Cycadothrips chadwicki in cycad cone, photographed by Irene Terry.

Belongs within: Thripida.
Contains: Desmothrips.

The Aeolothripidae include medium-sized, usually dark brown thrips, often with dark bands on the wings. Aeolothripids are predatory, or feed on pollen (Mound & Marullo 1996). The Australian genus Cycadothrips is noteworthy as including pollinators of the cycad genus Macrozamia.

Characters (from Mound & Marullo 1996): Medium-sized, usually dark brown and about 2.5 mm long. Antennae with nine segments; sensoria on segments III and IV linear, either along length of segments or transverse around apex (not forming a continuous band). Usually macropterous; forewings broad with apex rounded, two longitudinal and two cross veins, usually with one or two dark transverse or longitudinal bands.

<==Aeolothripidae [Aeothripidae, Palaeothripidae]
    |--+--Cycadothrips Mound 1991PL12, MM98
    |  |    |--*C. chadwicki Mound 1991MM98
    |  |    |--C. albrechtiPL12
    |  |    `--C. emmaliami Mound & Marullo 1998MM98
    |  `--+--Dactuliothrips bohartiBMW13
    |     `--+--+--Orothrips kelloggiBMW13
    |        |  `--Franklinothrips Back 1912BMW13, MM96 [incl. MitothripsMM96]
    |        |       |--*F. vespiformis Crawford 1909 [=Aeolothrips vespiformis]MM96
    |        |       |--F. atlasMM96
    |        |       |--F. basseti Mound & Marullo 1998MM98
    |        |       |--F. caballeroi Johansen 1981MM96
    |        |       |--F. fulgidus Hood 1949MM96
    |        |       |--F. lineatus Hood 1949MM96
    |        |       |--F. megalopsMM96
    |        |       |--F. orizabensis Johansen 1974MM96
    |        |       |--F. suzukiiMM96
    |        |       |--F. tenuicornis Hood 1915MM96
    |        |       `--F. variegatus Girault 1927G27
    |        `--+--+--Stomatothrips Hood 1912PM10, MM96
    |           |  |    |  i. s.: S. bahamondesi De Santis 1980MM96
    |           |  |    |--S. atratusPM10
    |           |  |    `--+--S. brunneus Crawford 1940PM10, MM96
    |           |  |       `--+--+--*S. flavus Hood 1912MM96, PM10, MM96
    |           |  |          |  `--S. crawfordi Stannard 1968PM10, MM96
    |           |  |          `--+--S. septenarius Hood 1925PM10, MM96
    |           |  |             `--+--S. angustipennis Hood 1949PM10, MM96
    |           |  |                `--S. rotundus Hood 1949PM10, MM96
    |           |  `--+--Andrewarthaia Mound 1967PM10, MM98
    |           |     |    `--*A. kellyana (Bagnall 1924) (see below for synonymy)MM98
    |           |     |--DesmidothripsPM10
    |           |     `--DesmothripsBMW13
    |           `--Aeolothrips Haliday 1836BMW13, MM96 [incl. ColeothripsMM96, Fabothrips Bhatti 1988MM96]
    |                |--*A. albicinctus Haliday 1836MM96
    |                |--A. bicolor Hinds 1902MM96
    |                |--A. duvali Moulton 1927MM96
    |                |--A. fasciatipennis (n. d.)MM96
    |                |--A. fasciatus (Linnaeus 1758)MM98 [=Thrips fasciataMM98; incl. A. fasciata f. aptera Karny 1910K10]
    |                |--A. insularisPM10
    |                |--A. intermediusBMW13
    |                |--A. major Bailey 1951MM96
    |                |--A. mexicanus Priesner 1924MM96
    |                |--A. microstriatus Hood 1935MM96
    |                |--A. surcalifornianus Johansen 1989MM96
    |                |--A. versicolorC38
    |                `--A. vittipennis [=*Fabothrips vittipennis]MM96
    `--Cretothrips antiquusPL12
Aeolothripidae incertae sedis:
  Mymarothrips Bagnall 1928MM98
    |--*M. ritchianus Bagnall 1928MM98
    |--M. bicolor zur Strassen 1991MM98
    `--M. garuda [incl. M. bolus, M. flavidonotus Tong & Zhang 1995]MM98
  Rhipidothrips Uzel 1895MM98
    |--*R. gratiosus Uzel 1895MM98
    |--R. brunneusM13
    `--R. cahirensis Priesner 1932MM98
  Erythrothrips Moulton 1911MM96
    |--*E. arizonae Moulton 1911MM96
    |--E. diabolus (Priesner 1932) [=Aeolothrips diabolus]MM96
    `--E. durango Watson 1924MM96
  Gelothrips Bhatti 1967 [incl. Arcuthrips Mound 1972]MM98
    |--*G. alis (Bhatti 1967) [=Aeolothrips (*Gelothrips) alis]MM98
    |--G. cinctus (Hood 1918) [=Rhipidothrips cinctus]MM98
    `--‘Desmothrips’ monrosi [=*Arcuthrips monrosi]MM98
  Erythridothrips Mound & Marullo 1993MM98
    `--*E. cubilis Mound & Marullo 1993MM98
  Lamprothrips Moulton 1935MM98
    `--L. miltoni (Girault 1927) [=Desmothrips miltoni; incl. *L. maculosus Moulton 1935]MM98
  Corynothripoides marginipennisMM98

*Andrewarthaia kellyana (Bagnall 1924) [=Rhipidothrips kellyanus; incl. R. aureus Moulton 1935, Aeolothrips hyalinipennis Girault 1930, Andrewarthaia minor Mound 1967]MM98

*Type species of generic name indicated


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