Actinocyclus normanii, copyright Kristian Peters.

Belongs within: Diatomea.

The Actinodiscaceae are a group of centric diatoms with radially ribbed valves.

<==Actinodiscaceae W61
    |–Cosmiodiscus elegans W61
    |–Actinoptychus Ehrenberg 1839 W61
    |    |–A. constellatus H04
    |    |–A. heliopelta H04
    |    |–A. senarius G75
    |    |–A. splendens G75
    |    |–A. undulatus B26
    |    `–A. vulgaris Schumann 1867 W61
    |–Aulacodiscus Ehrenberg 1844 W61
    |    |–A. beeveriae W61
    |    |–A. brownei Norman in Pritch. 1861 [incl. A. probabilis A.S. 1875] W61
    |    |–A. grevilleanus H04
    |    |–A. kittoni W61
    |    |    |–A. k. var. kittoni W61
    |    |    `–A. k. var. johnsonii (Arnott) Ratt. 1888 [=A. johnsonii Arnott in Pritch. 1861] W61
    |    `–A. mammosus H04
    `–Actinocyclus Ehrenberg 1839 W61, G75
         |–A. barklyi W61
         |    |–A. b. var. barklyi W61
         |    `–A. b. var. aggregatus W61
         |–A. curvatulus CS-C06
         |–A. ehrenbergii W61
         |–A. moniliformis W61
         |–A. normanii P98
         |–A. octonarius G75
         `–A. oculatus BC79

*Type species of generic name indicated


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