Southern rock lobster or crayfish Jasus edwardsii, copyright Stemonitis.

Belongs within: Reptantia.
Contains: Stridentes.

The Achelata, spiny and slipper lobsters, are a group of marine decapods characterised by the lack of chelae on most pereiopods.

Synapomorphies (from Dixon et al. 2003): Eyestalks with row of hairs alongside eye; second antenna greatly enlarged, basal articles of second antennae fused with epistome; pereiopods (except fifth) achelate. Carapace held to body by knob emanating from last thoracic somite; lineae absent; pleon with prominent hinges; pleurites pointed; tail fan soft distally; telson with fixed lateral spines. Phyllosoma larva present.

<==Achelata [Palinuroidea]
    |    |  i. s.: PalinustusG05
    |    |         PalibythusG05
    |    |         Palinurina Woodward 1867BWW93
    |    |--StridentesG05
    |    `--SilentesG05
    |         |--Palinurellus [Synaxidae]G05
    |         |    `--P. gundlachi von Martens 1878DAS03
    |         |--SagmariasusG05
    |         |    |--S. flemingiG05
    |         |    `--S. verreauxiiG05
    |         |--ProjasusG05
    |         |    |--P. bahamondeiG05
    |         |    `--P. parkeriG05
    |         `--JasusG05
    |              |--J. edwardsii (Hutton 1875)H86
    |              |--J. frontalisG05
    |              |--J. lalandei (Milne Edwards 1837)H86
    |              |--J. novaehollandiaeG05
    |              |--J. paulensisL95
    |              |--J. tristaniG05
    |              `--J. verreauxiMC05
         |  i. s.: Scyllarella gardneri Woods 1925BWW93
         |--Thenus [Theninae]BW05
         |    |--T. australiensis Burton & Davie 2007HS15
         |    `--T. orientalis (Lund 1793)DAS03
         |    |--Arctides guineensisBW05
         |    `--ScyllaridesBW05
         |         |--S. aequinoctialisBW05
         |         |--S. astoriBW05
         |         |--S. herklotsiiBW05
         |         |--S. latus (Latreille 1803)KK03
         |         |--S. nodiferBW05
         |         |--S. punctatus Woods 1925BWW93
         |         `--S. squammosus (Milne Edwards 1837)J90
         |    |--Evibacus Smith 1869BW05, B55
         |    |    `--E. princeps Smith 1869 [=Evibaccus (l. c.) princeps]B55
         |    |--ParribacusBW05
         |    |    |--P. antarcticus (Lund 1793)TSH09
         |    |    |--P. caledonicusBW05
         |    |    `--P. scarlatinusBW05
         |    `--IbacusBW05
         |         |--I. alticrenatus Bate 1888MG-H11
         |         |--I. chaceiBW05
         |         |--I. ciliatusBW05
         |         |--I. novemdentatusBW05
         |         `--I. peronii Leach 1815MG-H11
              |--Antipodarctus aoteanus [=Scyllarus aoteanus]BW05
              |    |--B. sordidus (Stimpson 1860)HS15
              |    `--B. vitiensis (Dana 1852)HS15
              |--Chelarctus cultrifer [=Scyllarus cultrifer]BW05
              |--Remiarctus bertholdii (Paulson 1875)BW05, MG-H11
              |--Scammarctus bateiBW05
              |    |--C. bicuspidatus [=Scyllarus bicuspidatus]BW05
              |    `--C. crenatus (Whitelegge 1900)MG-H11
              |    |--E. martensiiBW05
              |    `--E. modestusBW05
              |    |--G. kitanoviriosusBW05
              |    `--G. timidusBW05
              |    |--P. demani (Holthuis 1946)BW05, J90 [=Scyllarus demaniBW05]
              |    `--P. rugosusBW05
                   |--S. americanus (Smith 1869)C73
                   |--S. arctus (Linnaeus 1758)DAS03
                   |--S. chaceiBW05
                   |--S. cicadaR26
                   |--S. depressusBW05
                   |--S. latusR26
                   |--S. planorbisBW05
                   `--S. pygmaeus (Bate 1888)KK03

*Type species of generic name indicated


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