Adelium brevicorne, copyright Luckychii.

Belongs within: Lagriinae.

The Adeliini are a group of mostly forest-dwelling tenebrionid beetles found in Australasia and South America. Both adults and larvae are often found in association with fallen wood and other dead plant matter on which they feed (Matthews & Bouchard 2008).

Cardiothorax macleayi
Published 6 February 2024

Among the various Australian Tenebrionidae, the Adeliini are among those that hew more closely to the classic ‘darkling beetle’ mould. Members of this tribe are mostly found in forest habitats in Australasia and southern South America, with relatively few making their way into the fully arid regions of Australia. They are characterised by a prominent subquadrate labrum with the clypeolabral membrane not exposed and regularly striate elytra. The defensive glands of the abdomen are notably long, opening relatively far back between the eighth and ninth abdominal segments, and are typically everted to release their noxious load following production of a warning sound by stridulatory files on the last abdominal tergite (Matthews & Bouchard 2008). Among the more diverse of the adeliin genera in Australia is Cardiothorax, distinguished by strongly produced, acute anterior angles on the mentum and impunctate elytral striae (Matthews 1998). Over sixty species have been assigned to Cardiothorax over the years, among which is C. macleayi.

Cardiothorax macleayi, from Redtenbacher (1868).

Cardiothorax macleayi was first described by British entomologist Francis Pascoe in 1866 as Atryphodes macleayi, only to be described shortly thereafter by the Austrian Ludwig Redtenbacher as Thoracophorus licinoides. Both were looking at specimens that had been delivered to them from Australia and Redtenbacher seems to have been unaware of Pascoe’s species. In his key to the species of Cardiothorax, Bates (1880) did not distinguish the two, and they were confirmed to be synonyms by Carter (1906). Bates (1880) distinguished C. macleayi from other species in the genus by its dull texture, anteriorly deeply emarginate prothorax with entire, broadly reflexed sides, and relatively depressed, finely striate elytra lacking epipleura. I’ve not been able to determine the exact size of the animal; Pascoe recorded it as “9 lines” in length which I think may be a little under two centimetres.

Though Redtenbacher had recorded his type specimen as coming from Sydney, Carter (1906) stated that Cardiothorax macleayi was an inhabitant of the “Big Scrub”. The Big Scrub was a region of lowland subtropical rainforest in the northeasternmost corner of New South Wales near Byron Bay, close to the border with Queensland. Originally the largest area of this forest type in Australia, the Big Scrub was heavily cleared in the 1800s and persists only as isolated fragments. Records for C. macleayi in the Atlas of Living Australia agree with its concentration around the New South Wales-Queensland border with this species also found around Brisbane. Like other adeliins, it is likely to be found in and around leaf litter and other decaying vegetation, enjoying the shelter and food that these locations supply.

Systematics of Adeliini

Characters (from Matthews & Bouchard 2008): Oblong or oval, from smooth and clean (carabiform) to strongly rugose or tuberculate and squalid (opatriform), nearly glabrous to very densely setose. Colour generally fuscous to piceous, sometimes with more or less brilliant metallic reflections, without pigment patterns on elytra, but sometimes on legs. Total length 3–27 mm. Middle of clypeal margin from slightly produced to deeply arcuately excised. Setal pattern of labrum symmetrical. Basal membrane concealed. Eye shape varying from round and entire through reniform to fully divided. Antennae reaching to base of prothorax, rarely shorter, segments gradually enlarging to apex, cylindrical, moniliform or subtriangular, apical segment more massive than subapical but not greatly enlarged. Corpotentorium usually present in posterior position, not strongly arched. Mandibles stout, bidentate, teeth apically acute or subtruncate, molar surfaces triangular, pointed anteriorly, with two or three coarse transverse ridges and grooves. Maxillary palpi with apical segment strongly triangular. Lateral edges of pronotum moderately carinate to strongly foliate, often variously irregular, rarely absent. Prosternum long before procoxae. Elytra without confused punctation on smooth surface. Rarely with pseudepipleuron outside stria 7 or 8. Hind wings usually absent, venation unmodified if present. Mesocoxal cavity closed in part by mesepimeron, trochantin visible. Metaventrite very short except in winged species. Legs slender, not dentate or fossorial. Tarsi slender except protarsi of many males, penultimate segment lobed or not but even if not, insertion of claw segment is above centre of face of penultimate segment, which is at least slightly cupuliform. Plantar surfaces of segments bristled, setose, or tomentose. Abdomen with membranes visible between last three ventrites, hinging tenebrionoid. Pair of very long eversible sacs present, opening in membrane between segments VIII and IX. Ovipositor usually of primitive lagriine type with styli apical, occasionally with coxites fused and reinforced, with styli lateral. Baculus of coxite lobe 1 transverse. Female tract without primary bursa copulatrix, nearly always with two or more non-glandular spermathecal tubules in anterior position near attachment of spermathecal accessory gland, which is usually extremely long and filiform. Aedeagus with long curved basal piece and short fused parameres, alae articulated with apical piece, either separate or joined basally.

