Aedes aegypti, copyright Muhammad Mahdi Karim.

Belongs within: Culicidae.

Aedes is a cosmopolitan genus of mosquitoes including the vectors of such diseases as dengue fever and Ross River virus. The genus is polymorphic and divided into numerous subgenera, many of which have sometimes been treated as separate genera. One of the largest of these is Ochlerotatus whose members have a head with numerous erect scales, a patch of appressed scales on the lower prealar area, and long and slender cerci associated with a small eighth sternite (Liehne 1991).

Characters (from Liehne 1991): Palps generally short, less than 0.25× length proboscis. Upright forked scales on vertex numerous. Spiracular bristles absent, postspiracular bristles always present. Tarsal claws usually toothed, pulvilli absent. Wing membrane with distinct microtrichia. Larva with siphon usually short; seta 1-S a single pair of tufts, never inserted at base of siphon; saddle rarely complete ring.

<==Aedes [Aedini]
    |--A. (Aedes)S68
    |    |--A. (A.) adustus Laffoon 1946SK56
    |    |--A. (A.) bifoliatus King & Hoogstraal 1947SK56
    |    |--A. (A.) campylostylus Laffoon 1946SK56
    |    |--A. (A.) cinereusS68 [=Culex (A.) cinereusG20]
    |    |    |--A. c. cinereusSK56
    |    |    `--A. c. hemiteleus Dyar 1924SK56
    |    |--A. (A.) dux Dyar & Shannon 1925SK56
    |    |--A. (A.) foliformis King & Hoogstraal 1947SK56
    |    |--A. (A.) hamistylus Laffoon 1946SK56
    |    |--A. (A.) johnsoni Laffoon 1946SK56
    |    |--A. (A.) leilae King & Hoogstraal 1947SK56
    |    |--A. (A.) macrodixoa Dyar & Shannon 1925SK56
    |    |--A. (A.) margarsen Dyar & Shannon 1925SK56
    |    |--A. (A.) milnensis King & Hoogstraal 1947SK56
    |    |--A. (A.) multifolium King & Hoogstraal 1947SK56
    |    |--A. (A.) neomacrodixoa King & Hoogstraal 1947SK56
    |    |--A. (A.) quadrispinatus King & Hoogstraal 1947SK56
    |    |--A. (A.) sentanius King & Hoogstraal 1947SK56
    |    |--A. (A.) simplus King & Hoogstraal 1947SK56
    |    `--A. (A.) trispinatus King & Hoogstraal 1947SK56
    |--A. (Aedimorphus)S68
    |    |--A. (A.) alboscutellatus (Theobald 1905) [incl. A. argentinotus Banks 1909, A. omurensis Yamada 1921]L91
    |    |--A. (A.) nocturnusRK04
    |    |--A. (A.) oakleyi Stone 1939SK56
    |    |--A. (A.) senyavinensis Knight & Hurlbut 1949SK56
    |    `--A. (A.) vexans (Meigen 1830) [=Culex vexans]G37
    |--A. (Chaetocruiomyia)L91
    |    |--A. (C.) calabyi Marks 1963L91
    |    |--A. (C.) elchoensis Taylor 1929L91
    |    `--A. (C.) wattensisL91
    |--A. (Christophersiomyia) brayi Knight 1947SK56
    |--A. (Culicelsa)SK56
    |    |--A. (C.) perichares Dyar 1921SK56
    |    `--A. (C.) taeniorhynchus (Wiedemann 1821)G37 (see below for synonymy)
    |--A. (Ecculex) rhecter Dyar 1921SK56
    |--A. (Finlaya)S68
    |    |--A. (F.) alboannulatus (Macquart 1850)L91 [=Ochlerotatus alboannulatusWP02]
    |    |--A. (F.) ananae Knight & Laffoon 1946SK56
