Lenormandia marginata, from Harvey (1847–1849).

Belongs within: Rhodomelaceae.

The Amansieae are red algae with an erect, usually multi-branched thallus bearing linear branches (Womersley 2003).

Characters (from Womersley 2003): Thallus erect, usually much branched, branches compressed to flat or foliose, usually with conspicuous midrib and lateral wings, margins entire or dentate, blades ecorticate or corticate. Apices dorsiventral and bilateral, straight or often revolute to varying degrees, with single apical cell, protruding or not, segmenting usually transversely to axial filament cutting off 5 or 6 pericentral cells, with or without pseudopericentral cells (cut off laterally from pericentral cells and lying in the ring of pericentral cells), lateral pericentral cells dividing to form wings of blades. Medulla 1–3 cells thick, cells in some taxa in layers or interposed to form (surface view) chevrons or rhombic areolation; cortex 1–2 cells broad, surface bare or covered with short, dense, proliferations. Branching usually endogenous from midrib or wings, or adventitious from cortex. Trichoblasts apical or arising adventitiously from cortical cells, or absent apart from much reduced and associated with reproduction. Gametophytes dioecious, usually with short, erect, fertile processes. Procarps arising on reduced trichoblasts (soon polysiphonous), carpogonial branches 4-celled; carposporophytes with basal fusion cell and branched gonimoblast with clavate terminal carposporangia; cystocarps ovoid, usually stalked; pericarp ostiolate, several cells thick. Spermatangial organs on short, polysiphonous, processes on blades, ovoid and with 1–2 sterile basal cells. Tetrasporangial stichidia on blade surface or on short processes, corticated, compressed, with paired tetrasporangia per segment, in longitudinal rows.

    |--Halopithys incurvaP01
    `--+--Amansia Lamouroux 1809P01, W03 [incl. Melanamansia Norris 1988W03]
       |    |--*A. multifida Lamouroux 1809W03
       |    |--A. glomerataH04 [=Melanamansia glomerataP01]
       |    |--A. mamillaris Lamouroux ex Agardh 1822W03 [=Melanamansia mamillarisP01]
       |    |--A. pinnatifida Harvey 1862 [=Melanamansia pinnatifida (Harvey) Norris 1988]W03
       |    |--A. rhodantha (Harvey) Agardh 1841HS14
       |    `--A. serrata (Harvey) Womersley 2003 (see below for synonymy)W03
       `--+--Epiglossum Kützing 1849P01, W03
          |    |--*E. smithiae (Hooker & Harvey) Kützing 1849 (see below for synonymy)W03
          |    `--E. proliferum (Agardh) Phillips 2002 (see below for synonymy)W03
          `--Lenormandia Sonder 1845 (nom. cons.)P01, W03
               |--*L. spectabilis Sonder 1845W03 (see below for synonymy)
               |--L. chauvinii Harvey 1852L27
               |--L. latifolia Harvey & Greville in Harvey 1847 (see below for synonymy)W03
               |--L. marginata Hooker & Harvey in Harvey 1847W03
               |--L. muelleri Sonder 1853 [incl. L. grevilleana Agardh ex Tisdall 1898 (n. n.)]W03
               `--L. pardalis Agardh 1894 [incl. L. pusilla Sonder 1880 (n. n.)]W03

