Adelocera shirozui, copyright Julie Huang.

Belongs within: Elateridae.
Contains: Pseudotetralobus, Monocrepidiini, Agrypnini, Hemirhipini.

The Agrypninae are a group of click beetles typically possessing one or two setae arising basally from the tarsal claws and/or lacking a wedge cell in the hind wing (Calder 1996). The Drilini, a derived tribe with males soft-bodied and females larviform with only the mouthparts and head adult-like, are placed within this subfamily by molecular phylogenetic analysis (Kundrata & Bocak 2011).

Characters (from Calder 1996): Head either flattened or more or less convex anteriorly. Frontal carina either incomplete medially (occasionally obsolete) or complete across front between eyes. Prosternum anteriorly produced to form ‘chin-piece’. Prosternal spine longer than procoxal diameter, rarely as long as procoxal diameter. Mesocoxal cavity open to both mesepimeron and mesepisternum, rarely closed. Meso-trochantin visible, rarely non-visible. Hind wing usually with short, rarely elongate radial cell; vein MP4 with or without apparent cross vein to CuA2; wedge cell absent; apex of wing membrane (without venation) never occupying more than one-third length of wing membrane; apex usually with two sclerotisations at either acute or obtuse angle to each other, single crescent shaped sclerotisation or sclerotisations in shape of Greek letter Ψ. Coxites of ovipositor generally without styli, rarely with palpiform or setiferous styli.

<==Agrypninae (see below for synonymy)KB11
    |--+--Platycrepidius [Platycrepidiini]KB11
    |  `--Drilini [Drilidae, Drilides, Drilinae]KB11
    |       |--Selasia unicolorRD77
    |       |--MalacogasterKB11
    |       |--ParadrilusKB11
    |       `--DrilusKB11
    |            |--D. concolorKB11
    |            |--D. flavescens Olivier 1790B14 [=Melyris (Drilus) flavescensG20]
    |            `--D. mauritanicusPB27
       |    |--Pyrearinus termitilluminansGE05
       |    |--Deilelater Costa 1975J02
       |    |--Ignelater Costa 1975 [incl. Stilpnus Laporte 1840]J02
       |    |    `--I. havaniensisJ02
       |    |--Vesperelater Costa 1975J02
       |    |    `--V. arizonicusJ02
       |    `--Pyrophorus Illig. 1809KB11, FS90
       |         |--P. noctilucus (Linnaeus 1758)B14
       |         |--P. pellucensFS90
       |         |--P. phosphorescens Cast. 1840 [incl. P. deilophanus]FS90
       |         `--P. plagiophthalamusPHK96
             `--+--Adelocera Latr. 1829KB11, FS90
                |    |  i. s.: A. conspersaC01
                |    |         A. modesta Boisd. 1835 [incl. A. modesta var. guadulpensis Fleutiaux & Sallé 1890]FS90
                |    |         A. subcostata Cand. 1857 [incl. A. albicans Chv. 1867]FS90
                |    `--A. (Brachylacon)PS07
                |         |--A. (B.) gressitti (Ohira 1972) [=Brachylacon (Aganolacon) gressitti]PS07
                |         `--A. (B.) shirozui (Ohira 1967) (see below for synonymy)PS07
Agrypninae incertae sedis:
  Lycoreus corpulentus Candèze 1889B14
  HeligmusC96 [incl. Anilicopsis Schwarz 1907C96; CleidecostiniKB11, Heligmini]
    `--H. glyphoderus [incl. Dicteniophorus dubius Schwarz 1903, *Anilicopsis dubius]C96
    |    |--T. auricomus Hope 1842H42
    |    |--T. cinereusH42
    |    |--T. duponti Hope 1842H42
    |    |--T. flabellifornis [=Elater flabellicornis]H42
    |    |--T. fortnumi Hope 1842H42
    |    |--T. goryi Hope 1842 [incl. T. sennarius Dupont in Hope 1842 (n. n.)]H42
    |    |--T. parryi Hope 1842H42
    |    |--T. robustus Hope 1842H42
    |    `--T. savagei Hope 1842H42
    |--Anthracalaus Fairmaire 1888 [incl. Pseudomelanactes Mathieu 1961]J02
    |    |--*A. westermanni [=Alaus westermanni]C96
    |    |--A. agrypnoidesJ02
    |    |--A. australis Fleutiaux 1940C96
    |    |--A. brittoni Calder & Hayek 1992C96
    |    `--A. kimberleyensis Calder & Hayek 1992C96
    `--Aphileus Candèze 1857 [incl. Dorcostoma Newman 1857]C96
         |--*A. lucanoides Candèze 1857 (see below for synonymy)C96
         |--A. distinctus Neboiss 1959C96
         |--A. ferox Blackburn 1895C96
         |--A. goombarus Neboiss 1959C96
         `--A. mulkanus Neboiss 1959C96
  Austrocalais Neboiss 1967C96
    |--*A. pogonodes Neboiss 1967C96
    `--A. aquilonaris Neboiss 1967C96
  Trieres Candèze 1900 [=Triers (l. c.)]C96
    `--*T. ramitarsus Candèze 1900C96

Adelocera (Brachylacon) shirozui (Ohira 1967) [=Brachylacon (Aganolacon) shirozui non Adelocera shirozui Ohira 1966 (not preoc. if in dif. gen.)]PS07

Agrypninae [Adelocerinae, Alauinae, Cavicoxidae, Hemirhipinae, Octocryptinae, Pachyderinae, Pangaurinae, Pyrophorinae, Tetraloginae]KB11

*Aphileus lucanoides Candèze 1857 [incl. A. depressus Candèze 1857, Elater jansoni Newman 1857, *Dorcostoma jansoni]C96

*Type species of generic name indicated


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