Vineleaf maple Acer cissifolium, copyright Qwert1234.

Belongs within: Sapindales.

Acer, the maples, is a genus of trees and shrubs found in temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere (Hickman 1993). Many species are widely grown as ornamentals.

Characters (from Hickman 1993): Leaf simple or pinnately compound. Inflorescence with flower clusters drooping, generally appearing before or with emerging leaves. Fruit paired, each with elongate wing ribbed on the proximal side.

    |--A. arcticum CBH93
    |--A. buergerianum [incl. A. trifidum] LO98
    |--A. campestre ZB01
    |--A. caudatum O88
    |--A. circinatum H93
    |--A. cissifolium LO98
    |--A. dasycarpum J23
    |--A. glabrum H93
    |    |--A. g. var. glabrum H93
    |    |--A. g. var. diffusum H93
    |    |--A. g. var. greenei H93
    |    `--A. g. var. torreyi H93
    |--A. grandidentatum A02
    |--A. macrophyllum H93
    |--A. mono T03
    |--A. monspessulanum H91
    |--A. negundo O01
    |    |--A. n. var. negundo H93
    |    `--A. n. var. californicum H93
    |--A. nigrum MS98
    |--A. palmatum LO98
    |--A. platanoides RB05
    |--A. pseudoplatanus D01
    |--A. rubrum ZB01
    |--A. rufinerve LO98
    |--A. saccharinum O01
    |--A. saccharum O01
    |--A. sempervirens SL06
    |--A. sieboldianum S00
    |--A. subintegrilobum Ettingshausen 1886 F71
    |--A. subproductum Ettingshausen 1886 F71
    |--A. tataricum S-TG10
    `--A. turkestanicum P93

*Type species of generic name indicated


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