    |    |--A. (F.) atropalpus (Coquillett 1902)S68, SK56 [=Culex atropalpusSK56]
    |    |--A. (F.) britteni Marks & Hodgkin 1958L91
    |    |--A. (F.) croceus Knight & Laffoon 1946SK56
    |    |--A. (F.) dobodurus King & Hoogstraal 1946SK56
    |    |--A. (F.) dorseyi Knight 1946SK56
    |    |--A. (F.) eucleptes Dyar 1921SK56
    |    |--A. (F.) harperi Knight 1948SK56
    |    |--A. (F.) heteropus Dyar 1921SK56
    |    |--A. (F.) hollandius King & Hoogstraal 1946SK56
    |    |--A. (F.) keefei King & Hoogstraal 1946SK56
    |    |--A. (F.) knighti Stone & Bohart 1944SK56
    |    |--A. (F.) kochiL91 [=Ochlerotatus kochiRK04]
    |    |--A. (F.) lacteus Knight 1946SK56
    |    |--A. (F.) laoagensis Knight 1946SK56
    |    |--A. (F.) leucocelaenus Dyar & Shannon 1924SK56, K38 [=Haemagogus leucomelas Lutz 1904 (preoc.)K38]
    |    |    |--A. l. leucocelaenusSK56
    |    |    `--A. l. clarki Galindo, Carpenter & Trapido 1953SK56
    |    |--A. (F.) leucopleurus Rozeboom 1946SK56
    |    |--A. (F.) lewelleni Starkey & Webb 1946SK56
    |    |--A. (F.) luzonensis Rozeboom 1946SK56
    |    |--A. (F.) mallochiL91
    |    |--A. (F.) medleri Knight & Laffoon 1946SK56
    |    |--A. (F.) niveusSK56
    |    |    |--A. n. niveusSK56
    |    |    `--A. n. nipponicus LaCasse & Yamaguti 1948SK56
    |    |--A. (F.) notoscriptus (Skuse 1889)L91 [=Ochlerotatus (F.) notoscriptusD05b]
    |    |--A. (F.) occidentalis (Skuse 1889)L91
    |    |--A. (F.) okinawanus Bohart 1946SK56
    |    |--‘Ochlerotatus’ (F.) papuensisRK04
    |    |--A. (F.) paradissimilis Rozeboom 1946SK56
    |    |--A. (F.) pecuniosus Edwards 1922L91
    |    |--A. (F.) plumiferus King & Hoogstraal 1946SK56
    |    |--A. (F.) poiciliusO98
    |    |--A. (F.) purpureusL91
    |    |--A. (F.) quasirubithoraxL91
    |    |--A. (F.) rubrithoraxL91 [=Ochlerotatus rubrithoraxWP02]
    |    |--A. (F.) saperoi Knight 1946SK56
    |    |--A. (F.) scutellalbum Boshell-Manrique 1939SK56
    |    |--A. (F.) sherki Knight 1948SK56
    |    |--A. (F.) solomonis Stone & Bohart 1944SK56
    |    |--A. (F.) stonei Knight & Laffoon 1946SK56
    |    |--A. (F.) subalbitarsis King & Hoogstraal 1946SK56
    |    |--A. (F.) triseriatusS68 [incl. A. triseriatus var. hendersoni Cockerell 1918SK56]
    |    |--A. (F.) tsiliensis King & Hoogstraal 1946SK56
    |    `--A. (F.) varipalpus (Coquillett 1902)S68, SK56 (see below for synonymy)
    |--A. (Geoskusea)SK56
    |    |--A. (G.) baisasi Knight & Hull 1951SK56
    |    `--A. (G.) daggyi Stone & Bohart 1944SK56
    |--A. (Halaedes)L91
    |    |--A. (H.) ashworthi Edwards 1921L91
    |    `--A. (H.) australisL91 [=Ochlerotatus (H.) australisD04]
    |--A. (Heteronycha) muelleri Dyar 1920SK56
    |--A. (Howardina) argyrites Dyar & Nuñez Tovar 1927SK56
    |--A. (Kompia) purpureipesS81
    |--A. (Leptosomatomyia) variepictus King & Hoogstraal 1946SK56
    |--A. (Levua) suvae Stone & Bohart 1944SK56
    |--A. (Macleaya)L91
    |    |--A. (M.) stoneorum Marks 1977L91
