Reconstruction of Gotlandochiton interplicatus, from Smith (1960).

Belongs within: Sachitida.
Contains: Chelodina, Neoloricata, Solenogastres, Caudofoveata.

The Polyplacophora includes the chitons, molluscs in which the test is comprised of a series of separate overlapping valves surrounded by a spicular girdle. Living chitons had eight valves, but varying numbers are found in stem-group chitons. In the Ordovician to Cretaceous Chelodina, the test contained eight generally thick and massive valves that lacked an articulamentum layer at the junction between valves (Smith 1960).

Aculifera [Chelodida, Eoplacophora, Mattheva, Mattheviidae, Matthevina, Paleoloricata]SB12
    |  i. s.: SpicuchelodesJB12
    |         Preacanthochiton [Preacanthochitonidae]BE93
    |           |--P. cooperi Bergenhayn 1960BE93
    |           |--P. depressus Bergenhayn 1960BE93
    |           `--P. productus Bergenhayn 1960BE93
    |         HemithecellaCRF04
    |         ConodiaCRF04
    |         CalceochitonCRF04
    |--Polyplacophora (see below for synonymy)SB12
    |    |  i. s.: ArctoplaxSB01
    |    |         Cobcrephora Bischoff 1981 [Cobcrephoridae, Phosphatoloricata, Phosphatoloricatida]SHC01
    |    |           |--C. corrugataBRW98
    |    |           `--C. silurica Bischoff 1981BE93
    |    |         Acanthopleurus echinatus (Barne 1842)Y08
    |    |         Ocruranus Liu 1979BR17
    |    |           |--O. finialP08
    |    |           `--O. trulliformisP08
    |    |         Eohalobia diandongensisEL11, P08
    |    |         Sinuconus Yu 1979 [Sinuconidae]BR17
    |    |           `--*S. clypeus Yu 1979BR17
    |    |--ChelodinaVWR04
    |    `--+--NeoloricataVWR04
    |       `--+--Echinochiton dufoeiVWR04
    |          `--+--Rhombichiton DeKoninck 1883SB12, S60 [=Rhombochiton (l. c.) non Berry 1919S60]
    |             `--Multiplacophora [Hercolepadida]VWR04
    |                  |  i. s.: Diadeloplax paragrapsimaVWR04
    |                  |         AenigmatectusVWR04
    |                  |         Deltaplax Puchalski et al. 2009SB12
    |                  |         Polysacos Vendrasco, Wood & Runnegar 2004VWR04
    |                  |           `--*P. vickersianum Vendrasco, Wood & Runnegar 2004VWR04
    |                  |         Strobilepis Clarke 1888VWR04
    |                  |           `--S. spinigera Clarke 1888VWR04
    |                  `--HercolepadidaeWS93
    |                       |--Hercolepas signata (Aurivillius 1892)VWR04, WS93
    |                       `--ProtobalanusWS93
    |                            |--P. hamiltonensis Hall & Clarke 1888WS93
    |                            `--P. spinicoronatusVP17
    `--Aplacophora [Scolecomorpha, Telobranchia]SB12
         |  i. s.: Crystallophrisson nitensI96
         |    |--Acutichiton etheridgei Smith & Hoare 1987SB12, BE93
         |    |--Elachychiton juxtaterminus Hoare & Mapes 1985BE93
         |    `--SoleachitonBE93
         |         |--S. soleaformis (Etheridge 1882)BE93
         |         `--S. yochelsoni Hoare & Smith 1984BE93
         |--Septemchitonidae [Septemchitonida, Septemchitonina]BE93
         |    |--+--Bursata santacrucensis Dzik 1994D94
         |    |  `--Solenocaris Young & Young 1868D94, S60
         |    |       |--*S. solenoides Young & Young 1868S60
         |    |       `--S. elongata (Hadding 1913)BE93
         |    `--+--Sarkachiton kielcensis Dzik 1994D94
         |       |--Carnicoleus gazdzickii Dzik 1986D94
         |       `--Septemchiton Bergenhayn 1955SB12, S60
         |            |--*S. vermiformis Bergenhayn 1955S60
         |            |--S. grayiae (Woodward 1885)BE93
         |            `--S. thraivensis (Reed 1911)BE93
            |  `--GenitoconiaVP17
            `--+--Phthipodochiton thraivensis [=Helminthochiton thraivensis]SB12
               `--+--Kulindroplax Sutton, Briggs et al. 2012SB12
                  |    `--*K. perissokomos Sutton, Briggs et al. 2012SB12
                  `--+--Matthevia Walcott 1885SB12, S60
                     |    |--*M. variabilis Walcott 1885F62
                     |    |--M. wahwahensisVP17
                     |    `--M. walcotti Runnegar et al. 1979BE93
                        `--Acaenoplax Sutton, Briggs et al. 2001SB12, SB01
                             `--*A. hayae Sutton, Briggs et al. 2001SB01

Polyplacophora [Crepipoda, Lamellata, Lepidoglossa, Loricata, Placophora, Polybranchiata, Polyplaciphora, Polyplakiphora, Polyplaxiphora, Polyplaxiphorae]SB12

*Type species of generic name indicated


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