Alpheus inopinatus, from Anker et al. (2020).

Belongs within: Alpheoidea.

Alpheus is a genus of snapping shrimps bearing small epipods at the base of the first four pereopods.

<==Alpheus Fabricius 1798D84
    |--A. acutofemoratus Dana 1852TSH09
    |--A. alcyone de Man 1902MG-H11
    |--A. amethystea Risso 1826R26
    |--A. armillatusM85
    |--A. avarusL02
    |--A. bicostatus de Man 1908J90
    |--A. bouvieri Milne-Edwards 1878TSH09
    |--A. bucephalus Coutière 1905TSH09
    |--A. chiragricus Milne Edwards 1837J90
    |--A. collumianus Stimpson 1860TSH09
    |--A. cougnetiR26
    |--A. cylindricus Kingsley 1878DAS03
    |--A. dentipes Guérin Ménéville 1832TSH09
    |--A. deuteropus Hilgendorf 1879TSH09
    |--A. distinguendus de Man 1909J90
    |--A. edwardsii (Audouin 1827) [=Crangon edwardsii]J90
    |--A. elongatusR26
    |--A. ensiferusR26
    |--A. facetus de Man 1908J90
    |--A. flavescensG20
    |--A. formosus Gibbes 1850M88
    |--A. frontalis Milne Edwards 1837TSH09
    |--A. glaber (Olivi 1792)KK03
    |--A. gracilis Heller 1861J90
    |--A. hailstonei Coutière 1905MG-H11
    |--A. heterochaelis Say 1818M88
    |--A. inopinatus Holthuis & Gottlieb 1958J90
    |--A. levirhincusR26
    |--A. leviusculus Dana 1852TSH09
    |--A. lobidens De Haan 1849KK03
    |--A. lottini Guérin-Méneville 1829TSH09
    |--A. macrocheles (Hailstone 1835)KK03
    |--A. margaritaceusR26
    |--A. migrans Lewinsohn & Holthuis 1978KK03
    |--A. normanni Kingsley 1878M88
    |--A. novaezealandiae Miers 1876J90
    |--A. olivieriR26
    |--A. pachychirus Stimpson 1861J90
    |--A. pacificus Dana 1852TSH09
    |--A. palyxo de Man 1909J90
    |--A. papillosus Banner & Banner 1982J90
    |--A. paralcyone Coutière 1905MG-H11
    |--A. parasocialis Banner & Banner 1982MG-H11
    |--A. parvirostris Dana 1852J90
    |--A. rapacida De Man 1908KK03
    |--A. richardsoniHS01
    |--A. ruberM01
    |--A. scriptus Risso 1826R26
    |--A. spongiarum Coutière 1897J90
    |--A. strenuus Dana 1852TSH09
    |--A. sulcatus Kingsley 1878J90
    `--A. viridari (Armstrong 1949)M88

*Type species of generic name indicated


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