Arabic volute Alcithoe arabica, copyright Javier.

Belongs within: Volutoidea.

Alcithoe is an Australasian genus of volutes bearing an elongate, fusiform shell with a thickened, reflexed outer lip and strong plaits on the columella.

<==Alcithoe Adams & Adams 1853 [Alcithoides, Alcithoinae, Alcithoini] DK08
|  i. s.: A. aillaudorum Bouchet & Poppe 1988 BC01
|         A. ‘corrugata’ (Hutton 1873) (n. d.) [=Voluta (Lyria) corrugata non Binkhorst 1861] F27b
|         ‘Waihaoia’ firma Marwick 1926 F27a
|         A. flemingi Dell 1978 LB89
|         A. gatesi Marwick 1926 [=Fulguraria morgani Marshall & Murdoch 1920 non Cossmann & Pissaro 1905] F27b
|         A. reflexa M49
|         A. solida F27b
|         ‘Waihaoia’ thomsoni A27
|–A. (Alcithoe) P61
|    |–*A. (A.) pacifica (Perry 1810) [=Voluta pacifica] BR17
|    |–A. (A.) arabica (Gmelin 1791) P61
|    |–A. (A.) calva Powell 1928 P61
|    |–A. (A.) depressa (Suter 1908) P61
|    |–A. (A.) jaculoides Powell 1924 P61
|    |–A. (A.) johnstoni Powell 1928 P61
|    |–A. (A.) larochei Marwick 1926 P61
|    |–A. (A.) ostenfeldi Iredale 1937 P61
|    `–A. (A.) swainsoni Marwick 1926 P61 (see below for synonymy)
|         |–A. s. swainsoni P61
|         `–A. s. motutaraensis Powell 1928 P61
|–A. (Leporemax Iredale 1937) [incl. Carolluta] P61
|    |–A. (*L.) gracilis P61 [=Voluta pacifica var. gracilis P61, P79]
|    |–A. (L.) chathamensis Dell 1956 P61
|    |–A. (L.) fusus (Quoy & Gaimard 1833) P61
|    |    |–A. f. fusus P61
|    |    `–A. f. haurakiensis Dell 1956 P61
|    `–A. (L.) hedleyi (Murdoch & Suter 1906) P61
|–‘Waihaoia’ (Pachymelon Marwick 1926) F27a
|    `–W. (*P.) amoriaformis Marwick 1926 F27a
|–A. (Palomelon Finlay 1927) P61
|    |–A. (*P.) lutea (Watson 1882) LB89, P61 (see below for synonymy)
|    |–‘Pachymelon’ (P.) smithi Powell 1950 P61
|    `–A. (P.) wilsonae (Powell 1933) LB89, P61 [=Pachymelon (P.) wilsonae P61]
`–A. (Waihaoia Marwick 1926) DK08
|–*Waihaoia’ (Waihaoia) allani Marwick 1926 F27a
`–A. (W.) pagodoides (Tate 1888) [=Voluta pagodoides] DK08

Alcithoe (Alcithoe) swainsoni Marwick 1926 P61 [=Voluta pacifica var. elongata Swainson 1821 non Lightfoot 1786 H86, F27b]

Alcithoe (*Palomelon) lutea (Watson 1882) LB89, P61 [=Cymbiola lutea P61, Waihaoia (Pachymelon) lutea F27a, W. (Palomelon) lutea F27a]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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