|--Arcothymus tristis (Montrouzier 1860) [incl. A. coenosus Pascoe 1866]MB08
|--Cymbeba dissimilis Pascoe 1866MB08
|--Pheloneis Pascoe 1866C08a
| `--*P. harpaloides [incl. Adelium amaroides]C08a
|--Apocryphodes Matthews 1998MB08
| `--*A. thompsoni Matthews 1998MB08
|--Monteithium Matthews 1998MB08
| `--*M. ascetum Matthews 1998MB08
|--Bolusculus Matthews 1998MB08
| `--*B. arcanus Matthews 1998MB08
|--Bellendenum Matthews 1998MB08
| `--*B. gonyxuthum Matthews 1998MB08
|--Bluops Carter 1914MB08
| `--*B. verrucosus Carter 1914MB08
|--Epomidus Matthews 1998MB08
| `--*E. prionodes Matthews 1998MB08
|--Dicyrtodes Matthews 1998MB08
| `--*D. arneius Matthews 1998MB08
|--Diaspirus Matthews 1998MB08
| |--*D. bellendenus Matthews 1998MB08
| `--D. crenaticollis (Carter 1908) [=Brycopia crenaticollis]MB08
|--Dorrigonum Matthews 1998MB08
| |--*D. umbilicatum (Carter 1924) [=Licinoma umbilicata]MB08
| `--D. longipes (Macleay 1872) [=Brycopia longipes]MB08
| `--Yarranum Matthews 1998MB08
| `--*Y. crenicolle (Pascoe 1869) [=Seirotrana crenicollis; incl. S. denticollis Carter 1908]MB08
|--Adelodemus Haag-Rutenberg 1878 [incl. Apostethus Pascoe 1882]MB08
| |--A. squalidus (Macleay 1872) (see below for synonymy)MB08
| |--A. excisicollis Carter 1908MB08
| |--A. squamosusC08b
| `--A. terrenus (Pascoe 1882) [=*Apostethus terrenus]MB08
|--Apasis Pascoe 1869MB08
| |--*A. howitti Pascoe 1869 [incl. A. longicollis Carter 1909]MB08
| |--A. apasioides (Carter 1920) [=Licinoma apasioides]MB08
| |--A. puncticeps Lea 1896MB08
| `--A. ruptus (Pascoe 1869) [=Adelium ruptum]MB08
|--Daedrosis Bates 1868MB08
| |--*D. crenatostriata Bates 1868 [incl. D. ambigua Bates 1868, D. pygmaea Haag-Rutenberg 1878]MB08
| |--D. antennalis (Carter 1914) [=*Macroperas antennalis]MB08
| |--D. carteri Matthews 1998 [=D. antennalis Carter 1920 non Macroperas antennalis Carter 1914]MB08
| `--D. puncticeps (Carter 1924) [=Licinoma puncticeps]MB08
|--Neoadelium Carter 1908C08a
| |--N. externocostatum [=Adelium externocostatum]C08a
| |--N. fairmairei [=Adelium fairmairei]C08a
| |--N. marginatum [=Adelium marginatum]C08a
| `--N. nigroaeneum [=Adelium nigroaeneum]C08a
|--Diemenoma Matthews 1998MB08
| |--*D. commoda (Pascoe 1869) [=Adelium commodum]MB08
| |--D. nodulosa (Champion 1894) [=Adelium nodulosum]MB08
| |--D. simsoni (Carter 1919) [=Seirotrana simsoni]MB08
| |--D. tasmanica (Champion 1894) [=Adelium tasmanicum]MB08
| `--D. tuberculifera (Champion 1894) [=Brycopia tuberculifera]MB08
|--Nototrintus Carter 1924MB08
| |--*N. jacksoni (Carter 1905) [=Otrintus jacksoni]MB08
| |--N. acaciensis (Carter 1911) [=Otrintus acaciensis]MB08
| |--N. asperatus (Carter 1916) [=Cardiothorax asperatus]MB08
| |--N. hackeri Carter 1924MB08
