Rainbow darkling beetle Chalcopteroides columbinus, copyright Trevor Preston.

Belongs within: Tenebrionidae.

The Amarygmini are a primarily tropical group of darkling beetles bearing complex antennal sensoria. Many are brilliantly metallic in coloration (Matthews & Bouchard 2008).

Characters (from Matthews & Bouchard 2008): Ovoid, convex, usually glabrous, usually with metallic reflections. Total length 3–22 mm. Edge of clypeus feebly produced or nearly straight in middle. Eyes reniform. Labrum transverse, basal membrane exposed for its full width, medial tormal arms of epipharynx transverse, bent mesally into posterior extensions only, epitorma present, setal pattern symmetrical. Antennae reaching beyond base of prothorax, filiform, only slightly widening distally, with numerous compound sensoria on distal segments. Corpotentorium present, feebly arched. Mandibles apically bidentate or truncate, molar surface finely striate. Lacinia without uncus, palpi with apical segments strongly securiform. Pronotum widest basally, evenly convex. Prosternum very short before coxae, allowing head to be held vertically against thorax. Procoxal cavities internally closed. Mesocoxal cavities partly closed by mesepimera. Metendosternite without laminae. Elytra with nine striae and scutellary striole, epipleura complete to apex. Wings usually present, with venation unmodified, with small apical membrane, without medial fleck, with diffuse apical flecks. Legs slender, not fossorial, tarsomeres subparallel, plantar surfaces with dense bristles. Abdomen with defensive gland reservoirs large, with fairly broad bases but without common volume, their walls finely transversely pleated, usually with short lateral reinforcing prongs, gland fields basal. Ovipositor elongate with paraprocts usually much longer than coxites, coxite lobes distinct, elongated, gonostyles lateral but located very near apices of coxites, sometimes coxite lobes weakly sclerotised and gonostyles absent, coxite baculi strongly oblique, paraproct baculi longitudinal and very long, their proximal ends contained within membranous pockets. Female tract without primary bursa, with fine, tightly coiled spermatheca attached to base of very long and slender, usually branched accessory gland, vagina usually with two or more long keeled sclerites. Aedeagus with basal piece much longer than apical, former strongly curved basally.

