Common kingfisher Alcedo atthis, copyright Andreas Trepte.

Belongs within: Alcedinidae.

Alcedo is an Old World genus of specialist fish-hunting kingfishers with blue upperparts.

<==Alcedo Linnaeus 1758M02
    |  i. s.: A. caeruleocephalaD66
    |         A. dea Linnaeus 1758L58
    |         A. erithaca Linnaeus 1758L58
    |         A. ispida Linnaeus 1758L58 [=A. atthis ispidaB94]
    |         A. rudis Linnaeus 1758L58
    |         A. todus Linnaeus 1758L58
    |         A. torquataB41
    |--A. euryzonaJT12
    `--+--+--A. herculesJT12
       |  `--A. menintingJT12
       |       |--A. m. menintingA73
       |       |--A. m. coltartiA73
       |       |--A. m. phillipsiA73
       |       `--A. m. rufigasterA73
       `--+--+--A. atthis (Linnaeus 1758)JT12, M02 [=Gracula atthisM02]
          |  |    |--A. a. atthisA73
          |  |    |--A. a. bengalensis Gmel. 1788A73, M01
          |  |    |--A. a. pallasiiA73
          |  |    `--A. a. taprobanaA73
          |  `--A. coerulescensJT12
          `--+--A. quadribrachysJT12
             `--A. semitorquataJT12

*Type species of generic name indicated


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