Amphipsocus japonicus, from here.

Belongs within: Caeciliusetae.

The Amphipsocini are a group of barklice in which the femur of the fore wing bears a row of cones and/or the fore wing bears a pterostigmal spur vein (New & Lienhard 2007).

|--Tagalopsocus Banks 1916 [Tagalopsocina]L02
| |--*T. luzonensis Banks 1916NL07
| |--T. hyalinus Banks 1931NL07
| |--T. phaeostigmus Li 1995L02
| `--T. tricostatus (Li 1995) [=Amphipsocus tricostatus]L02
|--Complaniamphus Li 2002L02 [=ComplaniapmhusL03]
| |--*C. atrimaculatus Li 2002L02
| |--C. acutulus Li 2002L02
| |--C. apicifuscus Li 2002L02
| |--C. fascigrus Li 2002L02
| `--C. loratus Li 2002L02
|--Taeniostigma Enderlein 1901L02 [TaeniostigmatinaNL07, Taeniostigminae]
| |--*T. elongatum (Hagen 1858) [=Psocus elongatus]NL07
| |--T. baiyerense Smithers & Thornton 1975NL07
| |--T. biconvexa Li 1999L02
| |--T. bimaculatum Banks 1913NL07
| |--T. cacuminalia Li 2002L02
| |--T. campylodroma Li 2002L02
| |--T. conoidalia Li 2002L02
| |--T. euneura Li 1997L02
| |--T. exoleta Li 2002L02
| |--T. flavescens Li 2002L02
| |--T. genuflexa Li 2002L02
| |--T. guangdongana Li 1993L02
| |--T. hamata Li 2002L02
| |--T. ingens Enderlein 1903NL07
| |--T. irianum Smithers & Thornton 1975NL07
| |--T. longicrurium Li 2002 [=T. longicruria, T. longicruris]L03
| |--T. malayanum (McLachlan 1872)NL07
| |--T. nigricorne Smithers & Thornton 1975NL07
| |--T. perkinsi Banks 1918NL07
| |--T. phaeostigma Smithers & Thornton 1975NL07
| |--T. platozona Li 2002L02
| |--T. pulcha Li & Yang 1992L02
| |--T. pyrrhospila Li 2002L02
| |--T. reticularia Li 2002L02
| |--T. scariosa Li 2002L02
| |--T. scotocaula Li 2002L02
| |--T. sibilense Smithers & Thornton 1975NL07
| |--T. stipata Li 1999L02
| |--T. straminea Li 1992L02
| |--T. strigulosa Li 2002L02
| |--T. ternidentalia Li 2002L02
| |--T. tibiale Navás 1924NL07
| `--T. trinotata Li 1992L02
`--Amphipsocus McLachlan 1872L02 [incl. RosegaNL07; Amphipsocina]
|--*A. pilosus McLachlan 1872L02
|--A. aliflavidus Li 2002L02
|--A. angusticruris Li 2002L02
|--A. arciatus Li 1995L02
|--A. armeniacus Li 1993L02
|--A. bicolor Li 2002L02
|--A. biconvexus Li 2002L02
|--A. bipunctatus Li 2002L02
|--A. cerasostigmus Li 1992L02
|--A. connexus Banks 1916NL07
|--A. cornostigmus Li 1992L02
|--A. daozhulanicus Li 1999L02
|--A. declivimaculatus Li 1997L02
|--A. erythroanatus Li 1997L02
|--A. fasciatus Badonnel 1946L02
|--A. fluctosus Li 2002L02
|--A. formosanus Okamoto 1919L02
|--A. frontirutilus Li 1997L02
|--A. fusimus Li 2002L02
|--A. gibbosus Li 2002L02
|--A. glandaceus Li 1995L02
|--A. guangxiensis Li 2002L02
|--A. gutianshanus Li 1995L02
|--A. heterothrix Thornton & Wong 1966NL07
|--A. huangshanensis Li 2002L02
|--A. intrans Li 2002L02
|--A. iridescens Enderlein 1906E07
|--A. japonicus (Enderlein 1906) [=Dasypsocus japonicus]M03
|--A. javensis Vaughan, Thornton & New 1989NL07
|--A. jinggangshanensis Li 2002L02
|--A. longgangiensis Li 2002L02
|--A. lushanensis Li 2002L02
|--A. macrochilus Li 2002L02
|--A. mucronatus Li 1992L03, L02 [=A. macronatus (l. c.)L03]
|--A. maequilongus Li 2002L02
|--A. mangiferaY02
|--A. medogicus Li 2002L02
|--A. minor Thornton 1984NL07
|--A. montanus Enderlein 1902E07
|--A. notus Li 1999L02
|--A. oligophlebius Li 1999L02
|--A. orbiculatus Li 2002L02
|--A. pandus Li 2002L02
|--A. parilis Li 2002 [=A. parillis]L03
|--A. perbellus Li 2002L02
|--A. perbrevis Li 2002 [=A. perbervis]L03
|--A. phoenicophlebius Li 1997L03, L02 [=A. phoeniophlebius (l. c.)L03]
|--A. pictus [=*Rosega picta]NL07
|--A. pilosus McLachlan 1872NL07
|--A. purpureus Li & Yang 1988L02
|--A. rotundus Li 1992L02
|--A. rubrostigmaY02
|--A. smaragdinus Li 1992L02
|--A. stipiatus Li 1992L02
|--A. strumosus Li 2002L02
|--A. sulciformis Li 2002L02
|--A. transinervalis Li 2002L02
|--A. unitoides New & Thornton 1976NL07
|--A. unitus Banks 1916NL07
|--A. wanxianicus Li 1997L02
|--A. wuzhishanicus Li 2002L02
|--A. xanthozonus Li 2002L02
`--A. yunnanicus Li 2002 [=A. yuannanicus]L02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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