| `--N. striatus (Carter 1906) [=Otrintus striatus]MB08
|--Leptogastrus Macleay 1872MB08
| |--*L. mastersi Macleay 1872MB08
| |--L. apiformis (Carter 1914) [=Daedrosis apiformis]MB08
| |--L. cyaneus Carter 1920MB08
| |--L. hirsutus (Carter 1906) [=Daedrosis hirsutus]MB08
| |--L. occidentalis Carter 1920MB08
| `--L. suttoni Carter 1929MB08
|--Blepegenes Pascoe 1868 [incl. Ceradelium Preudhomme de Borre 1868]MB08
| |--*B. aruspex Pascoe 1868 [incl. *Ceradelium armatum Preudhomme de Borre 1868]MB08
| |--B. blepegenoides (Carter 1909) [=Apasis blepegenoides]MB08
| |--B. cicatricosus Neboiss 1962MB08
| |--B. equestris Pascoe 1882MB08
| |--B. lachrymosus Carter 1930MB08
| |--B. nitidus Blackburn 1892MB08
| `--B. sinuaticollis (Carter 1900) [=Apasis sinuaticollis]MB08
|--Coripera Pascoe 1866MB08
| |--*C. deplanata (Boisduval 1835)MB08 [=Adelium deplanatumMB08, Pseudhelops deplanatusM86]
| |--C. adamsi Lea 1912MB08
| |--C. bistriata Carter 1908MB08
| |--C. distincta Carter 1905MB08
| |--C. geminata Lea 1898MB08
| |--C. mastersi Macleay 1872MB08 [=Pseudhelops mastersiM86]
| |--C. morleyana Carter 1905MB08
| |--C. ocellata Pascoe 1869MB08 [=Pseudhelops ocellatusM86]
| `--C. wilsoni Carter 1935MB08
|--Licinoma Pascoe 1869MB08
| |--*L. nitida Pascoe 1869 [incl. Daedrosis victoriae Blackburn 1892]MB08
| |--L. coerulea Carter 1924MB08
| |--L. eluta Pascoe 1870 [incl. L. violacea Macleay 1872]MB08
| |--L. meridiana Carter 1920MB08
| |--L. monticola (Blackburn 1892) [=Daedrosis monticola; incl. L. punctalatera Carter 1919]MB08
| |--L. oblonga Carter 1930MB08
| |--L. puteolata Carter 1934MB08
| |--L. splendens Carter 1924MB08
| |--L. subcanaliculata Carter 1921MB08
| |--L. tricolor Carter 1930MB08
| |--L. truncata Carter 1920MB08
| `--L. wilsoni (Carter 1928) [=Leptogastrus wilsoni]MB08
|--Brycopia Pascoe 1869 [incl. Dinoria Pascoe 1869]MB08
| |--*B. pilosella Pascoe 1869MB08
| |--B. alpicola Carter 1937MB08
| |--B. angulata Carter 1914MB08
| |--B. barossae Careter 1936MB08
| |--B. caelioides (Pascoe 1870) [=Dinoria caelioides; incl. B. diemenensis Carter 1919]MB08
| |--B. denticulata Carter 1936MB08
| |--B. globicollis Carter 1920MB08
| |--B. hexagona Carter 1920MB08
| |--B. leai Carter 1920MB08
| |--B. minuta (Lea 1898) [=Adelium minutum]MB08
| |--B. picta (Pascoe 1869) [=*Dinoria picta]MB08
| `--B. quadraticollis Carter 1925MB08
|--Nolicima Matthews 1998MB08
| |--*N. angusticollis (Carter 1906) [=Cardiothorax angusticollis]MB08
| |--N. aerea (Carter 1920) [=Licinoma aerea; incl. L. comboynensis Carter 1920]MB08
| |--N. cyclocollis (Carter 1914) [=Licinoma cyclocollis]MB08
| |--N. femorata (Carter 1909) [=Brycopia femorata]MB08
| |--N. gilesi (Carter 1914) [=Licinoma gilesi]MB08
| |--N. illidgei (Carter 1924) [=Licinoma illidgei]MB08
