Acantholophus echinatus, copyright Jonno Downes.

Belongs within: Cyclominae.

Acantholophus is an Australian genus of often heavily spinose weevils. It may be divided between two sections, one of which has the head separated from the rostrum by an intercristal ridge and possesses postocular lobes on the pronotum, whereas the other has a transverse sulcus between head and rostrum and postocular lobes are absent (Zimmerman 1993).

Characters (from Zimmerman 1993): Longitudinal dorsal contour of head and rostrum more concave than convex; hypostomal angles appearing on sides of oral cavity well removed from ventral margin, ventral edges of mandibles and ventral margin of oral cavity widely separated, labium and maxillae in resting position widely exposed to view from beneath; scrobe directed mostly toward eye; antennal scape reaching caudad of middle of caudal margin of eye; postmentum not lobate, lower margin of oral cavity at most slightly convex; pronotum and elytra with numerous large, conspicuous conical processes; procoxal cavities confluent, procoxae contiguous.

<==Acantholophus Boisduval 1835Z93
    |--*A. marshami (Kirby 1819) (see below for synonymy)Z93
    |--A. adelaidae Waterhouse 1854 [incl. A. angasii Macleay 1865, A. approximatus Macleay 1865]Z93
    |--A. alpicola Ferguson 1915Z93
    |--A. ambiguus Zimmerman 1993 [=A. echinatus Guérin-Méneville 1838 non Boisduval 1835]Z93
    |--A. amycteroides Macleay 1865Z93
    |--A. angusticollis Ferguson 1915Z93
    |--A. apicalis Macleay 1865Z93
    |--A. aureolus (Boheman 1843) [=Amycterus aureolus; incl. Ac. nasicornis Pascoe 1874, Ac. rugiceps Macleay 1866]Z93
    |--A. bivittatus (Boheman 1843) [=Amycterus bivittatus]Z93
    |--A. blackburni Ferguson 1915 [=A. simplex Blackburn 1896 non Pascoe 1873]Z93
    |--A. browni Ferguson 1915Z93
    |--A. crassidens Macleay 1865Z93
    |--A. crenaticollis Macleay 1865 [incl. A. irroratus Macleay 1866]Z93
    |--A. cupreomicans Ferguson 1921Z93
    |--A. denticollis Macleay 1865 [incl. A. serraticollis Macleay 1865]Z93
    |--A. dixoni Ferguson 1915Z93
    |--A. doddi Ferguson 1921Z93
    |--A. dumosus (Boheman 1843) [=Amycterus dumosus; incl. A. dumosus var. brevicornis Ferguson 1915]Z93
    |--A. echidna Macleay 1865Z93
    |--A. echinatus Boisduval 1835 [incl. A. mucronatus Macleay 1865]Z93
    |--A. eximius (Macleay 1866) [=Cubicorhynchus eximius]Z93
    |--A. foveirostris Lea 1911Z93
    |--A. franklinensis Blackburn 1890Z93
    |--A. gladiator Pascoe 1874Z93
    |--A. granulatus Sloane 1893 non Canestrini 1871 (not preoc. as in homonymous gen.)Z93
    |--A. gravicollis Macleay 1866Z93
    |--A. halmaturinus Ferguson 1915Z93
    |--A. humeralis Macleay 1865 [incl. A. humeralis var. orientalis Ferguson 1921]Z93
    |--A. hypoleucus (Boheman 1843) [=Amycterus hypoleucus]Z93
    |--A. hystrix (Boheman 1843) [=Amycterus hystrix]Z93
    |--A. krefftii Macleay 1865Z93
    |--A. lateralis (Boheman 1843) (see below for synonymy)Z93
    |--A. mastersi Macleay 1866 [incl. A. posticalis Macleay 1866]Z93
    |--A. maximus (Macleay 1865) [=Cubicorrhynchus maximus]Z93
    |--A. nanus Ferguson 1921Z93
    |--A. niveovittatus Blackburn 1890Z93
    |--A. ocelliger Ferguson 1921Z93
    |--A. parvulus Ferguson 1921Z93
    |--A. planicollis Waterhouse 1854Z93
    |--A. scabrosus Macleay 1865Z93
    |--A. scaphirostris Ferguson 1915Z93
    |--A. sellatus Ferguson 1921Z93
    |--A. simplex Pascoe 1874Z93
    |--A. simulator Ferguson 1915Z93
    |--A. sordidus Ferguson 1921Z93
    |--A. spinifer Macleay 1865 (see below for synonymy)Z93
    |--A. squalidus Macleay 1865 [incl. A. truncaticornis Macleay 1865]Z93
    |--A. squamosus Macleay 1865 [incl. A. sublobatus Macleay 1866]Z93
    |--A. subtridentatus Ferguson 1921Z93
    |--A. suttoni Carter 1936Z93
    |--A. suturalis (Boheman 1843) [=Amycterus suturalis, Polycanthus suturalis]Z93
    |--A. tasmaniensis Lea 1911Z93
    |--A. tatei Blackburn 1896 (see below for synonymy)Z93
    |--A. terraereginae Ferguson 1921Z93
    |--A. tragocephalus Ferguson 1921Z93
    |--A. transitus Macleay 1865Z93
    |--A. tribulus Macleay 1866Z93
    `--A. tridentatus Macleay 1865Z93

Acantholophus lateralis (Boheman 1843) [=Amycterus lateralis; incl. Ac. spinosus Macleay 1865 non Phalangium spinosum Bosc 1792 (not preoc. as in dif. gen.)]Z93

*Acantholophus marshami (Kirby 1819) [=Curculio marshami, Amycterus marshami, Phalidura marshami; incl. Acantholophus cristatus Dejean 1837 (n. n.), Curculio echidna Macleay ms non Ac. echidna Macleay 1865, Sepidium echinatum Dejean 1921 (n. n.), Polycanthus irroratus Macleay ms non Ac. irroratus Macleay 1866]Z93

Acantholophus spinifer Macleay 1865 [=A. spiniger (l. c.); incl. A. spinifer var. blandensis Ferguson 1921, A. spinifer var. fuscovittatus Ferguson 1921, A. howittii Macleay 1865, A. spinifer var. montanus Ferguson 1921]Z93

Acantholophus tatei Blackburn 1896 [incl. A. tatei var. aruntarum Ferguson 1921, A. tatei var. murchisoni Ferguson 1921, A. tennantensis Ferguson 1915, A. tatei var. tennantensis]Z93

*Type species of generic name indicated


[Z93] Zimmerman, E. C. 1993. Australian Weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea) vol. 3. Nanophyidae, Rhynchophoridae, Erirhinidae, Curculionidae: Amycterinae, literature consulted. CSIRO Australia.

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