Gyroidina orbicularis, from here.

Belongs within: Rotaliida.

Gyroidina is a genus of trochoid Foraminifera known from the Lower Cretaceous to the present (Cushman 1940).

<==Alabaminidae [Oridorsalidae]LT64b
    |--Valvalabamina Reiss 1963HW93
    |--Oridorsalis Andersen 1961PHT13, LT64b
    |    |--O. westi Andersen 1961LT64b
    |    `--O. umbonatus (Reuss 1851)LT64b, H03 [=Rotalina umbonataH03, Eponides umbonatusLT64b, Pseudoeponides umbonatusLT64b]
    |--Rotaliatina Cushman 1925LT64b
    |    |--*R. mexicana Cushman 1925LT64b
    |    `--R. sulcigeraB49
    |--Alabamina Toulmin 1941 [incl. Eponidoides Brotzen 1942]LT64b
    |    |--*A. wilcoxensis Toulmin 1941LT64b
    |    |--A. dorsoplanata (Brotzen 1940)M08, LT64b [=Eponides dorsoplanaLT64b, *Eponidoides dorsoplanaLT64b]
    |    `--A. tenuimarginataQ72
    `--Gyroidina d’Orbigny 1826LT64b, C40
         |--*G. orbicularis d’Orbigny 1826C40
         |--G. altiformis Stewart & Stewart 1930 [=G. soldanii var. altiformis]H03
         |--G. broeckianaJW99
         |--G. depressaC40
         |--G. girardanaC40
         |--G. komatsui Aoki 1964 [incl. Gyrodinoides shinjiensis Nomura 1986]H03
         |--G. neosoldaniiH90
         |--G. nitidaJW99
         |--G. profunda Aoki 1964H03
         `--G. soldaniiLT64a

*Type species of generic name indicated


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