Long-tailed tit Aegithalos caudatus, copyright Francis C. Franklin.

Belongs within: Sylviida.

The Aegithalidae, long-tailed tits, are a group of small birds found in the Holarctic and Oriental regions with a more or less elongate tail, short rounded wings and a short bill.

    |  i. s.: Psaltria exilisJT12
    |--Leptopoecile Severtsov 1873JT12, B94 [Leptopoecilinae]
    |    |--L. elegansJT12
    |    `--L. sophiaeJT12
    |         |--L. s. sophiaeAE06
    |         `--L. s. obscuraAE06
    `--+--Psaltriparus Bonaparte 1850JT12, B94 [Psaltriparidae]
       |    `--P. minimusJT12
       `--Aegithalos Hermann 1804JT12, M02 [Aegithalinae]
            |--+--A. concinnusJT12
            |  |    |--A. c. concinnusAE06
            |  |    `--A. c. iredaleiAE06
            |  `--A. leucogenysJT12
            `--+--+--A. iouschistosBKB15
               |  `--+--A. caudatus (Linnaeus 1758)BKB15, M02 [=Parus caudatusM02; incl. Mecistura vagansF17]
               |     |    |--A. c. caudatusT89
               |     |    `--A. c. japonicusT89
               |     `--A. glaucogularisBKB15
               `--+--A. niveogularisBKB15
                  `--+--A. bonvalotiBKB15
                     `--+--A. fuliginosusBKB15
                        `--A. sharpeiBKB15

*Type species of generic name indicated


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