Ceratognathus niger, copyright Dash Huang.

Belongs within: Scarabaeoidea.

Ceratognathus is a genus of stag beetles found in Australasia and South America in which males often bear an erect dorsal cusp on the mandibles.

| i. s.: Aesalus scarabaeoidesG20 [=Lucanus scarabaeoidesL02]
`--Nicagini [Nicaginae]MF15
|--Nicagus LeConte 1860R02
| `--N. obscurusFR02
`--Ceratognathus Westwood 1838MC92
|--*C. niger Westwood 1838 [incl. Platycerus furcatus Castelnau 1840]MC92
|--C. abdominalis Parry 1870MC92
|--C. bitumulatus Carter 1925MC92
|--C. flabellatus Boileau 1905MC92
|--C. frenchi Blackburn 1897MC92
|--C. froggatti Blackburn 1894MC92
|--C. gilesi Blackburn 1895MC92
|--C. irroratusM83
|--C. macrognathus Boileau 1905MC92
|--C. mentiferus Westwood 1863 [=C. mentifer (l. c.)]MC92
|--C. minutus Lea 1929MC92
|--C. ocularis Carter 1925MC92
|--C. rufipennis Westwood 1872MC92
|--C. tasmanus Benesh 1943MC92
`--C. westwoodi Thomson 1862 [incl. C. punctatissimus Westwood 1863]MC92

*Type species of generic name indicated


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