Opeas pyrgula, copyright H. Zell.

Belongs within: Heterobranchia.
Contains: Streptaxidae, Achatininae, Stenogyrinae, Subulininae.

The Achatinina are a clade of snails united by molecular phylogenetic analysis, members of which have genitalia with a greatly reduced or absent stimulator. The carnivorous Streptaxoidea, characterised by a radula with lanceolate teeth, form the sister group of the remaining species in the Achatinoidea.

| |--StreptaxidaeBR05
| `--Diaphera Albers 1850 [Diapheridae]BR17
| `--*D. cumingiana (Pfeiffer 1845) [=Cylindrella cumingiana]BR17
`--Achatinoidea [Achatinacea]BR05
|--Micractaeon Verdcourt 1993 [Micractaeonidae]BR05
| `--*M. kakamegaensis Verdcourt 1993BR17
|--Aillya Odhner 1927BR05 [Aillyida, AillyidaeBR17, Aillyoidea]
| `--*A. camerunensis Odhner 1927BR17
|--Ferussaciidae [Ferrusacidae, Ferussaciinae]SS10
| |--CoilosteleTTE93
| |--Ferussacia Risso 1826 [=Ferrussacia (l. c.)]BR05
| | |--*F. gronoviana Risso 1826BR17
| | |--F. folliculum (Schröter 1784)NB19
| | `--F. subcylindricaW79
| `--Geostilbia Crosse 1867SS10
| `--G. gundlachi (Pfeiffer 1850) (see below for synonymy)SS10
`--Achatinidae [Achatinae, Achatinida, Subulinidae, Subulinoidea]SS10
| i. s.: Leptocala mollicellaFGN07
| OreohomorusP02
| SubulonaFGN07
| |--S. bumbaensis (Spence 1923) [=Homorus (Subulona) bumbaensis]PB27
| `--S. decollata (Morelet 1873)FGN07
| StriosubulinaFGN07
| DictyoglessulaFGN07
| OleataFGN07
| PileataFGN07
| Eremopeas Pilsbry 1906SS10
| |--*E. interioris (Tate 1894)SS10 [=Stenogyra interiorisSS10, Pseudopeas (Eremopeas) interiorisS88]
| `--E. tuckeri (Pfeiffer 1846)SS10 (see below for synonymy)
| Prosopeas achatinaceum (Pfeiffer 1846) (see below for synonymy)S88
| Allopeas Baker 1935SS10
| |--*A. gracile (Hutton 1834)SS10 (see below for synonymy)
| |--A. clavulinus (Potiez & Michaud 1838)SS10
| `--A. micrus (d’Orbigny 1835) [=Lamellaxis (Allopeas) micrus]J68
| Paropeas Pilsbry 1906SS10
| |--*P. acutissimum (Mousson 1857) [=Bulimus acutissimus]SS10
| `--P. achatinaceum (Pfeiffer 1846)SS10
| EutomopeasBR17
| LeptinariaBR17
| |--L. elisae Tristram 1861C64
| |--L. emmelinae Tristram 1861C64
| `--L. lamellata [=Tornatellina (Leptinaria) lamellata]A66
| ArchachatinaPB27
| ColumnaPB27
| |--C. (Rhodea) californica [=Achatina californica]C64
| `--C. flammeaD66
| PseudachatinaPB27
| AtopocochlisPB27
| Pseudotrochus jansseni Dupuis & Putzeys 1922PB27
| ThomeaPB27
| KrapfiellaPB27
| MabiliellaPB27
| MetachatinaPB27
| CochlitomaPB27
| HypolysiaPB27
| XerocerastusPB27
| ZootecusPB27
| ChilonopsisPB27
| Neosubulina (Ischnocion) triptyxT68
|--Trichodina Ancey 1888BR17 [=Petriola Dall 1905BR17; PetriolinaeBR05]
| `--*T. marmorea (Reeve 1850) [=Achatina marmorea, *Petriola marmorea]BR17
|--Rumina Risso 1826 [Ruminidae, Rumininae]BR05
| `--*R. decollata (Linnaeus 1758)BR17 [=Helix decollataBR17, Bulimus decollatusG40]
|--Coeliaxis Adams & Angas 1865 [=Caeliaxis (l. c.); Caeliaxidae, Coeliaxinae]BR05
| `--*C. layardi (Adams & Angas 1865) [=Subulina layardi]BR17
|--Pyrgina Greef 1882BR05 [PyrgininaeBR17]
| `--*P. umbilicata Greef 1882BR17
|--Cryptelasmus Pilsbry 1907BR05 [CryptelasminaeBR17]
| `--*C. canteroianus (Pfeiffer 1857) [=Balea canteroiana]BR17
|--Thyrophorella Greef 1882BR05 [Thyrophorellidae, ThyrophorellinaeBR17, Thyrophorelloidea]
| `--*T. thomensis Greef 1882BR17
|--Cecilioides Férussac 1814BR05 (see below for synonymy)
| |--*C. acicula (Müller 1774)BR17 (see below for synonymy)
| |--C. eulimaCC06
| |--C. gundlachi [incl. Caecilioides spencei Dupuis & Putzeys 1922]PB27
| |--C. petitiana (Benoit 1862)NB19
| `--C. stuhlmanniPB27
|--Opeas Albers 1850 [Opeatinae]BR05
| |--*O. goodallii (Miller 1822)BR17 (see below for synonymy)
| |--O. adamsiT68
| |--O. minutumE99
| |--O. pyrgula Schmacker & Boettger 1891S88
| |--O. thomasi Connolly 1923PB27
| `--O. venustumPB27
`--Glessulinae [Glessulidae]BR17
|--Glessula Martens 1860BR05
| `--*G. gemma (Reeve 1850) [=Achatina gemma]BR17
`--Rishetia Godwin-Austen 1920BR17, BR05 [Rishetiinae]
`--*R. tenuispira (Benson 1836) [=Achatina tenuispira]BR17

*Allopeas gracile (Hutton 1834)SS10 [=Bulimus gracilisSS10, Lamellaxis (Allopeas) gracilisS88, Opeas gracileS88, Stenogyra gracilisTC89; incl. O. ardelio Iredale 1941SS10, O. oparanum (Pfeiffer 1846)S88]

Cecilioides Férussac 1814BR05 [=Caecilianella Bourguignat 1856BR05, CaecilioidesBR05; Caeciliae, Caecilianellea, Cecilioididae, CecilioidinaeBR17]

*Cecilioides acicula (Müller 1774)BR17 [=Buccinum aciculaBR17, Achatina (Acicula) aciculaG40, Bulimus aciculaG40, Cionella aciculaG40; incl. Helix octonaG40, Buccinum terrestreG40]

Eremopeas tuckeri (Pfeiffer 1846)SS10 [=Bulimus tuckeriS88, Prosopeas (Eremopeas) tuckeriS88; incl. B. walli Cox 1864SS10]

Geostilbia gundlachi (Pfeiffer 1850) [incl. Cecilioides aperta (Swainson 1840) (n. n.), *G. caledonica Crosse 1867]SS10

*Opeas goodallii (Miller 1822)BR17 [=Bulimus goodalliiBR17, Helix goodalli non Ferussac 1821S88; incl. H. cochlicella clavulus (n. n.)G40, Achatina clavulusG40, Bulimus clavulusG40, B. pumilus Pfeiffer 1840S88, Opeas pumilumS88]

Prosopeas achatinaceum (Pfeiffer 1846) [=Bulimus achatinaceus; incl. Achatina javanica Reeve 1849, Opeas javanicum]S88

*Type species of generic name indicated


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