Acentrogobius janthinopterus, copyright Ria Tan.

Belongs within: Gobiidae.

Acentrogobius is an Indo-Pacific genus of gobies with a strong pelvic fraenum and small gill opening (Smith 1960).

Characters (from Smith 1960): Less than forty ctenoid scales, some on nape, sometimes on opercle, head otherwise naked. Gill opening barely exceeds pectoral base. Pelvic fraenum strong. Rarely silk-like rays in pectoral.

<==Acentrogobius Bleeker 1874S60
    |--A. viridipunctatus (Cuvier & Valenciennes 1837)GM90 (see below for synonymy)
    |--A. aestuarius Smith 1959S59
    |--A. audax Smith 1959S59
    |--A. balteatops Smith 1959S60
    |--A. balteatus (Herre 1935) [=Vaimosa balteata]M58
    |--A. belissimus Smith 1959S59
    |--A. bontii (Bleeker 1849)S59 [=Gobius bontiiS59; incl. Ctenogobius waigiensis Herre 1935M58]
    |--A. caninus (Valenciennes 1837)S59 (see below for synonymy)
    |--A. cauerensis (Bleeker 1853)S60 (see below for synonymy)
    |--A. decoratus (Herre 1927) [=Rhinogobius decoratus]M58
    |--A. ferox Smith 1959S59
    |--A. globicepsS59
    |--A. hendersoni Herre 1936S59
    |--A. janthinopterusGM90
    |--A. multifasciatus Smith 1959S59
    |--A. neilli (Day 1868) [=Gobius neilli; incl. Rhinogobius melanobranchus Fowler 1934]S59
    |--A. ornatus (Rüppell 1828)S59 (see below for synonymy)
    |--A. pflaumii (Bleeker 1853)HJ08
    |--A. reichei (Bleeker 1853)S60 [incl. Ctenogobius cylindricus Bleeker 1875S59, Gobius zanzibarensis Sauvage 1875S59]
    |--A. signatus (Peters 1855)S59
    |--A. simplex (Sauvage 1875)S59
    |--A. simulus Smith 1960S60
    |--A. spence (Smith 1946)S60
    `--A. triangularis (Weber 1909)S60 [=Gobius triangularisS59, A. bontii var. triangularisM58]

Acentrogobius caninus (Valenciennes 1837)S59 [=Gobius caninusS59, G. cazinus (l. c.)H27, Rhinogobius caninusH27; incl. Gobius grandinosus E & S 1841H27, S59, Rhinogobius caninus magnisquamatus Herre 1927 (n. n.)H27]

Acentrogobius cauerensis (Bleeker 1853)S60 [=Gobius cauerensisS59; incl. G. capistratus Peters 1855S60, G. (Gnatholepis) knighti de Beaufort 1913M58, G. ophthalmotaenia Bleeker 1854H27]

Acentrogobius ornatus (Rüppell 1828)S59 [=Gobius ornatusS59; incl. G. elegans Fowler 1928M58, S59, G. interstinctus Richardson 1844–1848H27, Sicyopterus maritimus Fourmanoir 1954S59, G. periophthalmoides Bleeker 1851H27, Acentrogobius ventralis Val. 1837S59]

Acentrogobius viridipunctatus (Cuvier & Valenciennes 1837)GM90 [=Gobius viridipunctatusM58, Rhinogobius (Drombus) viridipunctatusH27; incl. G. chlorostigma Bleeker 1849S60, *Acentrogobius chlorostigmaS60, G. venenatus Weber 1908M58]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[GM90] Gill, H. S., & P. J. Miller. 1990. A new genus and species of goby from the Swan-Avon Estuary, Western Australia, with a redescription of the genus Favonigobius Whitley, 1930. Records of the Western Australian Museum 14 (4): 503–525.

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[S59] Smith, J. L. B. 1959. Gobioid fishes of the families Gobiidae, Periophthalmidae, Trypauchenidae, Taenioididae and Kraemeriidae of the western Indian Ocean. Ichthyological Bulletin 13: 185–225.

[S60] Smith, J. L. B. 1960. Fishes of the family Gobiidae in South Africa. Ichthyological Bulletin 18: 299–314.

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