Melaps sp., from Matthews & Bouchard (2008).

Belongs within: Tenebrionidae.
Contains: Gonoderina, Aethyssius, Tanychilus, Euomma, Metistete, Homotrysis.

The Alleculinae are a group of tenebrionid beetles that typically bear pectinate claws.

Characters (from Matthews & Bouchard 2008): L.abrum strongly transverse, medial tormal arms of epipharynx transverse, their mesal extremities curved posterad only, epitorma present, setal pattern symmetrical. Antennae with numerous stellate compound sensoria. Maxilla without lacinial uncus. Molar surface with fine striations. Corpotentorium present, slightly arched. Procoxal cavities internally closed. Elytral striae nine plus scutellary striole. Wings with venation unmodified, with small apical membrane, without medial fleck. Claws pectinate or serrate with rare exceptions. Metendosternite without laminae. Defensive reservoirs with narrow bases usually sheathed rigidly, probably not eversible. Ovipositor with gonostyles lateral. Female tract with secondary bursa, without spermatheca. Aedeagal alae articulated with both apical piece and median lobe by way of membrane or ligament. Sexual dimorphism, when present, involving antennae, legs and abdominal apex.

<==Alleculinae [Alleculidae, Cistelidae, Gonaderidae]
    |  i. s.: Jurallecula grossaP02
    |         CteniopusC01
    |           |--C. apicipalpis (Fairmaire 1889) [=Cistela (Cteniopus) apicipalpis]F89
    |           `--C. flavus [incl. C. flavus var. palpalis]C01
    |         HymenaliaP92
    |         MycetocharoidesP92
    |--OmophlusRD77 [OmophliniAT02]
    |    |--O. erythrogaster Lucas 1846E12
    |    |--O. lepturoidesRD77
    |    `--O. maroccanus Lucas 1847E12
         |    |--Mycetochara Berthold 1827 (see below for synonymy)AT02
         |    |    |--M. axillarisC01
         |    |    `--M. flavipesC01
         |    `--Hymenochara Campbell 1978AT02
         |         |--H. arizonensis Campbell 1978AT02
         |         `--H. rufipes (LeConte 1824)AT02
         |--Xystropodina [Lystronychina]B14
         |    |--ProstenusB14
         |    |--Lystronychus Latreille 1829B14, AT02 [=LystronichusAT02]
         |    |--XystropusB14
         |    |--Anamphidora Casey 1924AT02
         |    |    `--A. campbelli Marshall 1967AT02
         |    `--ErxiasB14
         |         |--E. bicolor Champrion 1888B14
         |         `--E. violaceipennisB14
              |--Allecula papuensis Macleay 1886M86
              |--Otys Champion 1895MB08
              |    `--*O. armatus Champion 1895MB08
              |--Barycistela Blackburn 1891MB08
              |    `--*B. robusta Blackburn 1891MB08
              |--Neocistela Borchmann 1909 [=Pseudocistela Blackburn 1891 non Crotch 1873]MB08
              |    `--*N. ovalis (Blackburn 1891) [=*Pseudocistela ovalis]MB08
              |--Hemicistela Blackburn 1891MB08
              |    `--*H. discoidalis Blackburn 1891MB08
              |--Jophon Champion 1895 [=Iophon Champion 1895]MB08
              |    `--*J. myrmecophilus Champion 1895MB08
              |--Alethia Champion 1888AT02
              |    `--A. liebeckiAT02
              |--Knausia Fall 1931AT02
              |    `--K. crassicornis Fall 1931AT02
              |--Menoeceus Champion 1888AT02
              |    `--M. texanus Champion 1888AT02
              |--Phedius Champion 1888AT02
              |    `--P. funereus Schaeffer 1905AT02
              |--Stenochidus LeConte 1862AT02
              |    `--S. gracilisAT02
              |--Nypsius Champion 1895MB08
              |    |--*N. foveatus Champion 1895MB08
              |    `--N. aeneopiceus Champion 1895MB08
              |--Hymenorus Mulsant 1852 [=Hymenophorus Mulsant 1851]AT02
              |    |--H. chiapasensis Campbell 1963P92
              |    `--H. tibialisP92
              |--Telesicles Champion 1888AT02
              |    |--T. cordatus Champion 1888AT02
              |    `--T. magnus Hatch 1965AT02
              |--Taxes Champion 1895MB08
              |    |--*T. depressus Champion 1895MB08
              |    |--T. alphitobioides Champion 1895MB08
