Damon’s volute Amoria damoni, photographed by Jan Delsing.

Belongs within: Volutoidea.

Amoria is a genus of volutes found around Australia and southern Indonesia. Members of this genus have a smooth, conical protoconch, a solid, glossy, fusiform shell and an elongate aperture with four distinct columellar plicae.

<==Amoria Gray 1855BR05 (see below for synonymy)
    |--*A. turneri (Gray 1834)BR17 (see below for synonymy)
    |--A. canaliculata (McCoy 1869) [incl. A. harfordi Cox 1869]W94
    |--A. damonii Gray 1864W94
    |    |--A. d. damoni [incl. A. reticulata Reeve 1844]WG71
    |    |--A. d. keatsiana Ludbrook 1953WG71
    |    `--A. d. reevei (Sowerby 1864)WG71
    |--A. dampieria Weaver 1960WG71
    |--A. diamantina Wilson 1972MG-H11
    |--A. ellioti (Sowerby 1864)WG71 [=Voluta turneri var. elliotiP79]
    |--A. exoptanda (Reeve 1849)WG71
    |--A. grayi Ludbrook 1953 [incl. A. kawamurai Habe 1975, Voluta pallida Griffith & Pidgeon 1834 (preoc.)]W94
    |--A. guttata McMichael 1964WG71
    |--A. jamrachi Gray 1864WG71 [=Voluta tuneri var. jamrackiP79]
    |--A. macandrewi (Sowerby 1887)WG71
    |--A. maculata (Swainson 1822) [incl. A. caroli Iredale 1924, A. spenceriana Gatliff 1908]W94
    |--A. molleri (Iredale 1936) [=*Relegamoria molleri]W94
    |--A. necopinata Darragh 1983W94
    |--A. praetexta (Reeve 1849) [incl. A. turneri cumingi Gray 1864]W94
    |--A. rinkensi Poppe 1986W94
    |--A. ryosukei Habe 1975W94
    |--A. undulata (Lamarck 1804)W94 (see below for synonymy)
    |--A. volva (Gmelin 1791)WG71
    `--A. zebra (Leach 1814)BRW98, WG71 (see below for synonymy)

Amoria Gray 1855BR05 [incl. Amorena Iredale 1929W94, Relegamoria Iredale 1936W94, Zebramoria Iredale 1929W94; Amoriana, Amoriides, Amoriini]

*Amoria turneri (Gray 1834)BR17 [=Voluta turneriBR17; incl. A. turneri broderipi Gray 1864W94, V. turneri var. loroisiP79, A. newmanae Cotton 1949W94]

Amoria undulata (Lamarck 1804)W94 [=*Amorena undulataW94; incl. Amoria angasii Sowerby 1864W94, Amoria australiae Cox 1872W94, Amorena benthalis McMichael 1964WG71, W94, Amorena kingi Cox 1871WG71, Amoria moslemica Hedley 1912W94, Amorena sclateri Cox 1869WG71, W94]

Amoria zebra (Leach 1814)BRW98, WG71 [=*Zebramoria zebraW94; incl. Z. lineata Leach 1814 (preoc.)WG71, Amoria lineatiana Weaver & Du Pont 1967W94, Z. lineatinaWG71, A. radiata Lamarck 1822W94, A. stragulata Megerle 1829W94]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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