Pale shoulder Acontia lucida, copyright Hectonichus.

Belongs within: Noctuidae.

The Acontiinae are a group of relatively small noctuid moths that may resemble bird droppings when perched. The sacculus of the male genitalia often bears a heavily sclerotised, asymmetrical dorsal crest (Fibiger & Lafontaine 2005).

Characters (from Fibiger & Lafontaine 2005): Moths relatively small; scaphium often membranous, with one or two areas of hair-like setae; valves broadest medially or subapically; sacculus, and processes of sacculus, more or less asymmetrical, most often with a sclerotised dorsal crest or lobe; clasper asymmetrical; ampulla asymmetrical; medial part of transtilla short; aedeagus short with ductus ejaculatorius wide; tympanum with alula enlarged and forming a flap partially covering tympanic opening; tympanum with hood reduced or absent; larvae with 2 SV setae on A1.

Acontiinae [Acontidae]
|--Acontiini [Acontidi]ZK11
| |--Acontia Ochsenheimer 1816FL05
| | |--A. cleranaMC13
| | |--A. crocataMC13
| | |--A. lucidaZK11
| | |--A. maculosaWM66
| | |--A. sollemnis Hacker & Holloway in Hacker et al. 2008JG19
| | `--A. undulosa [=Philenora undulosa]M86
| |--Emmelia Hübner 1821 [Emmelidi]FL05
| | `--E. trabealis (Scopoli 1763)JP05
| |--Agrophila Boisduval 1840 [Agrophilidae]FL05
| | `--A. trabealisP01
| `--Tarache Hübner 1823 [Tarachini]FL05
| |--Hypercalymnia Hampson 1910FL05
| |--Paracaroides Kenrick 1917FL05
| |--Procrateria Hampson 1905FL05
| |--Pseudelaeodes Viette 1965FL05
| `--Eutelephia Hampson 1926FL05
`--Armada Staudinger 1884FL05

Acontiinae incertae sedis:
Enispa plutonisNC91
|--A. crocosticta Hampson 1910JG19
|--A. insularumPP72
`--A. natalisNC91
Cophanta Walker 1864 [incl. Toxophleps Hampson 1893]S01
|--C. funestalis Walker 1864S01
|--C. optiva (Swinh. 1890) [=Tarache optiva, Toxophleps optiva]S01
`--C. trilatalis [=Toxophleps trilatalis]S01
|--X. nicea Swinhoe 1901S01
`--X. rectivitta (Moore 1881) [=Orthosia rectivitta, Polydesma rectivitta]S01
|--C. morma Swinhoe 1901S01
`--C. semiluxS01
|--O. astona Swinhoe 1901S01
`--O. hydrocampataS01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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