Agrypnus argillaceus, from here.

Belongs within: Agrypninae.

The Agrypnini are a large group of click beetles distinguished by having deep grooves on the prosternal sutures that the antennae can lay in, and an undivided mesosternum and mesepisternum (Stibick 1979). The genera Lanelater and Agrypnus are each found worldwide except in South America. Species of Agrypnus have a vestiture of scales, at least in part, whereas Lanelater lack scales (Calder 1996). Scales are also present in the vestiture of Danosoma, Rismethus and Meristhus, which differ from Agrypnus in their smaller size and/or the absence of setae on the tarsal claws. Danosoma has the pronotum deeply and broadly impressed on the mid line (Johnson 2002).

Characters (from Stibick 1979): Prosternal sutures with deep grooves for reception of antennae, rarely grooved posteriorly for reception of anterior tarsi; frontal carina absent, vague or more or less present above to variously developed between antennae, frons more or less concave, mouthparts inferior; prosternal lobes normally arcuate or even prominent, prosternum simple, without cross or transverse sutures, propleuron and metasternum may be either grooved for tarsae or antennae or not; mesosternum and mesepisternum simple, not divided by cross sutures, meso- and metasternum with distinct suture or suture indistinct or absent; scutellum shield-shaped, never cordate; tarsi various; claws with seta(e) at base (rarely absent).