<==Amarygmini [Amarygminae]
|--Axynaon Blackburn 1897 [incl. Catopherus Carter 1918]MB08
| `--*A. championi Blackburn 1897 [incl. *Catopherus corpulentus Carter 1918]MB08
|--Trichamarygmus Carter 1913MB08
| `--*T. pilosus Carter 1913MB08
|--Cymatothes Dejean 1834 [incl. Pyanisia Laporte de Castelnau 1840]AT02
| `--‘Pyanisia’ undata Fab. 1792 [incl. P. melanura]FS90
|--Meracantha Kirby 1837 [incl. Falacer Laporte de Castelnau 1840, Physocoelus Dejean 1834]AT02
| `--M. contracta (Beauvois 1805)AT02
|--Amarygmus Dalman 1823MB08
| |--*A. micans (Fabricius 1794) [=Chrysomela micans]MB08
| |--A. aborigine Carter 1913MB08
| |--A. aeger Blackburn 1893MB08
| |--A. amethystinus [=Cnodulon amethystinum]B35
| |--A. amplipes Carter 1932MB08
| |--A. anthracinus (Hope 1843) [=Cnodulon anthracinum; incl. A. ellipsoides Pascoe 1869]MB08
| |--A. bicolor (Fabricius 1775)MB08 (see below for synonymy)
| |--A. carbo Carter 1913MB08
| |--A. convexiusculus Macleay 1872MB08
| |--A. convexus Pascoe 1866MB08
| |--A. corpulentus Carter 1913MB08
| |--A. cupido Pascoe 1869 [incl. A. suavis Blackburn 1893]MB08
| |--A. cuprarius (Weber 1801) [=Helops cuprarius; incl. A. frenchi Blackburn 1893]MB08
| |--A. cyanipennis Hope 1842Mas86
| |--A. cupricollis Hope 1842Mas86
| |--A. diaperioides Blackburn 1889 (see below for synonymy)MB08
| |--A. erubescens Carter 1914MB08
| |--A. exilis Pascoe 1869MB08
| |--A. femoratus Carter 1913MB08
| |--A. foveolatus Macleay 1872MB08
| |--A. funebris Arrow 1900JG19
| |--A. gemmatus Carter 1913MB08
| |--A. grandis Macleay 1872Mas86
| |--A. hackeri Carter 1913MB08
| |--A. incultus Carter 1919MB08
| |--A. kershawi Carter 1913MB08
| |--A. kurandae Carter 1913MB08
| |--A. lilliputanus Blackburn 1893MB08
| |--A. longipennis Hope 1842Mas86
| |--A. maculicollis Carter 1914MB08
| |--A. maurulus Pascoe 1870MB08
| |--A. metalliceps Carter 1921MB08
| |--A. minimus Carter 1914MB08
| |--A. minutus Pascoe 1869 [incl. A. rutilipes Blackburn 1893]MB08
| |--A. mjobergi (Kulzer 1954) [=Platolenes mjobergi]MB08
| |--A. morio (Fabricius 1775)MB08 (see below for synonymy)
| |--A. mutabilisB35
| |--A. obsoletus Macleay 1872Mas86
| |--A. obtusus Pascoe 1869MB08
| |--A. oculeus Macleay 1886Mac86
| |--A. opacicollis Macleay 1872Mas86
| |--A. pascoei Gebien 1911 [=Eurypera cuprea Pascoe 1870 non A. cupreus Guérin-Méneville 1830]MB08
| |--A. pectoralis Blackburn 1893MB08
| |--A. perroudi (Pic 1954) [=Elixota perroudi]MB08
| |--A. picicornis (Hope 1843) [=Cnodulon picicorne; incl. A. indigaceus Pascoe 1869]MB08
| |--A. picipes Macleay 1872Mas86
| |--A. porosus Blackburn 1893 [incl. A. regius Carter 1914]MB08
| |--A. puncticeps Macleay 1886Mac86
| |--A. puncticollis Hope 1842Mas86
| |--A. punctipennis Macleay 1872Mas86
| |--A. pusillus Pascoe 1869MB08
| |--A. puteolatus Carter 1926MB08
| |--A. resplendens Boisduval 1835 (n. d.)MB08
| |--A. rimosus Blackburn 1893MB08
| |--A. rufescens Carter 1913MB08
| |--A. ruficornis Blackburn 1893MB08
| |--A. rufipes Macleay 1872Mas86
| |--A. rugaticollis Blackburn 1893MB08
| |--A. rugosicollis Macleay 1872Mas86
| |--A. rugosipennis Macleay 1872Mas86
| |--A. semissis Pascoe 1869MB08
| |--A. similis Kulzer 1954MB08
| |--A. smaragdulus [=Cnodulon smaragdulum]B35
| |--A. sphaeroides Carter 1913MB08
| |--A. stolidus Blackburn 1893 [incl. A. lindensis Blackburn 1893]MB08
| |--A. striatus Macleay 1872MB08
| |--A. sulcatus Carter 1918MB08
| |--A. tarsalis Pascoe 1866MB08
| |--A. termitophilus Lea 1910MB08
| |--A. tibialis Carter 1913MB08
| |--A. tristisMas86
| |--A. tropicus Carter 1913MB08
| |--A. tyrrhenus Pascoe 1870MB08
| |--A. variolaris Pascoe 1870MB08
| `--A. watti Bremer 2005MB08
`--Chalcopteroides Strand 1935 [=Chalcopterus Blessig 1861 (preoc.)]MB08
|--*C. iridicolor (Blessig 1861) [=*Chalcopterus iridicolor]MB08
|--C. acutangulus (Blackburn 1899) [=Chalcopterus acutangulus]MB08
|--C. amethystinus (Fabricius 1775) [=Erotylus amethystinus]MB08
|--C. angusticollis (Carter 1913) [=Chalcopterus angusticollis]MB08
|--C. bellus (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus bellus]MB08
|--C. bovilli (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus bovilli]MB08
|--C. brevipes (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus brevipes]MB08
