Iphimediella margueritei, photographed by Cedric d’Udekem d’Acoz.

Belongs within: Amphipoda.

The Acanthonotozomatidae are a family of marine amphipods, particularly common in the Antarctic region. Many acanthonotozomatids are relatively large and spinose.

Characters (from Hurley 1954): Integument more or less indurated, processiferous. Head rostrate. Side-plates well developed, 1st-4th usually acuminate. Eyes well developed. Antennae I and II seldom elongate or very different in length, accessory flagellum rudimentary or absent. Mouthparts projecting downward, drawn out as if for piercing rather than biting. Gnathopod I very slender and feeble, simple or chelate; gnathopod II seldom strong. Peraeopods III-V with 2nd joint expanded, usually acute at one or more points on hind margin. Uropod III with rami lanceolate. Telson unarmed, apically emarginate.

    |--Parapanoploea Nicholls 1938N38
    |    `--*P. oxygnathia Nicholls 1938N38
    |--Bathypanoploea Schellenberg 1939 (see below for synonymy)B69
    |    `--*B. australis (Chilton 1912) [=Acanthonotozoma australis, *Epimeriopsis australis, *Iphimediopsis australis]B69
    |--Paranchiphimedia Ruffo 1949B69
    |    `--*P. monodi Ruffo 1949B69
    |--Panoploeopsis Kunkel 1910B69
    |    `--*P. porta Kunkel 1910B69
    |--Anchiphimedia Barnard 1930B69
    |    `--*A. dorsalis Barnard 1930B69
    |--Labriphimedia Barnard 1931B69
    |    `--*L. vespuccii Barnard 1931B69
    |--Maoriphimiedia Hurley 1954B69
    |    `--*M. hinemoa Hurley 1954B69
    |--Maxilliphimedia Barnard 1930B69
    |    `--*M. longipes [=Iphimedia longipes]B69
    |--Cypsiphimedia Barnard 1955B69
    |    `--*C. gibba Barnard 1955B69
    |--Pseudiphimediella Schellenberg 1931B69
    |    `--*P. nodosa (Dana 1853) [=Amphitoe nodosa]B69
    |--Pariphimedia Chevreux 1906B69
    |    `--*P. integricauda Chevreux 1906B69
    |--Acanthonotozoma Boeck 1876 [=Acanthonotus Ross 1835 non Goldfuss 1809]B69
    |    |--*A. cristatum (Ross 1835) [=*Acanthonotus cristatus]B69
    |    `--A. serratumB69
    |--Acanthonotozomoides Schellenberg 1931B69
    |    |--*A. sublitoralis Schellenberg 1931B69
    |    `--A. oatesi (Barnard 1930) [=Acanthonotozomella oatesi]B69
    |--Pariphimediella Schellenberg 1931B69
    |    |--*P. serrata (Schellenberg 1926) [=Iphimedia serrata]B69
    |    |--P. microdentata [=Iphimedia microdentata, Iphimediella microdentata; incl. Iphimediella brevispinosa]N38
    |    `--P. octodentata Nicholls 1938N38
    |--Gnathiphimedia Barnard 1930B69
    |    |--*G. mandibularis Barnard 1930B69
    |    |--G. macropsN38
    |    `--G. sexdentata [=Iphimediella sexdentata]N38
    |--Echiniphimedia Barnard 1930B69
    |    |--*E. hodgsoni [=Iphimedia hodgsoni]B69
    |    |--E. echinata [=Iphimedia echinata]N38
    |    `--E. scottiN38
    |--Panoploea Thomson 1880B69
    |    |--*P. spinosa Thomson 1880B69
    |    |--P. joubini [incl. P. j. var. bidentata Nicholls 1938]N38
    |    |--P. macrocystidisN38
    |    `--P. multidentataN38
    `--Iphimediella Chevreux 1911B69
         |--*I. margueritei Chevreux 1912B69 [incl. I. margueritei var. acuta Nicholls 1938N38]
         |--I. bransfieldiN38
         |--I. cyclogenaN38
         |--I. intermedia Nicholls 1938N38
         |--I. pacifica [=Gnathiphimedia pacifica]N38
         `--I. rigidaN38

Bathypanoploea Schellenberg 1939 [=Epimeriopsis Barnard 1931 (nom. inv.), Iphimediopsis Schellenberg 1931 non Della Valle 1893; incl. Pseudiphimediopsis Ruffo 1949]B69

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B69] Barnard, J. L. 1969. The families and genera of marine gammaridean Amphipoda. United States National Museum Bulletin 271: i–vi, 1–535.

Hurley, D. E. 1954. Studies on the New Zealand amphipodan fauna. No. 9. The families Acanthonotozomatidae, Pardaliscidae and Liljeborgiidae. Transactions of the Royal Society of New Zealand 82 (3): 763–802.

[N38] Nicholls, G. E. 1938. Australasian Antarctic Expedition 19111914. Under the Leadership of Sir Douglas Mawson, O.B.E., B.E., D.Sc., F. R. S. Scientific Reports. Series CZoology and Botany vol. 2 pt 4. Amphipoda Gammaridea. David Harold Paisley, Government Printer: Sydney (Australia).

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