| |--N. major (Carter 1924) [=Licinoma major]MB08
| |--N. nitidissima (Lea 1898) [=Licinoma nitidissima]MB08
| |--N. pallipes (Blackburn 1892) [=Licinoma pallipes]MB08
| |--N. planata (Carter 1926) [=Licinoma planata]MB08
| |--N. polita (Carter 1920) [=Adelium politum]MB08
| `--N. sylvicola (Blackburn 1894) [=Licinoma sylvicola; incl. L. montium Carter 1914]MB08
|--Isopteron Hope 1840 (see below for synonymy)MB08
| |--*I. australe Hope 1840 (n. d.)MB08
| |--I. angustum (Carter 1928) [=Dystalica angusta]MB08
| |--I. angustior (Blackburn 1894) [=Cestrinus angustior; incl. C. minor Blackburn 1894]MB08
| |--I. antennatum (Kulzer 1964) [=Cestrinus antennatus]MB08
| |--I. aversum (Pascoe 1869) [=Cestrinus aversus; incl. C. posticus Pascoe 1869, C. punctatissimus Pascoe 1869]MB08
| |--‘Cestrinus’ bidwelli Hope 1848M86
| |--I. breve (Champion 1894) [=Cestrinus brevis; incl. C. aspersus Blackburn 1894, C. puellus Gebien 1908]MB08
| |--‘Prionotus’ carinatusR13
| |--I. championi (Blackburn 1894) (see below for synonymy)MB08
| |--I. costatum (Gebien 1908) [=Cestrinus costatus]MB08
| |--I. demarzi (Kulzer 1964) [=Cestrinus demarzi]MB08
| |--I. gracile (Carter 1939) [=Dystalica gracilis]MB08
| |--*Apatelus’ hopei Mulsant & Rey 1859MB08
| |--‘Cestrinus’ insularis Hope 1842M86
| |--I. kulzeri Matthews 1998 [=Cestrinus gracilis Kulzer 1964 non Dystalica gracilis Carter 1939]MB08
| |--I. obscurum (Erichson 1842)MB08 (see below for synonymy)
| |--I. subcostatum (Carter 1921) [=Gonocephalum subcostatum; incl. Cestrinus carbo Carter 1930]MB08
| |--I. triviale (Erichson 1842)MB08 (see below for synonymy)
| `--I. tuberculatum (Carter 1914) [=Cestrinus tuberculatus]MB08
|--Seirotrana Pascoe 1866MB08
| |--*S. catenulata (Boisduval 1835) [=Adelium catenulatum]MB08
| |--S. acuticollis Carter 1930MB08
| |--S. annulipes Carter 1935MB08
| |--S. anomala Carter 1925MB08
| |--S. bimetallica Carter 1909MB08
| |--S. carbo Carter 1925MB08
| |--S. davidsoni Carter 1935MB08
| |--S. elongata (Erichson 1842) [=Adelium elongatum]MB08
| |--S. evansi Buck 1967MB08
| |--S. femoralis Macleay 1872MB08
| |--S. funerea Carter 1933MB08
| |--S. geniculata Haag-Rutenberg 1878MB08 [=Adelium geniculatumC08a]
| |--S. integricollis Haag-Rutenberg 1878MB08
| |--S. major Blackburn 1892MB08
| |--S. mastersi Pascoe 1870MB08
| |--S. minor Carter 1920MB08
| |--S. monticola Blackburn 1892 [incl. S. strigiventris Carter 1933]MB08
| |--S. nodicauda Carter 1921MB08
| |--S. nosodermoides Pascoe 1870MB08
| |--S. parallela (Germar 1848)MB08 [=Adelium parallelumMB08; incl. A. congestum Pascoe 1866MB08, Seirotrana congestaC08b]
| |--S. proxima Pascoe 1869MB08
| |--S. punctifera Macleay 1872MB08
