Agauopsis microrhyncha, from Lohmann (1893).

Belongs within: Halacaridae.

Agauopsis is a genus of halacarid mites in which the first pair of legs is armed with stout, peg-like setae (Luxton 1990).

Characters (from Luxton 1990): Female with three pairs of perigenital setae; moveable digits of chelicerae denticulate; palps four-segmented, penultimate segment with a spiniform seta; tibia I with unpaired spiniform setae, genu I shorter than femur I or tibia I.

<==Agauopsis Viets 1927H98
    |--*A. brevipalpus (Trouessart 1889) [=Agaue brevipalpus, Agauopsis brevirostris (l. c.)]N47
    |    |--A. b. brevipalpusN47
    |    `--A. b. pontica (Cichkoff 1907)N47
    |--A. aequilivestita Bartsch 1996H98
    |--A. australiensis Bartsch 1996H98
    |--A. borealis Newell 1947N47
    |--A. collaris Otto 1994H98
    |--A. curvataWP99
    |--A. elaborata Bartsch 1996H98
    |--A. filirostrisWP99
    |--A. luxtoni Bartsch 1986L90
    |--A. microrhyncha (Trouessart 1889) [=Agaue microrhyncha]H98
    |--A. mokari Otto 1994H98
    |--A. novaezelandiae Bartsch 1986L90
    |--A. ornatella Bartsch 1996H98
    `--A. similis Bartsch 1979H98

*Type species of generic name indicated


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