Draconarius sp., copyright G. Blagoev.

Belongs within: Amaurobioidea.
Contains: Pakeha, Amaurobius, Pireneitega, Coelotes.

The Amaurobiidae is a cosmopolitan group of ground-dwelling spiders found in damp, cryptic habitats. Members construct small funnel-shaped webs that are often provided with several concealed retreats (Jocqué & Dippenaar-Schoeman 2007). The monophyly of the family is uncertain; a group of genera closely related to the type genus Amaurobius may be defined by a striated texture to the small trichobothrial hood, and modified spigots associated with the cribellum (Wang & Zhu 2008). Members of the subfamily Coelotinae are ecribellate whereas a cribellum is present in other subfamilies (Jocqué & Dippenaar-Schoeman 2007).

Characters (from Jocqué & Dippenaar-Schoeman 2007): Small to large; eight eyes present in two rows, usually all pale in colour; legs with three tarsal claws; cribellate or ecribellate; male palp with simple sclerotised retrolateral and dorsal tibial apophyses; entelegyne.

<==Amaurobiidae [Cliniflonidae]
    |--Arctobius Lehtinen 1967WZ08 [ArctobiinaeJD-S07]
    |    |--RetiroGC99
    |    `--Macrobunus Tullgren 1901WZ08
    |         `--M. multidentatusR14
    |    |--AmaurobiusWZ08
    |    `--Callobius Chamberlin 1947GC99, WZ08
    |         |--C. bennetti (Blackwall 1846)PS08
    |         |--C. nomeus (Chamberlin 1919)PS08
    |         `--C. severusJD-S07
         |--Coras Simon 1898WJ07
         |--Platocoelotes Wang 2002WJ07
         |    |--*P. impletus (Peng & Wang 1997) [=Coelotes impletus]WJ07
         |    `--P. imperfectus Wang & Jäger 2007WJ07
         |--Iwogumoa Kishida 1955 [incl. Asiacoelotes Wang 2002]WJ07
         |    |--*I. insidiosa (Koch 1878) [=Coelotes insidiosus]WJ07
         |    |--I. taoyuandong (Bao & Yin 2004) [=Coelotes taoyuandong]WJ07
         |    `--I. xinhuiensis (Chen 1984)WJ07
         |--Himalcoelotes Wang 2002WJ07
         |    |--*H. martensi Wang 2002WJ07
         |    |--H. bursarius Wang 2002WJ07
         |    |--H. sherpa (Brignoli 1976)WJ07
         |    `--H. xizangensis (Hu 1992) [=Coelotes xizangensis]WJ07
         `--Draconarius Ovtchinnikov 1999WJ07
              |--*D. venustus Ovtchinnikov 1999WJ07
              |--D. curvabilis Wang & Jäger 2007WJ07
              |--D. flos Wang & Jäger 2007WJ07
              |--D. gyriniformis (Wang & Zhu 1991) [=Coelotes gyriniformis]WJ07
              |--D. paratrifasciatus Wang & Jäger 2007WJ07
              |--D. sichuanensis Wang & Jäger 2007WJ07
              |--D. trifasciatus (Wang & Zhu 1991)WJ07
              `--D. trinus Wang & Jäger 2007WJ07
Amaurobiidae incertae sedis:
  Paravoca Forster & Wilton 1973PVD10
    |--*P. otagoensis Forster & Wilton 1973PVD10
    `--P. opaca Forster & Wilton 1973PVD10
  Otira Forster & Wilton 1973PVD10
    |--*O. satura Forster & Wilton 1973PVD10
    |--O. canasta Forster & Wilton 1973PVD10
    |--O. indura Forster & Wilton 1973PVD10
    |--O. liana Forster & Wilton 1973PVD10
    |--O. parva Forster & Wilton 1973PVD10
    `--O. terricola Forster & Wilton 1973PVD10
  Auximella typica Strand 1908J98
  Himalmartensus Wang & Zhu 2008WZ08
    |--*H. martensi Wang & Zhu 2008WZ08
    |--H. ausobskyi Wang & Zhu 2008WZ08
    `--H. nepalensis Wang & Zhu 2008WZ08
  Rubrius Simon 1887WZ08
  Taira Lehtinen 1967WZ08
  Tamgrinia tibetana (Hu & Li 1987)WZ08
  Auhunga Forster & Wilton 1973PVD10
    `--*A. pectinata Forster & Wilton 1973PVD10
  Maloides Forster & Wilton in Platnick 1989PVD10
    `--*M. cavernicola (Forster & Wilton 1973)PVD10
  Muritaia Forster & Wilton 1973PVD10
    |--*M. suba Forster & Wilton 1973PVD10
    |--M. kaituna Forster & Wilton 1973PVD10
    |--M. longispinata Forster & Wilton 1973PVD10
    |--M. orientalis Forster & Wilton 1973PVD10
    `--M. parabusa Forster & Wilton 1973PVD10
  Poaka Forster & Wilton 1973PVD10
    `--*P. graminicola Forster & Wilton 1973PVD10
  Waitetola Forster & Wilton 1973PVD10
    `--*W. huttoni Forster & Wilton 1973PVD10
  Cliniflo Blackwell 1840PL73
    |--A. fossilis Petrunkevitch 1942S93
    `--A. succini Petrunkevitch 1942S93

*Type species of generic name indicated


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