    |    `--A. (M.) tremulus (Theobald 1903) (see below for synonymy)L91
    |--A. (Mucidus)L91
    |    |--A. (M.) alternans Westwood 1835L91 (see below for synonymy)
    |    `--A. (M.) ferinus Knight 1947SK56
    |--A. (Neomelaniconion) lineatopennis (Ludlow 1905)L91 (see below for synonymy)
    |--A. (Ochlerotatus)S68
    |    |--A. (O.) aboriginis Dyar 1917S68, SK56
    |    |--A. (O.) abserratusS68
    |    |--A. (O.) aldrichi Dyar & Knab 1908G37
    |    |--A. (O.) aloponotum Dyar 1917G37
    |    |--‘Ochlerotatus’ (O.) antipodeusD05a
    |    |--A. (O.) aurifer (Coquillett 1903)S68, SK56 [=Culex auriferSK56]
    |    |--A. (O.) barriS68
    |    |--A. (O.) bicristatus Thurman & Winkler 1950SK56
    |    |--A. (O.) cacozelus Marks 1963L91
    |    |--A. (O.) calcariaeL91
    |    |--A. (O.) campestris Dyar & Knab 1907S68, SK56
    |    |--A. (O.) camposanus Dyar 1918SK56
    |    |--A. (O.) camptorhynchus (Thomson 1869) (see below for synonymy)L91
    |    |--A. (O.) canadensisS68
    |    |--A. (O.) cantansDW84
    |    |--A. (O.) cantator (Coquillett 1903)S68, SK56 [=Culex cantatorSK56]
    |    |--A. (O.) cataphylla Dyar 1916S68, SK56
    |    |--A. (O.) clelandi (Taylor 1914)L91
    |    |--A. (O.) communis (DeGeer 1776)G37 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--A. (O.) continentalisL91
    |    |--A. (O.) decticus Howard, Dyar & Knab 1917S68, SK56
    |    |--A. (O.) diantaeusS68
    |    |--A. (O.) dorsalis (Meigen 1830) [=Culex dorsalis]G37
    |    |--A. (O.) edgari Stone & Rosen 1952SK56
    |    |--A. (O.) eidsvoldensis Mackerras 1927 [=A. theobaldi eidsvoldensis]L91
    |    |--A. (O.) eucephalaeus Dyar 1918SK56
    |    |--A. (O.) excruciansS68
    |    |--A. (O.) exploratorL91
    |    |--A. (O.) fitchii (Felt & Young 1904) (see below for synonymy)G37
    |    |--A. (O.) flavescens (Müller 1764) [=Culex flavescens]G37
    |    |--A. (O.) flavifronsL91
    |    |--A. (O.) fulvusSK56
    |    |    |--A. f. fulvusSK56
    |    |    `--A. f. pallens Ross 1943SK56
    |    |--A. (O.) hastatus Dyar 1922SK56
    |    |--A. (O.) hesperonotius Marks 1959L91
    |    |--A. (O.) hexodontus Dyar 1916S68, SK56
    |    |--A. (O.) hodgkini Marks 1959L91
    |    |--A. (O.) idahoensis (Theobald 1903) [=Grabhamia spencerii var. idahoensis]G37
    |    |--A. (O.) impiger (Walker 1848) [=Culex impiger]G37
    |    |--A. (O.) implicatusS68
    |    |--A. (O.) increpitus Dyar 1916S68, SK56
    |    |--A. (O.) intrudens Dyar 1919S68, SK56
    |    |--A. (O.) linesiL91
    |    |--A. (O.) luteifemurL91
    |    |--A. (O.) macintoshi Marks 1959L91
    |    |--A. (O.) mathesoni Middlekauff 1944SK56
    |    |--A. (O.) melanimon Dyar 1924S68, SK56
    |    |--A. (O.) nigripesS68
    |    |--A. (O.) nigrithorax (Macquart 1847) [incl. A. macleayanus Mackerras 1927]L91
    |    |--A. (O.) nigromaculis (Ludlow 1906)S68, SK56 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--A. (O.) niphadopsis Dyar & Knab 1918S68, SK56
