Alphitophagus bifasciatus, copyright Pierre Bornand.

Belongs within: Diaperinae.

The Adelinina are a group of tenebrionid beetles characterised by elaborate clavae on the median lobe of the aedeagus (Matthews & Bouchard 2008).

Characters (from Aaltu et al. 2002): Flattened, elongate oval beetles, antennae gradually enlarged; eyes usually narrower than frons across epistomal canthus; mesocoxal cavities closed by sternite; epipleuron abruptly narrowed near anterior margin of fifth abdominal sternite; aedeagus with clavae.

    |--Gnatocerus Thunberg 1814MB08 (see below for synonymy)
    |    `--G. cornutus (Fabricius 1798) (see below for synonymy)MB08
    |--Cynaeus LeConte 1862AT02
    |    `--C. angustus LeConte 1851AT02
    |--Doliodesmus Spilman 1967AT02
    |    `--D. charlesi Spilman 1967AT02
    |--Iccius Champion 1866AT02
    |    `--I. cylindricus Champion 1866AT02
    |--Sitophagus Mulsant 1854AT02
    |    `--S. hololeptoides Cast. 1840 (see below for synonymy)FS90
    |--Palembomimus Matthews & Lawrence 2005MB08
    |    |--*P. deplanatus (Champion 1894) [=Platydema deplanatum]MB08
    |    `--P. bicinctus (Champion 1894) [=Platydema bicinctum]MB08
    |--Adelina Dejean 1835MB08 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--*A. plana (Fabricius 1801)MB08 [=Cucujus planusMB08, Doliema planaFS90; incl. D. pallidus Say 1823FS90]
    |    `--A. platisoides (Pascoe 1860) [=*Doliema platisoides]MB08
    `--Alphitophagus Stephens 1832 [incl. Phyletes Redtenbacher 1845, Phylethus Redtenbacher 1849]AT02
         |--*A. quadripustulatus Stephens 1832MB08
         |--A. bifasciatus (Say 1824)MB08 (see below for synonymy)
         `--A. quadrinotatus Marseul 1876 (n. d.)MB08

Adelina Dejean 1835MB08 [incl. Doliema Pascoe 1860MB08, Schedarosus Reitter 1876AT02, Sitophagus Horn 1870 non Mulsant 1854AT02]

Alphitophagus bifasciatus (Say 1824)MB08 [=Diaperis bifasciatusMB08; incl. Platydema lilliputanum Carter 1937MB08, Alphitophagus pictusL19, A. populiL19]

Gnatocerus Thunberg 1814MB08 [=Gnathocerus Agassiz 1846MB08; incl. Cerandria Lucas 1847AT02, E12, Echocerus Horn 1870AT02, Sicinus Champion 1886AT02, Uloma Stephens 1832 non Dejean 1821AT02]

Gnatocerus cornutus (Fabricius 1798) [=Trogosita cornuta; incl. Neomida cucullata Montrouzier 1860, *Gnatocerus ruber Thunberg 1814]MB08

Sitophagus hololeptoides Cast. 1840 [incl. S. castaneus Reitt. 1877, S. complanatus, S. farinarius Woll. 1858, S. solieri Muls. 1854]FS90

*Type species of generic name indicated


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