|--C. caesar (Carter 1913) [=Chalcopterus caesar]MB08
|--C. carinaticeps (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus carinaticeps]MB08
|--C. carus (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus carus]MB08
|--C. catenulatus (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus catenulatus]MB08
|--C. colossus (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus colossus; incl. Chalcopterus laticollis Blackburn 1893]MB08
|--C. columbinus (Boisduval 1835) (see below for synonymy)MB08
|--C. costatus (Blackburn 1899) [=Chalcopterus costatus]MB08
|--C. cribratus (Blackburn 1901) [=Chalcopterus cribratus]MB08
|--C. croesus (Blackburn 1899) [=Chalcopterus croesus]MB08
|--C. cupreus (Fabricius 1775) (see below for synonymy)MB08
|--C. cupripennis (Hope 1843)MB08 (see below for synonymy)
|--C. cyaneus (Carter 1913) [=Chalcopterus cyaneus]MB08
|--C. cyaniventris (Carter 1913) (see below for synonymy)MB08
|--C. cyanopterus (Hope 1831) (see below for synonymy)MB08
|--C. cylindricus (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus cylindricus]MB08
|--C. difficilis (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus difficilis]MB08
|--C. doddi (Carter 1913) [=Chalcopterus doddi]MB08
|--C. elongatus (Carter 1913) [=Chalcopterus elongatus]MB08
|--C. eremita (Blackburn 1892) [=Chalcopterus eremita; incl. Chalcopterus puer Blackburn 1899]MB08
|--C. eyrensis (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus eyrensis]MB08
|--C. exoletus (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus exoletus]MB08
|--C. fastuosus (Germar 1848) (see below for synonymy)MB08
|--C. fervens (Germar 1848) [=Amarygmus fervens]MB08
|--C. gilesi (Carter 1913) [=Chalcopterus gilesi]MB08
|--C. gracilicornis (Blackburn 1899) [=Chalcopterus gracilicornis]MB08
|--C. gracilior (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus gracilior]MB08
|--C. grandis (Macleay 1872) [=Chalcopterus grandis]MB08
|--C. imperialis (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus imperialis]MB08
|--C. inconspicuus (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus inconspicuus]MB08
|--C. interioris (Blackburn 1890) [=Chalcopterus interioris; incl. Chalcopterus blackburni Gebien 1908]MB08
|--C. intermedius (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus intermedius; incl. Chalcopterus arthuri Blackburn 1902]MB08
|--C. interrogationis (Gebien 1908) [=Chalcopterus interrogationis]MB08
|--C. iridescens (Carter 1913) [=Chalcopterus iridescens]MB08
|--C. iridiventris (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus iridiventris; incl. Chalcopterus meyricki Blackburn 1892]MB08
|--C. iris (Blackburn 1899) [=Chalcopterus iris]MB08
|--C. juvenis (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus juvenis]MB08
|--C. kochi (Blackburn 1900) [=Chalcopterus kochi]MB08
|--C. laetus (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus laetus]MB08
|--C. latifrons (Carter 1913) [=Chalcopterus latifrons]MB08
|--C. leai (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus leai]MB08
|--C. lepidus (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus lepidus]MB08
|--C. longipennis (Hope 1843) [=Cnodulon longipenne; incl. Chalcopterus similis Blackburn 1893]MB08
|--C. longiusculus (Blackburn 1889) [=Chalcopterus longiusculus]MB08
|--C. longulus (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus longulus]MB08
|--C. lucidus (Carter 1924) [=Chalcopterus lucidus]MB08
|--C. lypealis (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus lypealis]MB08
|--C. macer (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus macer]MB08
|--C. major (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus major]MB08
|--C. mastersi (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus mastersi]MB08
|--C. maximus (Carter 1913) [=Chalcopterus maximus]MB08
|--C. mercurius (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus mercurius]MB08
|--C. micans (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus micans]MB08
|--C. michaelseni (Gebien 1908) [=Chalcopterus michaelseni]MB08
|--C. mimus (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus mimus]MB08