    |    |--A. (O.) normanensis (Taylor 1915)L91
    |    |--A. (O.) phaecasiatusL91
    |    |--A. (O.) pionipsS68
    |    |--A. (O.) pseudodiantaeus Smith 1952SK56
    |    |--A. (O.) pseudonormanensis Marks 1949L91
    |    |--A. (O.) pullatus (Coquillett 1904)S68, SK56 [=Culex pullatusSK56]
    |    |--A. (O.) punctodes Dyar 1922S68, SK56
    |    |--A. (O.) punctorS68
    |    |--A. (O.) purpureifemur Marks 1959L91
    |    |--A. (O.) purpuriventrisL91
    |    |--A. (O.) ratcliffei Marks 1959L91
    |    |--A. (O.) rempeliS68
    |    |--A. (O.) riparius Dyar & Knab 1907S68, SK56
    |    |--A. (O.) sagax (Skuse 1889) [incl. Culicada wilsoni Taylor 1919]L91
    |    |--A. (O.) sapiens Marks 1964L91
    |    |--A. (O.) silvestrisL91
    |    |--A. (O.) sollicitans [=A. (Taeniorhynchus) sollicitans]S68
    |    |--A. (O.) spenceriiS68
    |    |--A. (O.) spilotusL91
    |    |--A. (O.) squamiger (Coquillett 1902)G37 [=Culex squamigerSK56; incl. Grabhamia deniedmannii Ludlow 1904SK56]
    |    |--A. (O.) sticticusS68
    |    |--A. (O.) stimulansS68
    |    |    |--A. s. stimulansSK56
    |    |    |--A. s. albertae Dyar 1920SK56
    |    |    |--A. s. classicus Dyar 1920SK56
    |    |    `--A. s. mississippii Dyar 1920SK56
    |    |--A. (O.) stricklandi (Edwards 1912) [=Grabhamia australis Strickland 1911, G. flindersi Taylor 1914]L91
    |    |--A. (O.) theobaldiL91
    |    |--A. (O.) trichurus (Dyar 1904)S68, SK56 [=Culex trichurusSK56, A. (Feltianus) trichurusS68]
    |    |--A. (O.) trivittatus (Coquillett 1902)S68, SK56 [=Culex trivittatusSK56]
    |    |--A. (O.) turneri Marks 1963L91
    |    |--A. (O.) ventrovittis Dyar 1916G37
    |    |--A. (O.) vigilax (Skuse 1889) (see below for synonymy)L91
    |    `--A. (O.) vittiger (Skuse 1889)L91
    |--A. (Pseudoskusea)L91
    |    |--A. (P.) bancroftianus Edwards 1921L91
    |    |--A. (P.) lunulatus King & Hoogstraal 1946SK56
    |    `--A. (P.) postspiraculosisL91
    |--A. (Rhinoskusea) longirostrisL91
    |--A. (Skusea)SK56
    |    |--A. (S.) dasyorrhus King & Hoogstraal 1946SK56 [=A. (Lorrainea) dasyorrhusL91]
    |    |--A. (S.) lamelliferus Bohart & Ingram 1946SK56
    |    `--A. (S.) miachaetessa Dyar & Shannon 1925SK56
    |--A. (Stegomyia)L91
    |    |--A. (S.) aegypti (Linnaeus 1762) (see below for synonymy)L91
    |    |--A. (S.) albopictusL91
    |    |--A. (S.) arboricolus Knight & Rozeboom 1946SK56
    |    |--‘Stegomyia’ atripesF15
    |    |--A. (S.) bambusicolus Knight & Rozeboom 1946SK56
    |    |--A. (S.) boharti Knight & Rozeboom 1946SK56
    |    |--A. (S.) christianus Dyar 1921SK56
    |    |--A. (S.) downsi Bohart & Ingram 1946SK56
    |    |--A. (S.) guamensis Farner & Bohart 1944SK56
    |    |--A. (S.) gurneyi Stone & Bohart 1944SK56
    |    |--A. (S.) hakanssoni Knight & Hurlbut 1949SK56
    |    |--A. (S.) hensilli Farner 1945SK56
    |    |--A. (S.) hoogstraali Knight & Rozeboom 1946SK56
    |    |--A. (S.) katherinensis Woodhill 1949L91
    |    |--A. (S.) laffooni Knight & Rozeboom 1946SK56