|--Danosoma Thomson 1859J02
| |--D. brevicornisJ02
| `--D. obtectaJ02
|--Rismethus Fleutiaux 1947J02
| |--R. scobinulaJ02
| `--R. squamigerJ02
|--Meristhus Candèze 1857 [incl. Rhaciaspis Arnett 1952]J02
| |--M. apicalisF89
| |--M. cristatusJ02
| `--M. perraudierei Fleutiaux 1889F89
|--Lanelater Arnett 1952PS07, C96 [incl. Amaurus Castelnau 1840 non Burmeister 1835C96]
| |--*L. schotti [=Agrypnus schotti]C96
| |--L. aequalis (Candèze 1857)PS07 [=Agrypnus aequalisPS07; incl. A. maestusF89, A. punctatusF89]
| |--L. ereptus (Candèze 1874)C96 [=Agrypnus ereptusC96, A. mastersi var. ereptusM86]
| |--L. fleutiauxi Hayek 1973 [=Agrypnus ereptus Fleutiaux 1902 non Candèze 1874]C96
| |--L. judaicusRW11
| |--L. latior (Macleay 1872)C96 [=Agrypnus latiorC96, A. mastersi var. latiorM86]
| |--L. mastersi (Macleay 1872) [=Agrypnus mastersi]C96
| |--L. resectus (Candèze 1857) [=Agrypnus resectus]C96
| `--*Amaurus’ senegalensis Castelnau 1840C96
`--Agrypnus Eschscholtz 1829PS07 (see below for synonymy)
| i. s.: A. adelaidae (Blackburn 1892) [=Lacon adelaidae]C96
| A. adustus (Elston 1924) [=Agrypnus adustus]C96
| A. akidiformis (Candèze 1857) [=*Myrmodes akidiformis]C96
| A. alboguttatus (Macleay 1888) [=Lacon alboguttatus]C96
| A. alternans (Macleay 1872) [=Lacon alternans]C96
| A. andersoni (Blackburn 1892) [=Lacon andersoni]C96
| A. apiatus Hayek 1979 (see below for synonymy)C96
| A. applanatus (Elston 1924) [=Lacon applanatus]C96
| A. aquilus (Elston 1927) [=Lacon aquilus]C96
| A. arbitrarius (Elston 1924) [=Lacon arbitrarius]C96
| A. assus (Candèze 1857) [=Lacon assus; incl. L. gaydahensis Macleay 1872]C96
| A. atricolor (Macleay 1888) [=Lacon atricolor]C96
| A. badius (Elston 1927) [=Lacon badius]C96
| A. bellator (Elston 1927) [=Lacon bellator]C96
| A. bigener (Elston 1924) [=Lacon bigener]C96
| A. bimaculatus (Schwarz 1902) [=Lacon bimaculatus]C96
| A. brachypterus Hayek 1979 [=Lacon brevipennis Elston 1927 non Schwarz 1903]C96
| A. brightensis (Blackburn 1892) [=Lacon brightensis]C96
| A. bullatus (Carter 1939) [=Lacon bullatus]C96
| A. caliginosus (Boisduval 1835) (see below for synonymy)C96
| A. carinulatus (Candèze 1857) [=Lacon carinulatus]C96
| A. castaneus (Elston 1927) [=Lacon castaneus]C96
| A. castelnaui (Candèze 1882) [=Lacon castelnaui]C96
| A. cineraceus (Elston 1927) [=Lacon cineraceus]C96
| A. communis (Macleay 1888) [=Lacon communis]C96
| A. commutabilis (Elston 1924) [=Lacon commutabilis]C96
| A. compactus (Candèze 1882) [=Lacon compactus]C96
| A. conspiciendus (Elston 1924) [=Lacon conspiciendus]C96
| A. cordipennis (Candèze 1874) [=Lacon cordipennis]C96
| A. corvinus (Candèze 1882) [=Lacon corvinus]C96
| A. costipennis (Germar 1848) [=Lacon costipennis; incl. L. yilgarnensis Blackburn 1892]C96
| A. crassus (Candèze 1848) [=Lacon crassus]C96
| A. cruentatus (Elston 1927) [=Lacon cruentatus]C96
| A. dealbatus (Candèze 1882) [=Lacon dealbatus]C96
| A. deboulayi (Candèze 1874)C96 [=Lacon deboulayiC96, A. mastersi var. duboulayiM86, L. duboulayi (l. c.)C96]
| A. divaricatus (Candèze 1865) [=Lacon divaricatus]C96
| A. duplex (Blackburn 1892) [=Lacon duplex]C96
| A. elstoni (Neboiss 1956) [=Lacon elstoni, L. conspiciendus Elston 1927 non Elston 1924]C96
| A. elongatus (Carter 1939) [=Myrmodes elongatus]C96
| A. eucalypti (Blackburn 1892) [=Lacon eucalypti]C96
| A. farinensis (Blackburn 1900) [=Lacon farinensis]C96
| A. fasciolatus (Macleay 1888) [=Lacon fasciolatus]C96
| A. fatuus (Candèze 1874) [=Lacon fatuus]C96
| A. fergusoni (Elston 1927) [=Lacon fergusoni]C96
| A. ferrugineus (Candèze 1874) [=Lacon ferrugineus]C96
| A. frenchi Hayek 1973 [=Lacon squalescens Blackburn 1892 non Fairmaire 1871]C96
| A. froggatti (Macleay 1888) [=Lacon froggatti]C96
| A. fusiformisF89
| A. geminatus (Candèze 1857) [=Lacon geminatus]C96
| A. gibbosus (Schwarz 1903) [=Lacon gibbosus]C96
| A. gibbus (Candèze 1882) [=Lacon gibbus]C96
| A. granulatus (Macleay 1872) [=Lacon granulatus; incl. L. insignitus Candèze 1874]C96
| A. guttatus (Candèze 1857) (see below for synonymy)C96
| A. hackeri (Elston 1927) [=Lacon hackeri]C96
| A. humilis (Erichson 1842) [=Lacon humilis]C96
| A. hunti Hayek 1979 [=Lacon farinosus Elston 1927 non Candèze 1893]C96
| A. impressicollis (Elston 1924) [=Lacon impressicollis]C96
| A. incultus (Macleay 1888) [=Lacon incultus]C96
| A. labiosus (Candèze 1874) [=Lacon labiosus]C96
| A. lachrymosus (Candèze 1874) [=Lacon lachrymosus, L. lacrymosus (l. c.)]C96
| A. lateralis (Schwarz 1903) [=Lacon lateralis]C96
| A. laticollis (Candèze 1857) [=Lacon laticollis]C96
