Red ash Alphitonia excelsa, copyright Tony Rodd.

Belongs within: Rhamnaceae.

Alphitonia is an Australasian genus of trees with leaves hairy below and bearing blackish fruits.

Characters (from New South Wales Flora Online): Trees; buds and young stems pubescent with brownish or rusty hairs, young stems often longitudinally ribbed. Leaves alternate, 2-ranked, dark green and glabrous above, whitish and finely tomentose below, strongly pinnately veined; stipules small, not persistent. Flowers whitish, small, in terminal or axillary cymes. Hypanthium covered by disc. Sepals 5, spreading. Petals 5, enclosing the 5 stamens. Ovary immersed in disc, usually 2-locular. Fruit drupaceous, black, with a transverse ridge above the base, finally drying; seeds arillate, 2 or 3, often remaining attached to the receptacle after fruit splits.

|--A. excelsaB00
|--A. franguloidesSK93
|--A. incanaSK93
|--A. macrocarpaSK93
|--A. neocaledonicaBMM99
|--A. oblataLK14
|--A. obtusifoliaB00
|--A. petrieiB00
|--A. philippinensisSK93
|--A. ponderosaSK93
|--A. xerocarpaSK93
`--A. ziziphoidesSK93

*Type species of generic name indicated


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