    |    |--A. (S.) marshallensis Stone & Bohart 1944SK56
    |    |--A. (S.) pandani Stone 1939SK56
    |    |--A. (S.) paullusi Stone & Farner 1947SK56
    |    |--A. (S.) pernotatus Farner & Bohart 1944SK56
    |    |--A. (S.) quasiscutellaris Farner & Bohart 1944SK56
    |    |--A. (S.) riversi Bohart & Ingram 1946SK56
    |    |--A. (S.) rotanus Bohart & Ingram 1946SK56
    |    |--A. (S.) saipanensis Stone 1945SK56
    |    |--A. (S.) scutellarisRK04 [incl. Stegomyia scutellaris var. samarensis Ludlow 1903SK56]
    |    `--A. (S.) scutoscriptus Bohart & Ingram 1946SK56
    |--A. (Taeniorhynchus)SK56
    |    |--A. (T.) jacobinae Serafim & Davis 1933SK56
    |    `--A. (T.) theleter Dyar 1918SK56
    `--A. (Verrallina)L91
         |--A. (V.) carmentiL91
         |--A. (V.) funereus (Theobald 1903)L91 [=Verrallina funereaRK04; incl. Pseudoskusea basalis Taylor 1912L91]
         |--‘Verrallina’ lineataRK04
         |--A. (V.) parasimilis King & Hoogstraal 1947L91, SK56
         `--A. (V.) reesi King & Hoogstraal 1947L91
Aedes incertae sedis:
  A. acrophilus Dyar 1917SK56
  ‘Culex’ aestivalis Dyar 1904SK56
  ‘Anisocheleomyia’ albitarsis Ludlow 1905SK56
  ‘Gymnometopa’ albonotata Coquillet 1906SK56
  A. alleni Turner 1924SK56
  A. allotecnon Kumm, Komp & Ruiz 1940SK56
  A. altiusculus Dyar 1917SK56
  ‘Stegomyia’ amesii Ludlow 1903SK56
  A. andrewsi Edwards 1927JG19
  A. angustivittatus Dyar & Knab 1907SK56
  ‘Finlaya’ aranetana Banks 1906SK56
  A. argentescens Dyar & Knab 1908SK56
  A. argyrothorax Bonne-Wepster & Bonne 1920SK56
  A. atlanticus Dyar & Knab 1906SK56
  ‘Howardina’ aureostriata Grabham 1906SK56
  A. balteatus Dyar & Knab 1907SK56
  ‘Culex’ bimaculatus Coquillett 1902SK56
  ‘Culex’ bracteatus Coquillett 1906SK56
  A. brevisC09
  ‘Stegomyia’ busckii Coquillett 1906SK56
  A. caballusA71
  A. cacothius Dyar 1923SK56
  A. callithotrys Dyar 1920SK56
  A. caspiusKK91 [=Ochlerotatus caspiusBP00]
  A. centrotus Howard, Dyar & Knab 1917SK56
  A. colonarius Dyar 1924SK56
  A. condolescens Dyar & Knab 1907SK56
  A. cuneatus Dyar & Knab 1908SK56
  ‘Culex’ curriei Coquillett 1901SK56
  A. cyclocerculus Dyar 1920SK56
  A. cyprius Ludlow 1920SK56
  A. daliensis (Taylor 1916)L91
  A. diantaeus Howard, Dyar & Knab 1917SK56
  ‘Culex’ dupreei Coquillett 1904SK56
  A. dysanor Dyar 1921SK56
  A. epactius Dyar & Knab 1908SK56
  A. epinolus Dyar & Knab 1914SK56
  A. euedes Howard, Dyar & Knab 1917SK56
  A. euochros Howard, Dyar & Knab 1917SK56
  A. euplocamus Dyar & Knab 1906SK56
  A. fisheri Dyar 1917SK56
  ‘Culex’ fletcheri Coquillett 1902SK56
  ‘Stegomyia’ gardnerii Ludlow 1905SK56
  A. geniculatusKK91
  A. gonimus Dyar & Knab 1918SK56
  A. grahami Ludlow 1920SK56
  ‘Grabhamia’ grisea Ludlow 1907SK56
  A. grossbecki Dyar & Knab 1906SK56
  A. habanicus Dyar & Knab 1906SK56
  A. hemisurus Dyar & Knab 1905SK56
  A. hortator Dyar & Knab 1907SK56
  ‘Howardina’ inaequalis Grabham 1907SK56
  ‘Culex’ inconspicuus Grossbeck 1904SK56