| |--S. repanda (Pascoe 1869) [=Adelium repandum; incl. S. dispar Blackburn 1892, S. johnstonensis Carter 1930]MB08
| |--S. simplex Blackburn 1892MB08
| |--S. subcancellata Carter 1914MB08
| |--S. suttoni Carter 1933MB08
| |--S. tumulosa Carter 1922MB08
| |--S. uniformis Carter 1908MB08
| |--S. vertebralis Carter 1908MB08
| `--S. vicina Carter 1908MB08
|--Cardiothorax Motschulsky 1860 (see below for synonymy)MB08
| |--*C. walckenaeri (Hope 1840) (see below for synonymy)MB08
| |--C. acutangulus Bates 1879 [incl. C. aeripennis Blackburn 1892, C. constrictus Carter 1919]MB08
| |--C. aeneus Bates 1879 [incl. C. macleayensis Carter 1919]MB08
| |--C. aericollis (Pascoe 1869) [=Atryphodes aericollis; incl. C. batesi Carter 1906]MB08
| |--C. alternatus Carter 1919MB08
| |--C. aratus (Pascoe 1866) [=Atryphodes aratus]MB08
| |--C. armipes Bates 1879MB08
| |--C. aureus Carter 1906MB08
| |--C. australis Carter 1906 [incl. C. consimilis Carter 1926]MB08
| |--C. behri (Germar 1848) [=*Prosodes behri, *Otrintus behri]MB08
| |--C. bisulcatus Carter 1911MB08
| |--C. brevicollis (Redtenbacher 1868) [=Thoracophorus brevicollis]MB08
| |--C. caperatus (Pascoe 1869) [=Atryphodes caperatus; incl. C. lachlanensis Carter 1906]MB08
| |--C. captiosus Bates 1879MB08
| |--C. carinatus Carter 1909MB08
| |--C. castelnaudi (Pascoe 1869) [=Atryphodes castelnaudi]MB08
| |--C. clypeatus Carter 1914MB08
| |--C. coeruleoniger Carter 1906MB08
| |--C. coerulescens Carter 1921MB08
| |--C. connexus Haag-Rutenberg 1878MB08
| |--C. cordicollis (Pascoe 1869) [=Atryphodes cordicollis]MB08
| |--C. crassicornis Bates 1879MB08
| |--C. crenulicollis Bates 1879MB08
| |--C. curvipes Bates 1879MB08
| |--C. cylindricus (Carter 1911) [=Otrintus cylindricus]MB08
| |--C. dilaticollis Guér. 1830M86
| |--C. distinctus Bates 1879MB08
| |--C. dorrigoensis Carter 1900MB08
| |--C. egerius (Pascoe 1866) [=Atryphodes egerius]MB08
| |--C. encephalus (Pascoe 1869) [=Atryphodes encephalus]MB08
| |--C. errans (Pascoe 1866) [=Atryphodes errans; incl. C. fraternalis Bates 1879, C. valgipes Bates 1879]MB08
| |--C. excisicollis Carter 1920MB08
| |--C. femoratus Bates 1879 [incl. C. subdentatus Carter 1900]MB08
| |--C. flexipes Carter 1922MB08
| |--C. foveatus Carter 1924MB08
| |--C. grandis Bates 1879MB08
| |--C. haagi Bates 1879MB08
| |--C. harrisoni Carter 1925MB08
| |--C. hopsoni Carter 1925MB08
| |--C. howitti (Pascoe 1869) [=Atryphodes howitti]MB08
| |--C. humeralis Bates 1879MB08
| |--C. interstitialis Carter 1916MB08
| |--C. iridipes Carter 1900MB08
| |--C. kershawi Carter 1919MB08
| |--C. kirbyi Sol 1848M86
| |--‘Prosodes’ kreitneriC01
| |--C. laticollis Carter 1911MB08
| |--C. longipes bates 1879MB08
| |--C. macleayi (Pascoe 1866)MB08 (see below for synonymy)
