Agathiceras, from here.

Belongs within: Goniatitina.

The Agathiceratide are a group of subdiscoidal to globular ammonoids known from the Upper Carboniferous to the Middle Permian (Miller et al. 1957).

Characters (from Miller et al. 1957): Conch subdiscoidal to globular, umbilicus small, test prominently longitudinally lirate. Sutures goniatitic.

Agathiceratidae [Eothinitidae, Paragastrioceratidae]ZL04
| i. s.: GaetanocerasRR79
| Epiglyphioceras Spath 1930RR79, ZL04
| `--E. meneghiniiP68
| Dombarites poststriatus (Brüning 1923)HK93
| Proshumardites morrowanus Gordon 1964K81, P68
| PericleitesK81
`--+--Eothinites [Eothinitinae]KK12
| `--E. kargalensisWK81
| | `--+--+--ChekiangocerasKK12
| | | `--+--AulacogastriocerasKK12
| | | `--+--MetagastriocerasKK12
| | | `--StenolobulitesKK12
| | `--+--AnatsabitesKK12
| | `--Atsabites [Atsabitinae]KK12
| | |--A. multiliratusRR79
| | `--A. williamsiRR79
| `--+--Roadoceras beedeiKK12
| `--+--StrigogoniatitesKK12
| | |--S. angulatusRR79
| | `--S. fountaini Miller & Furnish 1940P68
| `--+--RetiogastricerasKK12
| `--Pseudogastrioceras [Pseudogastrioceratinae]KK12
| |--P. altudenseP68
| |--P. beedeiP68
| |--P. cooperi (Miller 1945)P68
| |--P. mckeei Miller & Furnish 1958P68
| `--P. roadenseP68
| | `--Spirolegoceras [Spirolegoceratinae]KK12
| `--+--DaubichitesKK12
| `--+--Uraloceras involutumKK12, SG89
| `--TumarocerasKK12
`--Agathiceras Gemmellaro 1887ZL04 [incl. Paragastrioceras Ruzhencev 1950KK12, ZL04; Paragastrioceratinae]
|--*A. suessi Gemmellaro 1887ZL04
|--A. appliniP68
|--A. ciscoense Smith 1903P68
|--A. distefanoiG31
|--A. elegansG31
|--A. ensiferumG31
|--A. girtyiP68
|--A. hoffmanni [=Hoffmannia hoffmanni]G31
|--A. insigneG31
|--‘Paragastrioceras’ jossaeKK12
|--A. kingiG31
|--A. kinshanenseG31
|--A. krotowiG31
|--A. mediterraneum Toumanskaya 1949 [incl. A. frechi var. ircutensis Toumonaskaya 1949]ZL04
|--‘Paragastrioceras’ modulatumKK12
|--A. stuckenbergiG31
|--A. texanum Girty 1908P68
`--A. uralicumWK81

*Type species of generic name indicated


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