Cross-section of Fasciolites boscii, from here.

Belongs within: Miliolina.

The Alveolinidae are a group of porcelaneous, often large (up to 100 mm in length) Foraminifera known from the Lower Cretaceous to the present (Loeblich & Tappan 1964).

Characters (from Loeblich & Tappan 1964): Wall porcelaneous, imperforate. Test free, usually large, coiled about elongate axis, subcylindrical, fusiform, ellipsoidal or spherical, rarely somewhat nautiloid. Proloculus followed by spiral tube (flexostyle). Juvenile volutions commonly coiled irregularly, at least in microspheric form. Chambers numerous, divided into tubular chamberlets by means of secondary partitions (septula) parallel to direction of coiling; chamberlets may occur in several layers. Apertures numerous, arranged in one or more rows, exceptionally fused into horizontal slit.

Alveolinidae (see below for synonymy)
|--Ovalveolina Reichel 1936LT64
| `--*O. ovum (d’Orbigny 1850) [=Alveolina ovum]LT64
|--Subalveolina Reichel 1936LT64
| `--*S. dordonica Reichel 1936LT64
|--Bullalveolina Reichel 1936LT64
| `--*B. bulloides (d’Orbigny in de la Sagra 1839) [=Alveolina bulloides]LT64
|--Cisalveolina Reichel 1941LT64
| `--*C. fallax Reichel 1941LT64
|--Multispirina Reichel 1947LT64
| `--*M. iranensis Reichel 1947LT64
|--Globoreticulina Rahaghi 1978B-F08
| `--G. iranicaB-F08
|--Praebullalveolina Sirel & Acar 1982B-F08
| `--P. afyonicaB-F08
|--Archaealveolina Fourcade 1980HW93
| `--A. reicheliHS02
|--Flosculinella Schubert in Richarz 1910LT64
| |--*F. bontangensis (Rutten 1913)LT64 [=Alveolinella bontangensisLT64, Flosculina bontangensisC40]
| `--F. reicheliM12
|--Alveolinella Douvillé 1906LT64
| |--*A. quoyi (d’Orbigny 1826) [=Alveolina quoii]LT64
| |--A. bosciiC40
| `--A. praequoyiM12
|--Glomalveolina Hottinger 1962B-F08
| |--*G. dachelensis (Schwager 1883) [=Alveolina dachelensis, Fasciolites (*Glomalveolina) dachelensis]LT64
| |--G. delicatissimaB-F08
| `--G. primaeva [=Fasciolites (Glomalveolina) primaeva]LT64
|--Borelis de Montfort 1808 [=Borelia Agassiz 1844]LT64
| |--*B. melonoides de Montfort 1808LT64
| |--B. haueriB-F08
| |--B. pygmaeusB-F08
| `--B. schlumbergeriPHT13
|--Praealveolina Reichel 1933LT64
| |--P. (Praealveolina)LT64
| | |--*P. (P.) tenuis Reichel 1933LT64
| | `--P. (P.) cretacea (d’Archiac 1837) [=Alveolina cretacea]LT64
| `--P. (Simplalveolina Reichel in Loeblich & Tappan 1964)LT64
| `--P. (*S.) simplex Reichel 1936LT64
`--Fasciolites Parkinson 1811LT64 (see below for synonymy)
|--*F. oblonga (d’Orbigny 1826) [=Alveolina oblonga]LT64
|--‘Alveolina’ aramaeaB-F08
|--F. boscii (Defrance in Bronn 1825) [=*Oryzaria boscii]LT64
|--‘Alveolina’ cucumiformisB-F08
|--‘Flosculina’ daunica Checchia-Rispoli 1912 [=F. (*Checchiaites) daunica]LT64
|--*Flosculina’ decipiens Schwager 1883LT64
|--‘Alveolina’ elliptica [incl. A. elliptica var. flosculina]B-F08
| |--A. e. ellipticaB-F08
| `--A. e. nuttalliB-F08
|--‘Alveolina’ elongataM12
|--‘Alveolina’ fragilisM12
|--‘Alveolina’ fusiformisM12
|--‘Flosculina’ globosaC40 [=Alveolina globosaB-F08]
|--‘Alveolina’ katicaeB-F08
|--F. levantinaLT64
|--‘Nautilus’ melo Fichtel & Moll 1798 (see below for synonymy)LT64
|--A. minervensisB-F08
|--F. pasticillatusLT64
|--*Miliolites’ sabulosus de Montfort 1808LT64
|--F. schwageriLT64
|--‘Alveolina’ subpyrenaicaB-F08
`--‘Alveolina’ violae Checchia-Rispoli 1912 [=*Eoalveolinella violae]LT64

Nomen nudum: Alveolina ovulum Stache in Schwager 1883 [=A. (Glomalveolina) ovulum]LT64

Alveolinidae [Alveolinea, Alveolinellidae, Alveolinellinae, Alveolinida, Alveolininae, Borelida, Borelidae, Borelidinae, Fasciolitidae]

Fasciolites Parkinson 1811LT64 [incl. Alveolina d’Orbigny 1826B-F08, Checchiaites Sorrentino 1935LT64, Clausulus de Montfort 1808LT64, Eoalveolinella Silvestri 1928LT64, Flosculina Stache in Schwager 1883LT64, Melonia Lamarck 1822LT64, Melonites Lamarck 1812LT64, Miliolites de Montfort 1808 non Lamarck 1804LT64, Neoalveolina Silvestri 1928LT64, Oryzaria Defrance in Bronn 1825LT64, Semiflosculina Doncieux 1905LT64]

‘Nautilus’ melo Fichtel & Moll 1798 [=*Alveolina melo, Borelis melo; incl. A. bradyi Silvestri 1927, *Neoalveolina bradyi, *Clausulus indicator de Montfort 1808, *Melonites sphaerica Lamarck 1816, *Melonia sphaerica]LT64

*Type species of generic name indicated


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