| |--C. marginatus Carter 1920MB08
| |--C. mastersi (Macleay 1872) (see below for synonymy)MB08
| |--C. metallicus Carter 1920MB08
| |--C. mimus Carter 1909MB08
| |--C. monarensis Carter 1932MB08
| |--C. nasutus Carter 1924MB08
| |--C. opacicollis (Macleay 1872) [=Atryphodes opacicollis]MB08
| |--C. pithecius (Pascoe 1869) [=Atryphodes pithecius]MB08
| |--C. politicollis Bates 1879 [incl. Otrintus fergusoni Carter 1911]MB08
| |--C. punctostriatus Carter 1906MB08
| |--C. pygmaeus Carter 1906MB08
| |--C. quadridentatus (Waterhouse 1875) [=Atryphodes quadridentatus]MB08
| |--C. regularis Carter 1920MB08
| |--C. rotundicollis Carter 1908MB08
| |--C. rugosus Carter 1906MB08
| |--C. sexsulcatus Carter 1926MB08
| |--C. tibialis Carter 1911MB08
| |--C. undulaticostis Carter 1920MB08
| |--C. undulatus Carter 1914MB08
| `--C. victoriae Carter 1922MB08
`--Adelium Kirby 1819 [incl. Dystalica Pascoe 1869, Rues Casey 1891, Tropidopterus Blanchard 1845 (n. n.)]MB08
|--*A. porcatum (Fabricius 1775) (see below for synonymy)MB08
|--A. abbreviatum Boisduval 1835 (see below for synonymy)MB08
|--A. abnorme Carter 1928MB08
|--A. aequale Blackburn 1892MB08
|--A. aerarium Pascoe 1869MB08
|--A. alpicola Blackburn 1892MB08
|--A. angulicolle Laporte 1840 [incl. A. succisum Pascoe 1866]MB08
|--A. arboricola Carter 1911MB08
|--A. aucklandicumC08a
|--A. augurale Pascoe 1866MB08
|--A. auratum Pascoe 1866MB08 [incl. A. fossulatum msC08a]
|--A. barbatum Carter 1908MB08
|--A. bassi Carter 1926MB08
|--A. breve Carter 1926MB08
|--A. brevicorne Blessig 1861 [incl. A. neophyta Pascoe 1869]MB08
|--A. breviusculum Gebien 1908MB08
|--A. browni (Carter 1926) [=Brycopia browni]MB08
|--A. burneti (Oke 1932) [=Seirotrana burneti]MB08
|--A. calosomoides Kirby 1819MB08 (see below for synonymy)
|--A. canaliculatum Carter 1908MB08
|--A. capillatum (Carter 1921) [=Brycopia capillata]MB08
|--A. capitatum Lea 1898MB08
|--A. carinatum Blanchard 1845 (n. d.)C08a
|--A. cheesmani (Carter 1909) [=Brycopia cheesmani]MB08
|--A. coeruleum Carter 1906MB08
|--A. comatum (Carter 1920) [=Brycopia comata]MB08
|--A. coxi Carter 1913MB08
|--A. cuprescens Carter 1909MB08
|--A. cyaneum Carter 1911MB08
|--A. davisi Carter 1938MB08
|--A. distortipes (Carter 1934) [=Apasis distortipes]MB08
|--A. dubium (Macleay 1872) [=Brycopia dubia]MB08
|--A. ellipticum Blackburn 1894MB08
|--A. fergusoni Carter 1910MB08
|--A. flavicorne Carter 1913MB08
|--A. flavitarsis Carter 1933MB08
|--A. geminatum Pascoe 1870 [incl. A. illidgei Carter 1924, A. punctum Carter 1906]MB08
|--A. globulosum Carter 1905MB08 [=Brycopia globulosaC08a]
|--A. goudiei Carter 1909MB08
|--A. hackeri Carter 1908 [incl. A. sinuaticolle Carter 1937]MB08
|--A. harrisoni (Carter 1936) [=Brycopia harrisoni]MB08
