 1917M01
       |    |--M. hirudinaceus (Pallas 1781)M01
       |    `--M. ingens (Linstow 1879)M01
       `--+--Pachysentis Meyer 1931M01
          `--+--Mediorhynchus Van Cleave 1916M01
             |    |--M. edmondsi Schmidt & Kuntz 1977M01
             |    `--M. grandis Van Cleave 1916M01
                |  `--PalaeoacanthocephalaM01
                `--Moniliformis [Moniliformidae]M01
                     |--*M. moniliformis (Bremser in Rudolphi 1819)M01
                     |--M. clarki (Ward 1917)M01
                     `--M. dubiousMS98
Acanthocephala incertae sedis:
    |--P. altmaniZHT01
    |--P. marilis Van Cleave 1939M01
    |--P. minutusRN72
    `--P. paradoxusL01
  Oncicola Travassos 1916M01
    `--O. canis (Kaupp 1909)M01
    |--C. constrictum Van Cleave 1918M01
    |--C. enhydriZHT01
    |--C. turbidum Van Cleave 1937M01
    `--C. wegeneriK-M02a
  Arthymorhynchus frassoni (Molin 1858)M01
  Hexispiron nigericum Dollfus & Golvan 1956M01
  Polyacanthorhynchus [Polyacanthorhynchidae]M01
    `--P. rhopalorhynchus (Diesing 1851)M01
    |--C. conspectusZHT01
    `--C. microcephalus (Bravo-Hollis 1947)M01
    |--F. fessus Van Cleave 1931M01
    `--F. vancleavei (Hughes & Moore 1943)M01
  Gorytocephalus elongorchis Thatcher 1979M01
  Neoacanthocephaloides spinicaudatus Cable & Quick 1954M01
  Pomphorhynchus [Pomphorhynchidae]M01
    |--P. bulbocolli Linkins in Van Cleave 1919M01
    |--P. laevis (Zoega in Müller 1776)M01
    |--P. rocciK-M02b
    |--P. sebastichthydisHB75
    `--P. yamagutii Schmidt 1973HB75
  Fessentis friediM02
  Longicollum pagrosomi Yamaguti 1935PC01
  Femogibbosus assi Paruchin 1973PC01
  Chentrosoma [Gigantorhynchidae]P13
    |--C. aluconisP13
    |--C. horridumP13
    `--C. zosteropis Porta 1913P13
  Haeruca murisR26

*Type species of generic name indicated


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