| A. lindensis (Blackburn 1892) [=Lacon lindensis]C96
| A. lineatellus (Macleay 1888) [=Lacon lineatellus]C96
| A. luridus [=Elater luridus]G89
| A. macleayi (Candèze 1882) [=Lacon macleayi]C96
| A. mamillatus (Candèze 1857) [=Lacon mamillatus]C96
| A. mansuetus (Blackburn 1892) [=Lacon mansuetus]C96
| A. marginatus (Candèze 1874) [=Lacon marginatus]C96
| A. marginipennis (Schwarz 1903) [=Lacon marginipennis]C96
| A. marmoratus (Candèze 1874) [=Lacon marmoratus]C96
| A. mjobergi (Elston 1930) [=Lacon mjobergi]C96
| A. monachus (Candèze 1882) [=Lacon monachus]C96
| A. multipunctatus (Elston 1927) [=Lacon multipunctatus]C96
| A. murrayensis (Blackburn 1892) [=Lacon murrayensis]C96
| A. nigrescens (Macleay 1888) [=Lacon nigrescens]C96
| A. notodonta [=Elater notodonta]G89
| A. octavus (Candèze 1874) [=Lacon octavus]C96
| A. orthoderus (Elston 1924) [=Lacon orthoderus]C96
| A. palpalis (Candèze 1882) [=Lacon palpalis]C96
| A. parallelus (Candèze 1874) [=Lacon parallelus]C96
| A. parvulus (Macleay 1888) [=Lacon parvulus]C96
| A. perplexus (Elston 1924) [=Lacon perplexus]C96
| A. pictipennis (Candèze 1857) [=Lacon pictipennis]C96
| A. plagiatus (Candèze 1878) [=Lacon plagiatus]C96
| A. pleureticus (Candèze 1874) [=Lacon pleureticus]C96
| A. politusB66
| A. porriginosus (Candèze 1874) [=Lacon porriginosus]C96
| A. praelongus (Elston 1927) [=Lacon praelongus]C96
| A. princeps (Candèze 1874) [=Lacon princeps]C96
| A. productus (Elston 1924) [=Lacon productus]C96
| A. pumilusG89
| A. punctatissimus (Elston 1927) [=Lacon punctatissimus]C96
| A. punctipennis (Candèze 1874) [=Lacon punctipennis]C96
| A. recticollis (Elston 1930) [=Lacon recticollis]C96
| A. reticulatus (Elston 1930) [=Lacon reticulatus]C96
| A. rubescens (Macleay 1888) [=Lacon rubescens]C96
| A. rubicundulus (Macleay 1888) [=Lacon rubicundulus]C96
| A. rubiginosus (Candèze 1882) [=Lacon rubiginosus]C96
| A. rufopiceus (Macleay 1888) [=Lacon rufopiceus]C96
| A. rufulus (Elston 1927) [=Lacon rufulus]C96
| A. rufus (Blackburn 1890) [=Lacon rufus, *Pseudolacon rufus]C96
| A. scopulosus (Elston 1924) [=Lacon scopulosus]C96
| A. sculptus (Candèze 1874) [=Lacon sculptus]C96
| A. semivestitus (Elston 1927) [=Lacon semivestitus]C96
| A. socius (Candèze 1874) [=Lacon socius]C96
| A. stigmosus (Elston 1927) [=Lacon stigmosus]C96
| A. stricticollisC96
| A. subcompactus (Elston 1927) [=Lacon subcompactus]C96
| A. submarmoratus (Elston 1924) [=Lacon submarmoratus]C96
| A. subtilis (Macleay 1888) [=Lacon subtilis; incl. L. foveicollis Macleay 1888]C96
| A. thomasi Hayek 1973 [=*Homeolacon gracilis Blackburn 1890 non Candèze 1874]C96
| A. torresi (Candèze 1897) [=Lacon torresi]C96
| A. ursulus (Candèze 1857) [=Lacon ursulus]C96
| A. validus (Elston 1924) [=Lacon validus]C96
| A. vandepolli (Candèze 1887) [=Lacon vandepolli]C96
| A. variabilis (Candèze 1857) [=Lacon variabilis]C96
| A. variolus (Candèze 1874) [=Lacon variolus]C96
| A. victoriae (Candèze 1865) [=Lacon victoriae]C96
| A. zietzi (Blackburn 1895) [=Lacon zietzi]C96
|--A. (Agrypnus)PS07
| |--*A. (A.) murinus (Linnaeus 1758)C96, L58 [=Elater murinusC96]
| |--A. (A.) formosanus (Bates 1866) [=Lacon formosanus]PS07
| `--A. (A.) polishaensis Ohira 1977PS07
|--A. (Colaulon Arnett 1952)PS07, J02
| |--A. (C.) herczigi Platia & Schimmel 2007PS07
| |--A. (C.) hypnicola (Kishii 1964)PS07
| `--A. (C.) shirakii (Matsumura 1910)PS07
|--A. (Compsolacon Reitter 1905)PS07, C96
| |--*Compsolacon’ crenicollis [=Elater crenicollis]C96
| `--A. (C.) baibaranus Hayek 1973 [=Neolacon formosanus Miwa 1929 non Lacon formosanus Bates 1866]PS07
|--A. (Paralacon) argillaceusPS07
| |--A. a. argillaceusPS07
| `--A. a. shirozui (Ohira 1966) [=Adelocera (Sabikikorius) shirozui]PS07
|--A. (Sabikikorius) setiger (Bates 1866) [=Lacon setiger]PS07
`--A. (Sagoiyo)PS07
|--A. (S.) kawamurae (Miwa 1929) [=Lacon kawamurae]PS07
`--A. (S.) taiwanus (Miwa 1927) [=Lacon taiwanus]PS07

Agrypnus Eschscholtz 1829PS07 [incl. Homeolacon Blackburn 1890C96, Myrmodes Candèze 1857C96, Pseudolacon Blackburn 1890C96]

Agrypnus apiatus Hayek 1979 [incl. Lacon maculosus Macleay 1888 non Candèze 1874, L. variatus Schenkling 1925 non Candèze 1890, L. variegatus Schwarz 1907 non Motschulsky 1854]C96

Agrypnus caliginosus (Boisduval 1835) [=Adelocera caliginosa, Elater caliginosus; incl. Ad. grisea Guérin-Méneville 1830 (n. o.)]C96

Agrypnus guttatus (Candèze 1857) [=Lacon guttatus; incl. L. maculatus Macleay 1872, Agrypnus maculosus (l. c.)]C96

*Type species of generic name indicated


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