Atlantic sturgeon Acipenser oxyrinchus, copyright Mauro Orlando.

Belongs within: Actinopteri.

The Acipenseriformes, sturgeons and related forms, are an order of fishes united by hyostylic jaw suspension and losses of endochondral ossification, dermal cheek bones, and trunk scalation (Findeis 1997).

<==Acipenseriformes [Chondrostei]
    |  i. s.: Stychopterus popoviV-RR93
    |--Peipiaosteus [Peipiaosteidae]F97
    |    |--P. fengningensisSD11
    |    `--P. pani Liu & Zhou 1965F97
    |    |--ErrolichthyidaeB96
    |    `--ChondrosteidaeF97
    |         |--Strongylosteus hindenburgi (Pompeckz 1914)G93
    |         |--GyrosteusG93
    |         |    |--G. mirabilis Egerton 1858G93
    |         |    `--G. subdeltoideus Stinton & Torrens 1968G93
    |         `--Chondrosteus Egerton 1858F97
    |              |--C. acipenseroides Agassiz 1844F97
    |              |--C. hindenburgiF97
    |              `--C. pachyurus Egerton 1858G93
         |    |--Polyodon spathulaF97
         |    |--Psephurus gladius (Martens 1862)F97
         |    |--Crassopholis magnicaudata Cope 1883G93
         |    |--Protopsephurus liuiNE12
         |    `--Paleopsephurus wilsoni McAlpin 1947F97, G93
              |--Huso Brandt 1869 [Husinae]F97
              |    |--H. dauricusF97
              |    `--H. huso (Linnaeus 1758)F97
                   |--Scaphirhynchini [Scaphirhynchinae]F97
                   |    |--Protoscaphirhynchus squamosusF97
                   |    |--Pseudoscaphirhynchus Nikolskii 1900F97
                   |    |    |--P. fedtschenkoiF97
                   |    |    |--P. hermanniF97
                   |    |    `--P. kaufmanniF97
                   |    `--Scaphirhynchus Heckel 1836F97
                   |         |--S. albusF97
                   |         |--S. platorynchusF97
                   |         `--S. suttkusiF97
                   `--Acipenser Linnaeus 1758 [Acipenserini]F97
                        |--A. baeriiF97
                        |--A. brevirostrum LeSueur 1818M02
                        |--A. fulvescensF97
                        |--A. gueldenstaedtii Brandt & Ratzeberg 1833SE08
                        |--A. huso Linnaeus 1758L58
                        |--A. medirostrisF97
                        |--A. naccariiB96
                        |--A. nudiventris Lovetzky 1828SE08
                        |--A. oxyrinchus Mitchill 1815 [=A. oxyrhynchus (l. c.)]M02
                        |    |--A. o. oxyrinchus [=A. sturio oxyrinchus]M02
                        |    `--A. o. desotoi [=A. sturio desotoi]M02
                        |--A. plecostomus Linnaeus 1758L58
                        |--A. ruthenus Linnaeus 1758SE08
                        |--A. schypaC01
                        |--A. stellatus Pallas 1771SE08
                        |--A. sturio Linnaeus 1758L58
                        `--A. transmontanusF97

*Type species of generic name indicated


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