Amansieae incertae sedis:
  Adamsiella chauviniiW03
  Protokuetzingia Falkenberg in Schmitz & Falkenberg 1897W03
    `--*P. australasica (Montagne) Falkenberg in Schmitz & Falkenberg 1897 (see below for synonymy)W03
  Nanopera Wilson & Kraft 2000W03
    `--*N. merrifieldiae (Agardh) Wilson & Kraft 2000 (see below for synonymy)W03
  Osmundaria Lamouroux 1813W03
    `--*O. prolifera Lamouroux 1813 (see below for synonymy)W03
  Kuetzingia Sonder 1845W03
    |--*K. canaliculata (Greville) Sonder 1845 [=Rytiphlaea canaliculata Greville 1831]W03
    `--K. angusta Harvey 1855W03
  Vidalia Lamouroux ex Agardh 1863 (nom. cons.)W03
    |--*V. spiralis (Lamouroux) Lamouroux ex Agardh 1863 (see below for synonymy)W03
    |--V. cliftonii Harvey 1863 [=Osmundaria spiralis var. cliftonii (Harvey) Norris 1991]W03
    |--V. colensoi (Hooker & Harvey) Agardh 1852L27
    |--V. intermedia Agardh 1890W03
    |--V. melvillii (Agardh) Schmitz 1895HS14
    `--V. volubilisPP64

Amansia serrata (Harvey) Womersley 2003 [=Kuetzingia serrata Harvey 1855, Melanamansia serrata (Harvey) Norris 1988, A. kuetzingioides Harvey 1858, Euspiros kuetzingioides Kuntze 1891, Rytiphlaea kuetzingioides (Harvey) Sonder 1880, Vidalia kuetzingioides (Harvey) Agardh 1863; incl. Amansia hawkeri Agardh 1892]W03

Epiglossum proliferum (Agardh) Phillips 2002 [=Amansia prolifera Agardh 1822, Dictyomenia prolifera (Agardh) Agardh 1841, Lenormandia prolifera (Agardh) Agardh 1863; incl. Rytiphlaea simplicifolia Harvey 1859]W03

*Epiglossum smithiae (Hooker & Harvey) Kützing 1849 [=Polyphacum smithiae Hooker & Harvey in Harvey 1847, Lenormandia smithiae (Hooker & Harvey) Falkenberg 1901, Osmundaria smithiae (Hooker & Harvey) Kuntze 1891]W03

Lenormandia latifolia Harvey & Greville in Harvey 1847 [=Aneuria latifolia (Harvey & Greville) de Toni 1924, Lenormandia spectabilis var. latifolia (Harvey & Greville) Harvey 1863, Lenormandiopsis latifolia (Harvey & Greville) Papenfuss 1967]W03

*Lenormandia spectabilis Sonder 1845W03 [incl. L. spectabilis var. angustifolia Harvey 1863W03, L. angustifolia (Harvey) Agardh 1877L27, L. spectabilis var. enervis Harvey 1863W03]

*Nanopera merrifieldiae (Agardh) Wilson & Kraft 2000 [=Rytiphlaea merrifieldii Agardh 1885; incl. Enantioclada axillaris Falkenberg 1901]W03

*Osmundaria prolifera Lamouroux 1813 [=Polyphacum proliferum (Lamouroux) Agardh 1820; incl. Vidalia gregaria Falkenberg 1901, Polyphacum intermedium Agardh 1892, Osmundaria intermedia (Agardh) de Toni 1903]W03

*Protokuetzingia australasica (Montagne) Falkenberg in Schmitz & Falkenberg 1897 [=Rhodomela australasica Montagne 1840, Halopithys australasica (Montagne) Kützing 1849, Lophura australasica (Montagne) Kützing 1849, Rytiphlaea australasica (Montagne) Harvey 1847, Ry. australis (Montagne) Endlicher 1843]W03

*Vidalia spiralis (Lamouroux) Lamouroux ex Agardh 1863 [=Delesseria spiralis Lamouroux 1813, Dictyomenia spiralis (Lamouroux) Sonder 1848, Epineuron spirale (Lamouroux) Harvey 1847, Euspiros spiralis (Lamouroux) Kuntze 1891, Osmundaria spiralis (Lamouroux) Norris 1991, Rhodomela tridens var. spiralis (Lamouroux) Agardh 1822; incl. Epineuron backhousii Harvey in Hooker & Harvey 1845, R. serrulata Agardh 1824]W03

*Type species of generic name indicated


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