Fireworm Chloeia sp., copyright Francesco de Marchi.

Belongs within: Annelida.

The Amphinomida are a group of mobile polychaete worms characterised by the presence of well-developed gills behind the notopodia.

<==Amphinomida [Amphinomorpha]RP07
    |--EuphrosyneH56 [EuphrosinidaeRP07]
    |    |--E. branchiata Treadwell 1939H56
    |    `--E. longisetis Treadwell 1939H56
         |  i. s.: Amphinome Bruguière 1789H62
         |           |--*A. rostrata (Pallas 1766) [=Aphrodita rostrata]H62
         |           `--A. flavaG20
         |         Meringosoma Ehlers 1869H62
         |           `--*M. curtum Ehlers 1869H62
         |         Paleocampa anthraxPTV14
         |         Raphidiophorus hystix Thompson 1979W93
         |         Benthoscolex microcarunculata (Treadwell 1901) [incl. Amphinome microcarunculata Treadwell 1901]H56
         |         PseudeurythoeH56
         |           |--P. ambiguusH56
         |           |--P. minutaPG98
         |           |--P. oculata (Treadwell 1941) [=Eurythoe oculata]H56
         |           `--P. oculifera (Augener 1913)HG14
         |         Pherecardia striata (Kinberg 1857) [incl. Hermodice pennata Treadwell 1906]H56
         |           |--P. s. striataH56
         |           `--‘Hermodice pennata’ tutuilensis Treadwell 1926H56
         |         Pareurythoe elongata (Treadwell 1931) [=Hipponoe elongata]H56
         |--HipponoeRP07 [incl. Metamphinome Treadwell 1940H56]
         |    |--H. gaudichaudi (Audouin & Milne-Edwards 1830)RP07
         |    `--H. multibranchiata (Treadwell 1940) [=Metamphinome multibranchiata]H56
         `--+--Paramphinome jeffreysii (Mcintosh 1868)SS07
            `--+--Eurythoe complanata (Pallas 1766)SS07
               |--Hermodice carunculata (Pallas 1766)RP07
                    |--C. euglochisH04
                    |--C. flava (Pallas 1766)HG14
                    |--C. inermisPG98
                    `--C. pinnata Moore 1911SS07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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