Rosy bitterling Rhodeus ocellatus ocellatus, copyright Seotaro.

Belongs within: Cypriniformes.

The Acheilognathinae, bitterlings, are a group of cyprinid fishes found in Europe and eastern Asia, in which females develop a long ovipositor when spawning which they commonly use to deposit eggs in the mantle cavity of molluscs (Bond 1996).

    |–Tanakia B96
    |    |–T. lanceolata T90
    |    |–T. limbata T90
    |    `–T. tanago (Tanaka 1909) I92
    |–Acheilognathus B96
    |    |–A. cyanostigma T90
    |    |–A. longipinnis Regan 1905 I92
    |    |–A. melanogaster T90
    |    |–A. rhombeus T90
    |    |–A. tabira T90
    |    `–A. typus (Bleeker 1863) I92
    `–Rhodeus B96
         |–R. atremius I92
         |    |–R. a. atremius I92
         |    `–R. a. suigensis (Mori 1935) I92
         |–R. ocellatus I92
         |    |–R. o. ocellatus I92
         |    |–R. o. kurumeus Jordan & Thompson 1914 I92
         |    `–R. o. smithii T90
         `–R. sericeus (Pallas 1776) SE08
              |–R. s. sericeus CS77
              `–R. s. amarus CS77 [=Cyprinus amarus D56]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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