|--A. helmsi Carter 1905MB08
|--A. heterodoxum Lea 1898MB08
|--A. hirsutum Carter 1936MB08
|--A. homogeneum (Pascoe 1869) [=*Dystalica homogenea; incl. D. parallela Lea 1898, D. subpubescens Bates 1873]MB08
|--A. inconspicuum Blackburn 1892MB08
|--A. indagatorC08a
|--A. interruptum (Carter 1918) [=Daedrosis interrupta]MB08
|--A. irregulare Carter 1914MB08
|--A. licinoides Kirby 1819 [incl. A. cisteloides Erichson 1842, A. helopioides Boisduval 1835]MB08
|--A. lindense Blackburn 1892 [incl. A. angulatum Blackburn 1892]MB08
|--A. mackayense (Carter 1933) [=Dystalica mackayensis]MB08
|--A. mccullochi Carter 1919MB08
|--A. minor Carter 1905MB08 [=Brycopia minorC08a]
|--A. monilicorne Macleay 1872MB08 [=Brycopia monilicornisC08a]
|--A. murex Carter 1921MB08
|--A. musgravei (Carter 1936) [=Brycopia musgravei]MB08
|--A. neboissi (Kulzer 1964) [=Adelodemus neboissi]MB08
|--A. negligens Gebien 1908 [=A. simplex Blackburn 1892 (preoc.); incl. A. tralaticum Gebien 1908]MB08
|--A. nigritulumC08a
|--A. obtusum (Carter 1920) [=Brycopia obtusa]MB08
|--A. occidentale Blackburn 1890MB08
|--A. orphana Pascoe 1869MB08
|--A. ovipenne (Casey 1890) [=Helops ovipennis, *Rues ovipennis]MB08
|--A. panageicolle Macleay 1872MB08 [=Dystalica panageicollisC08a; incl. A. delicatulum Carter 1919MB08]
|--A. parvulum Macleay 1872MB08 [=Brycopia parvulaC08a]
|--A. pestiferum Carter 1908MB08
|--A. pilosum Pascoe 1869 [incl. A. scutellare Pascoe 1869]MB08
|--A. plicigerum Pascoe 1869 [incl. A. rugosicolle Macleay 1872]MB08
|--A. pulchellum Carter 1932MB08
|--A. punctatissimum (Carter 1919) [=Brycopia punctatissima]MB08
|--A. punctipenne Boisduval 1835MB08
|--A. pustulosum Blackburn 1892 [incl. A. victoriae Blackburn 1892]MB08
|--A. reductum Pascoe 1869 [incl. A. ancilla Pascoe 1869, A. convexiusculum Macleay 1872, A. nitidum Carter 1906]MB08
|--A. regulare Lea 1898MB08
|--A. reticulatum Carter 1905MB08
|--A. rotundum Carter 1908MB08
|--A. rugicolle Boisduval 1835MB08
|--A. scytalicum Pascoe 1869MB08
|--A. similatum Germar 1848 [incl. A. obesum Pascoe 1866]MB08
|--A. sloanei Carter 1909MB08
|--A. spinicolle Carter 1928MB08
|--A. steropoides Pascoe 1869MB08
|--A. striatum Pascoe 1866 [incl. A. viridipenne Macleay 1872]MB08
|--A. strigipenne (Bates 1873) [=Seirotrana strigipennis; incl. Dystalica multilineata Carter 1937]MB08
|--A. subdepressum Carter 1908MB08
|--A. sublaevigatum Carter 1925MB08
|--A. subsulcatum Carter 1937MB08
|--A. taylori (Carter 1906) [=Brycopia taylori]MB08
|--A. tenebroides Erichson 1842MB08
|--A. tropicum Blackburn 1892MB08
|--A. vesiculatum Carter 1922MB08
|--A. vicarium Pascoe 1866 [incl. A. forticorne Gebien 1908]MB08
|--A. violaceum Carter 1905MB08
`--A. virescens Boisduval 1835 (n. d.)MB08