  A. indolescens Dyar & Knab 1907SK56
  A. infirmatus Dyar & Knab 1906SK56
  A. innuitus Dyar & Knab 1918SK56
  ‘Verrallina’ insolita Coquillett 1906SK56
  A. ioliota Dyar & Knab 1913SK56
  A. iridipennis Dyar 1922SK56
  ‘Ochlerotatus’ japonicusRK04
  A. klotsi Matheson 1933SK56
  ‘Culex’ knabi Coquillett 1906SK56
  A. labradorensis Dyar & Shannon 1925SK56
  ‘Verrallina’ laternaria Coquillett 1906SK56
  ‘Culex’ lativittatus Coquillett 1906SK56
  A. leuconotips Dyar 1920SK56
  A. leucotaeniatus Komp 1938SK56
  A. lithocoetor Dyar & Knab 1907SK56
  A. mariaePP64
  A. masamae Dyar 1920SK56
  ‘Grabhamia’ mediolineata Ludlow 1907SK56
  ‘Stegomyia’ mediovittata Coquillett 1906SK56
  ‘Catatassomyia’ meronephada Dyar & Shannon 1925SK56
  A. metalepticus Dyar 1920SK56
  A. metoecopus Dyar 1925SK56
  A. milleri Dyar 1922SK56
  A. mimesis Dyar 1917SK56
  ‘Culex’ mitchellae Dyar 1905SK56
  A. mutatus Dyar 1919SK56
  ‘Finlaya’ nigra Ludlow 1905SK56
  ‘Stegomyia’ nigritia Ludlow 1910SK56
  ‘Pseudoskusea’ nigrotarsis Ludlow 1908SK56
  A. niphadopsis Dyar & Knab 1918SK56
  ‘Culex’ nivitarsis Coquillett 1904SK56
  A. obturbator Dyar & Knab 1907SK56
  A. oligopistus Dyar 1918SK56
  ‘Danielsia’ pagei Ludlow 1911SK56
  A. pagetonotum Dyar & Knab 1909SK56
  ‘Popea’ palawanensis Ludlow 1914SK56
  ‘Taeniorhynchus’ palliatus Coquillett 1906SK56
  ‘Culex’ pallidohirta Grossbeck 1905SK56
  A. palustris Dyar 1916 [incl. A. palustris var. pricei Dyar 1917]SK56
  ‘Reedomyia’ pampangensis Ludlow 1905SK56
  A. panayensis Ludlow 1914SK56
  A. pearyi Dyar & Shannon 1925SK56
  A. pertinax Grabham 1906SK56
  A. pionips Dyar 1919SK56
  A. pix Martini 1935SK56
  A. platylepidus Knight & Hull 1951SK56
  A. plutocraticus Dyar & Knab 1907SK56
  A. podographicus Dyar & Knab 1906SK56
  A. poliochros Dyar 1919SK56
  A. polyagrus Dyar 1918SK56
  A. polynesiensisRK04
  ‘Culex’ portoricensis Ludlow 1905SK56
  ‘Culex’ pretans Grossbeck 1904SK56
  ‘Ochlerotatus’ procaxRK04
  A. prodotes Dyar 1917SK56
  A. prolixus Dyar 1922SK56
  ‘Stegomyia’ punctifemore Ludlow 1921SK56
  ‘Culex’ quadrivittatus Coquillett 1902SK56
  ‘Stegomyia’ quasinigritia Ludlow 1911SK56
  A. quaylei Dyar & Knab 1906SK56
  A. rusticusKK91
  A. sansoni Dyar & Knab 1909SK56
  A. schizopinax Dyar 1929SK56
  A. septemstriatus Dyar & Knab 1907SK56
  A. sierrensis (Ludlow 1905)S68, SK56 [=Taeniorhynchus sierrensisSK56, Ochlerotatus sierrensisRK04]
  A. siphonalis Grossbeck 1904SK56
  ‘Culex’ sylvicola Grossbeck 1906SK56
  A. tahoensis Dyar 1916SK56
  A. tarsalisA71
  A. terrensSK56
    |--A. t. terrensSK56
    `--A. t. homocopus Dyar 1922SK56
  A. thaxteri Dyar & Knab 1919SK56
  A. thibaulti Dyar & Knab 1910SK56
  A. thorntoni Dyar & Knab 1907SK56
  A. togoiA71
  A. tormentor Dyar & Knab 1906SK56
  A. tortilisSK56
    |--A. t. tortilisSK56
    `--A. t. virginensis Dyar 1922SK56
  A. traversus Dyar 1925SK56
  A. uncatus Grabham 1907SK56
  A. vinnipegensis Dyar 1919SK56
  A. whitmorei Dunn 1918SK56
  A. zoosophus Dyar & Knab 1918SK56

