Purple prairie clover Dalea purpurea, copyright Peganum.

Belongs within: Papilionoideae.

The Amorpheae are a group of primarily North American temperate leguminous plants united by punctate glands throughout the plant body, indehiscent, single-seeded fruits, and terminal inflorescences. Many species also produce radially symmetrical or non-papilionate flowers (Cardoso et al. 2013).

<==Amorpheae CP13
|  i. s.: Psorodendron CP13
|–+–Apoplanesia paniculata CP13
|  `–+–+–Errazurizia CP13
|     |  |    |–E. benthamii CP13
|     |  |    `–E. megacarpa CP13
|     |  `–Eysenhardtia CP13
|     |       |–E. texana CP13
|     |       `–+–E. orthocarpa CP13
|     |          `–E. polystachya CP13
|     `–+–Parryella filifolia CP13
|        `–Amorpha CP13
|             |–A. apiculata CP13
|             |–A. californica H93
|             |    |–A. c. var. californica H93
|             |    `–A. c. var. napensis H93
|             |–A. fragrans B75
|             `–A. fruticosa [incl. A. fruticosa var. occidentalis] H93
`–Psorothamnus CP13
|  i. s.: P. schottii [=Dalea schottii; incl. D. schottii var. puberula] H93
|–+–P. spinosus CP13 [=Dalea spinosa H93]
|  `–+–P. arborescens CP13 [=Dalea arborescens H93]
|     |    |–P. a. var. arborescens [incl. Dalea fremontii var. saundersii] H93
|     |    |–P. a. var. minutifolius [=Dalea fremontii var. minutifolia] H93
|     |    `–P. a. var. simplicifolius [incl. Dalea californica] H93
|     `–P. fremontii CP13 [=Dalea fremontii H93]
|          |–P. f. var. fremontii H93
|          `–P. f. var. attenuatus H93
`–+–+–P. polydenius CP13 [=Dalea polydenia H93]
|  `–+–P. emoryi CP13 [=Dalea emoryi H93]
|     `–P. scoparius CP13
`–+–Marina CP13
|    |–M. orcuttii H93
|    |–M. parryi [=Dalea parryi] H93
|    `–M. scopa CP13
`–Dalea CP13
|  i. s.: D. mollis H93
|         D. ornata [=Petalostemon ornatum] H93
|         D. searlsiae [=Petalostemon searlsiae] H93
|–+–D. lanata CP13
|  `–D. pogonathera CP13
`–+–+–D. mollissima CP13
|  `–D. neomexicana CP13
`–+–+–D. brachystachya CP13
|  `–+–D. cliffortiana CP13
|     `–D. purpurea CP13
`–+–D. hospes CP13
|–D. lumholtzii CP13
|–D. pulchra CP13
`–D. scandens CP13

*Type species of generic name indicated


[CP13] Cardoso, D., R. T. Pennington, L. P. de Queiroz, J. S. Boatwright, B.-E. Van Wyk, M. F. Wojciechowski & M. Lavin. 2013. Reconstructing the deep-branching relationships of the papilionoid legumes. South African Journal of Botany 89: 58–75.

[H93] Hickman, J. C. (ed.) 1993. The Jepson Manual: Higher Plants of California. University of California Press: Berkeley (California).

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