              |    `--T. subfasciatus (Carter 1920) [=Nocar subfasciatus]MB08
              |--Notocistela Carter 1915MB08
              |    |--*N. tibialis Carter 1915MB08
              |    |--N. dispar Carter 1922MB08
              |    `--N. pustulatus Carter 1915MB08
              |--Lobopoda Solier 1835AT02, FS90
              |    |--L. jalapensisFS90
              |    |--L. punctulataAT02
              |    `--L. tarsalis Chv. in Fleutiaux & Sallé 1890FS90
              |--Scaletomerus Blackburn 1891MB08
              |    |--S. politus (Macleay 1872) [=Cistela polita; incl. *S. harpaloides Blackburn 1891]MB08
              |    |--S. bicolor Carter 1915MB08
              |    |--S. pallens (Champion 1895) [=Otys pallens]MB08
              |    `--S. proximus Blackburn 1891 [incl. Otys harpalinus Champion 1895]MB08
              |--Atoichus Carter 1915MB08
              |    |--*A. bicolor (Blackburn 1893) [=Licymnius bicolor]MB08
              |    |--A. crassicornis Carter 1915MB08
              |    |--A. dimidiatus Carter 1924MB08
              |    `--A. flavipes Carter 1924MB08
              |--Pemanoa Buck 1955MB08
              |    |--*P. mixta Buck 1955MB08
              |    |--P. flava (Carter 1915) [=Atoichus flavus]MB08
              |    |--P. smithi Buck 1955MB08
              |    `--P. tasmanica (Carter 1915) [=Atoichus tasmanicus]MB08
              |--Simarus Borchmann 1909 [=Ismarus Haag-Rutenberg 1878 (preoc.)]MB08
              |    |--*S. godeffroyi (Haag-Rutenberg 1878) [=*Ismarus godeffroyi]MB08
              |    |--S. carinatus (Haag-Rutenberg 1879) [=Ismarus carinatus]MB08
              |    |--S. elongatus Carter 1915MB08
              |    `--S. rubicunda (Carter 1920) [=Metistete rubicunda]MB08
              |--Dimorphochilus Borchmann 1908MB08
              |    |--*D. apicalis Borchmann 1908 [incl. D. diversicollis Borchmann 1908]MB08
              |    |--D. caudatus (Carter 1932) [=Hybrenia caudata]MB08
              |    |--D. luctuosus (Champion 1895) [=Allecula luctuosa]MB08
              |    `--D. pascoei (Macleay 1872) [=Metistete pascoei]MB08
              |--Ommatophorus Macleay 1872MB08
              |    |--*O. mastersi Macleay 1872MB08
              |    |--O. atripes Carter 1915 [incl. O. bicolor Carter 1926]MB08
              |    |--O. rufocoeruleus (Carter 1920) [=Homotrysis rufocoeruleus]MB08
              |    `--O. rugulosus (Boisduval 1835) [=Allecula rugulosa]MB08
              |--Nocar Blackburn 1891MB08
              |    |--*N. australica (Blackburn 1888) [=Cistela australica]MB08
              |    |--N. convexus (Macleay 1872) [=Cistela convexa]MB08
              |    |--N. depressiusculus (Macleay 1872) (see below for synonymy)MB08
              |    |--N. funereus Carter 1934MB08
              |    |--N. rufobrunneus Borchmann 1933MB08
              |    |--N. rugosus Carter 1915MB08
              |    |--N. securigerus (Macleay 1826) [=Cistela securigera]MB08
              |    |--N. simplex Blackburn 1891MB08
              |    `--N. suttoni Carter 1936MB08
              `--Melaps Carter 1908 [incl. Oocistela Borchmann 1908]MB08
                   |--*M. cisteloides Carter 1908MB08
                   |--M. convexus (Borchmann 1908) [=*Oocistela convexa]MB08
                   |--M. dentipes Carter 1920MB08
                   |--M. glaber Carter 1920MB08
                   |--M. pilosus Carter 1915MB08
                   |--M. punctatus Carter 1915MB08
                   |--M. striatus Carter 1935MB08
                   |--M. tibialis Carter 1920MB08
                   `--M. victoriae Carter 1915MB08

Mycetochara Berthold 1827 [=Myacetochares Latreille 1829, Mycetocharis Gyllenhal 1827, Mycetocharus Stephens 1829; incl. Ernocharis Thomson 1859, Mycetophila Gyllenhal 1810 non Meigen 1803, Pterna Seidlitz 1896, Stigmatoma LeConte 1862]AT02

Nocar depressiusculus (Macleay 1872) [=Cistela depressiuscula; incl. N. debilis Blackburn 1891, N. latus Blackburn 1891, Cistela ovata Macleay 1872]MB08

*Type species of generic name indicated


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