Drepanodus arcuatus, from

Belongs within: Conodonti.

The Acanthodontidae are a group of conodonts known from the Ordovician, bearing an apparatus of nongeniculate coniform elements (Sweet 1988).

Characters (from Sweet 1988): Skeletal apparatus basically bimembrate, with nongeniculate, weakly albid or hyaline, coniform elements. One element compressed, bilaterally symmetrical, commonly with sharp anterior and posterior margins; other similar, cusp twisted laterally with respect to base which thus opens to one side.

    |--Eucharodus Kennedy 1980AS93
    |    `--E. parallellusPBJ03
    |--Parapaltodus Stouge 1984S88
    |    |--P. flexuosus (Barnes & Poplawski 1973)AS93
    |    `--P. simplicissimusAB04
    |--Acanthodus Furnish 1938S88
    |    |--*A. uncinatus Furnish 1938DJ71
    |    |--A. costatus Druce & Jones 1971DJ71
    |    `--A. lineatus (Furnish 1938) [=Drepanodus lineatus]DJ71
    `--Drepanodus Pander 1856S88
         |--*D. arcuatus Pander 1856DJ71
         |--D. acutus Pander 1856DJ71
         |--D. sculponeaDJ71
         |--D. simplex Branson & Mehl 1933DJ71
         |--D. subarcuatus Furnish 1938 [incl. Oistodus larapintinensis Crespin 1943, D. parallelus]DJ71
         `--D. tenuis Moskalenko 1967DJ71

*Type species of generic name indicated


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