|--C. minor (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus minor; incl. Chalcopterus hartmeyeri Gebien 1908]MB08
|--C. modestus (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus modestus]MB08
|--C. mundus (Blackburn 1899) [=Chalcopterus mundus]MB08
|--C. murrayensis (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus murrayensis]MB08
|--C. neglectus (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus neglectus]MB08
|--C. nigritarsis (Pascoe 1866) [=Amarygmus nigritarsis; incl. Chalcopterus rufipes Macleay 1872]MB08
|--C. nitidus (Carter 1930) [=Chalcopterus nitidus]MB08
|--C. nobilis (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus nobilis]MB08
|--C. oblongus (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus oblongus]MB08
|--C. obscurus (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus obscurus]MB08
|--C. ocularis (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus ocularis]MB08
|--C. opacicollis (Macleay 1872) [=Chalcopterus opacicollis; incl. Chalcopterus hunterensis Blackburn 1893]MB08
|--C. palmerensis (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus palmerensis]MB08
|--C. palmerstoni (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus palmerstoni]MB08
|--C. parallelocollis (Gebien 1908) [=Chalcopterus parallelocollis]MB08
|--C. perlongus (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus perlongus]MB08
|--C. picipes (Macleay 1872) [=Chalcopterus picipes; incl. Chalcopterus jucundus Blackburn 1899]MB08
|--C. placidus (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus placidus]MB08
|--C. plutus (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus plutus]MB08
|--C. polychromus (Pascoe 1869) [=Amarygmus polychromus]MB08
|--C. praetermissus (Carter 1924) [=Chalcopterus praetermissus]MB08
|--C. prismaticus (Carter 1913) [=Chalcopterus prismaticus]MB08
|--C. proditor (Blackburn 1899) [=Chalcopterus proditor]MB08
|--C. prospiciens (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus prospiciens; incl. Chalcopterus boops Blackburn 1899]MB08
|--C. proximus (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus proximus]MB08
|--C. pulcher (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus pulcher]MB08
|--C. puncticollis (Hope 1843) [=Cnodulon puncticolle; incl. Amarygmus rugosus Germar 1848]MB08
|--C. punctipennis (Macleay 1872) [=Chalcopterus punctipennis]MB08
|--C. punctulatus (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus punctulatus]MB08
|--C. purpureus (Germar 1848) [=Amarygmus purpureus]MB08
|--C. rugosicollis (Macleay 1872) [=Chalcopterus rugosicollis]MB08
|--C. rugosipennis (Macleay 1872) [=Chalcopterus rugosipennis]MB08
|--C. scutellaris (Carter 1921) [=Chalcopterus scutellaris]MB08
|--C. segnis (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus segnis]MB08
|--C. semiseriatus (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus semiseriatus]MB08
|--C. sericatus (Carter 1913) [=Chalcopterus sericatus]MB08
|--C. setosus (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus setosus; incl. Chalcopterus cupriventris Carter 1913]MB08
|--C. setuliger (Gebien 1920) [=Chalcopterus setuliger]MB08
|--C. smaragdulus (Fabricius 1775) (see below for synonymy)MB08
|--C. sparsus (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus sparsus]MB08
|--C. spectabilis (Laporte & Brullé 1831)MB08 (see below for synonymy)
|--C. sulcipennis (Hope 1843) [=Cnodulon sulcipenne; incl. Amarygmus suturalis Pascoe 1869]MB08
|--C. superbus (Blackburn 1890) [=Chalcopterus superbus]MB08
|--C. tenuicornis (Gebien 1908) [=Chalcopterus tenuicornis]MB08
|--C. tinctus (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus tinctus]MB08
|--C. torpedo (Carter 1921) [=Chalcopterus torpedo]MB08
|--C. tristis (Fabricius 1798) [=Erotylus tristis]MB08
|--C. velutinus (Macleay 1826) [=Amarygmus velutinus]MB08
|--C. versicolor (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus versicolor]MB08
|--C. viridicollis (Macleay 1826) [=Amarygmus viridicollis; incl. Chalcopterus bicolor Gebien 1908]MB08
|--C. vividus (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus vividus]MB08
|--C. yorkensis (Blackburn 1893) [=Chalcopterus yorkensis]MB08
`--C. zonatus (Blackburn 1899) [=Chalcopterus zonatus]MB08