Aedes (Culicelsa) taeniorhynchus (Wiedemann 1821)G37 [=Culex taeniorhynchusG37, A. (Ochlerotatus) taeniorhynchusPP72, A. (Taeniorhynchus) taeniorhynchusG37]

Aedes (Finlaya) varipalpus (Coquillett 1902)S68, SK56 [=Culex varipalpusSK56, A. (Culicelsa) varipalpusG37, A. (Ochlerotatus) varipalpusS68, A. (Taeniorhynchus) varipalpusG37]

Aedes (Macleaya) tremulus (Theobald 1903) [incl. Danielsia alboannulata Taylor 1012, Aedimorphus australis Taylor 1914, Aedimorphus australis var. darwini Taylor 1914, Mimetomyia doddi Taylor 1919, Danielsia minuta Taylor 1912]L91

Aedes (Mucidus) alternans Westwood 1835L91 [=Ochlerotatus alternansWP02; incl. Culex commovens Walker 1856L91, C. hispidosus Skuse 1889L91, C. kermorganti Laveran 1901L91]

Aedes (Neomelaniconion) lineatopennis (Ludlow 1905)L91 [=Taeniorhynchus lineatopennisSK56, Pseudohowardina linealis Taylor 1913L91]

Aedes (Ochlerotatus) camptorhynchus (Thomson 1869) [incl. Culicada annulipes Taylor 1914, Culicada inornata Strickland 1911, Culex labeculosus Coquillett 1905, Culicada nigra Taylor 1914 non Finlaya nigra Ludlow 1905, Culicada victoriensis Taylor 1914, Culicelsa westralis Strickland 1911]L91

Aedes (Ochlerotatus) communis (DeGeer 1776)G37 [=Culex communisG37; incl. C. borealis Ludlow 1911SK56, Aedes (Ochlerotatus) communis tahoensis Freeborn 1926 non A. tahoensis Dyar 1916G37]

Aedes (Ochlerotatus) fitchii (Felt & Young 1904) [=Culex fitchii; incl. A. (O.) fitchii palustris Freeborn 1926 non A. palustris Dyar 1916]G37

Aedes (Ochlerotatus) nigromaculis (Ludlow 1906)S68, SK56 [=Grabhamia nigromaculisSK56, A. (Culicelsa) nigromaculisG37, A. (Taeniorhynchus) nigromaculisS68]

Aedes (Ochlerotatus) vigilax (Skuse 1889) [incl. Culex albirostris Macquart 1850, Culex annulifera Ludlow 1903, Culex ludlowae Blanchard 1905, Culex marinus Theobald 1901, Culicelsa pseudovigilax Theobald 1907, Culicelsa uniformis Strickland 1911, Aedes vansomerenae Mattingly 1955]L91

Aedes (Stegomyia) aegypti (Linnaeus 1762) [incl. Culex bancrofti Skuse 1889, Mimetomyia pulcherrima Taylor 1919, Stegomyia fasciata var. queenslandensis Theobald 1901]L91

*Type species of generic name indicated


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