Adelium abbreviatum Boisduval 1835 [incl. A. dentatum Carter 1919, A. foveatum Carter 1909, A. impressum Blanchard 1853, A. latum Pascoe 1866, A. lomondense Carter 1919]MB08

Adelium calosomoides Kirby 1819 [incl. A. bicolor Carter 1908, A. geniale Pascoe 1869, A. harpaloides Boisduval 1835 (preoc.)]MB08

*Adelium porcatum (Fabricius 1775) [=Carabus porcatus, A. caraboides Kirby 1819, Calosoma porculatum Fabricius 1801; incl. A. fulgens Carter 1911]MB08

Adelodemus squalidus (Macleay 1872) [=Cestrinus squalidus; incl. *A. asperulus Haag-Rutenberg 1878, Seirotrana foliata Carter 1914]MB08

Cardiothorax Motschulsky 1860 [=Atryphodes Pascoe 1866, Thoracophorus Hope 1840 non Motschulsky 1837; incl. Otrintus Pascoe 1866, Prosodes Germar 1848 nec Eschscholz 1829 nec Walker 1833]MB08

Cardiothorax macleayi (Pascoe 1866)MB08 [=Atryphodes macleayiMB08; incl. Thoracophorus licinoides Redtenbacher 1868MB08, Cardiothorax licinoidesM86]

Cardiothorax mastersi (Macleay 1872) [=Atryphodes mastersi; incl. C. angulatus Bates 1879, C. chalceus Bates 1879, C. simulans Haag-Rutenberg 1878]MB08

*Cardiothorax walckenaeri (Hope 1840) [=*Thoracophorus walckenaeri, *Atryphodes walckenaeri; incl. Adelium dilaticolle Guérin-Méneville 1839, A. kirbyi Solier 1848]MB08

Isopteron Hope 1840 [=Isopterum Agassiz 1846; incl. Achora Pascoe 1869, Apatelus Mulsant & Rey 1859, Asida Hope 1843 non Latreille 1802, Cestrinus Erichson 1842, Prionotus Mulsant & Rey 1859 nec Lacépède 1801 nec Hisinger 1837 nec Redtenbacher 1842, Priothorax Gebien 1910]MB08

Isopteron championi (Blackburn 1894) [=Cestrinus championi; incl. C. dentatus Carter 1921, C. eremicola Blackburn 1894, C. zietzi Blackburn 1894]MB08

Isopteron obscurum (Erichson 1842)MB08 [=Cestrinus obscurusMB08; incl. Opatrum denticolle Blanchard 1853MB08, Prionotus denticollisM86, *Asida serricollis Hope 1843MB08, *Achora serricollisMB08, *Prionotus serricollisMB08, *Priothorax serricollisMB08]

Isopteron triviale (Erichson 1842)MB08 [=*Cestrinus trivialisMB08; incl. Opatrum longum Blanchard 1853MB08, Isopteron opatroides Hope 1843MB08, O. piceitarsis Hope 1843MB08, Cestrinus piceitarsisM86, Apatelus squamosus Macleay 1872MB08]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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