Amarygmus bicolor (Fabricius 1775)MB08 [=Erotylus bicolorMB08, Cnodulon bicolorB35; incl. Amarygmus tardus Blackburn 1890MB08, A. torridus Pascoe 1869MB08]

Amarygmus diaperioides Blackburn 1889 [incl. A. perplexus Blackburn 1893, A. pinguis Blackburn 1893, A. queenslandicus Blackburn 1893]MB08

Amarygmus morio (Fabricius 1775)MB08 [=Erotylus morioMB08; incl. Helops aeneus Olivier 1795MB08, Amarygmus alienus Blackburn 1893 (preoc.)MB08, A. cupreus Guérin-Méneville 1830MB08, A. curvipes Gebien 1911MB08, A. foveoseriatus Fairmaire 1877MB08, A. foveostriatus Fairmaire 1883MB08, A. inornatus Macleay 1886MB08, A. nigrocoeruleus Gebien 1920MB08, Dietysus picipes Fairmaire 1893 non A. picipes Macleay 1872MB08, A. tasmanicus Blackburn 1893MB08, A. uniformis Blackburn 1890MB08, A. venereusMas86, A. viridescens Pic 1915MB08]

Chalcopteroides columbinus (Boisduval 1835) [=Amarygmus columbinus; incl. Chalcopterus confusus Carter 1914 (n. n.), Chalcopterus variabilis Blessig 1861, Amarygmus vinosus Pascoe 1869]MB08

Chalcopteroides cupreus (Fabricius 1775) [=Erotylus cupreus; incl. Chalcopterus rusticus Blackburn 1893, Cryptocephalus venereus Gmelin 1788]MB08

Chalcopteroides cupripennis (Hope 1843)MB08 [=Cnodulon cupripenneMB08, Chalcopterus cupripennisMas86; incl. Chalcopterus froggatti Blackburn 1893MB08]

Chalcopteroides cyaniventris (Carter 1913) [=Chalcopterus cyaniventris, Chalcopterus longipennis Blackburn 1893 non Cnodulon longipenne Hope 1843]MB08

Chalcopteroides cyanopterus (Hope 1831) [=Amarygmus cyanopterus; incl. A. coelestis Pascoe 1869, Cnodulon cyanipenne Hope 1843, Chalcopterus laevicollis Blessig 1861]MB08

Chalcopteroides fastuosus (Germar 1848) [=Amarygmus fastuosus; incl. Chalcopterus confluens Blackburn 1893, Chalcopterus obsoletus Macleay 1872]MB08

Chalcopteroides smaragdulus (Fabricius 1775) [=Erotylus smaragdulus; incl. Chalcopterus cairnsi Blackburn 1893, Cnodulon cupricolle Hope 1843, Amarygmus semiticus Pascoe 1869, A. triangularis Haag-Rutenberg 1878, Chalcopterus vigilans Blackburn 1893]MB08

Chalcopteroides spectabilis (Laporte & Brullé 1831)MB08 [=Ceropria spectabilisMB08; incl. Chalcopterus affinis Blessig 1861MB08, Ce. amethystinaMas86, Ce. bipunctataMas86, Ce. chalybeataMas86, Amarygmus howitti Pascoe 1869MB08, Chalcopterus simius Blackburn 1893MB08]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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