Emerald cockroach wasp Ampulex compressa, copyright Len Worthington.

Belongs within: Apoidea.
Contains: Aphelotoma, Dolichurus.

The Ampulicidae, cockroach wasps, are a primarily tropical group of slender wasps that, as their vernacular name indicates, provision nests with cockroaches (Bohart & Menke 1976).

Characters (from Bohart & Menke 1976, as Ampulicinae): Inner orbits entire, converging a little above or below or parallel; ocelli normal. Antennae rather low on face, sockets contiguous with or slightly removed from frontoclypeal suture; male with 13 and female with 12 antennal articles. Clypeus transverse or strongly nasiform. Mandible without a notch or angle on externoventral margin; palpal formula 6-4; mouthparts short although maxillary palpi often very long; gular area of head usually broadly separating hypostoma from occipital area. Pronotum with a high collar which is moderately long to very long and often tuberculate; pronotal lobe close to tegula, sometimes touching. Notauli usually present and extending length of scutum, usually deeply impressed; no oblique scutal carina; scutellum with pitted transverse basal sulcus. Episternal sulcus absent except sometimes for remnant between end of omaulus and anteroventral margin of pleuron; omaulus usually present. Lower metapleural area sometimes defined by differential sculpture, but definitive metapleuron often consisting of upper metapleural area only. Midtibia with two apical spurs; midcoxal cavities widely separated but midcoxae approximate, sternal area between midcoxae narrow, often sharp-edged, midcoxae without dorsolateral carina or crest; precoxal lobes absent; hindfemur simple apically; claws with a single tooth on inner margin or bifid; foretarsal rake absent; arolium minute. Propodeum moderately long to long; enclosure usually present, U-shaped to nearly triangular, entirely dorsal; propodeal sternite present. Forewing with two or three submarginal cells and two recurrent veins, first recurrent received by submarginal I or II, second recurrent received by II or III; marginal cell acuminate apically, appendiculate, apex rarely approximating a right angle. Jugal lobe absent or small; hindwing media diverging before, at, or after cu-a; hindwing sometimes with subcostal vein; anal area without anal vein. Gaster sessile or with a petiole composed of sternum and tergum; tergum I with lateral line or carina; male gaster usually with three visible segments only, segments IV–VII in male capable of being withdrawn, usually only narrowly exposed if at all; pygidial plate absent; sternum VI in female elongate, overlapping dorsally to form an exposed tapering tube through which the sting apparatus is exserted. Volsella of male genitalia with movable digitus and cuspis; aedeagal head with teeth on ventral edge; cerci present or absent.

<==Ampulicidae [Ampulicinae]
| i. s.: Cariridris bipetiolata Brandão & Martins-Neto in Brandão et al. 1989JB13, RJ93
| Apodolichurus sphaerocephalusPK17
| |--+--AphelotomaBM76
| | `--‘Austrotoma’ Riek 1955 non Finlay 1924BM76
| | `--A. aterrima (Turner 1907) [=Aphelotoma aterrima]BM76
| `--+--Trirogma Westwood 1841 [=Trirhogma Agassiz 1847]BM76
| | |--*T. caerulea Westwood 1841BM76
| | |--T. nigra Cameron 1903BM76
| | `--T. prismatica Smith 1858BM76
| `--+--DolichurusBM76
| `--Paradolichurus Williams 1960BM76
| |--*P. californicus (Williams 1960) [=Dolichurus californicus]BM76
| |--P. morelensis (Williams 1962) [=Dolichurus morelensis]BM76
| `--P. obidensis (Ducke 1903) [=Dolichurus obidensis]BM76
| |--P. o. obidensisBM76
| `--P. o. maranhensis (Ducke 1904) [=Dolichurus maranhensis]BM76
`--Ampulex Jurine 1807C85 (see below for synonymy)
|--*A. fasciata Jurine 1907C85 [incl. A. europaea Giraud 1858BM76]
|--A. aborensis Nurse 1914BM76
|--A. aenea (Fabricius 1804) (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--A. ‘aenea’ Spinola 1841 non Dryinus aeneus Fabricius 1804BM76
|--A. aereola Bradley 1934BM76
|--A. alisana Tsuneki 1967BM76
|--A. angusticollis Spinola 1841 [incl. A. dubia Kohl 1893]BM76
|--A. annulipes Motschulsky 1863BM76
|--A. apicalis Smith 1873BM76
|--A. approximata Turner 1912BM76
|--A. arnoldi Brauns 1928BM76
|--A. assamensis Cameron 1903BM76
|--A. assimilis Kohl 1893BM76
|--A. atrohirta Turner 1915BM76
|--A. bispinosa (Reich 1795) [=Sphex bispinosa]BM76
|--A. bredoi Arnold 1947BM76
|--A. brunneofasciata Giordani Soika 1939BM76
|--A. bryanti Turner 1914BM76
|--A. canaliculata Say 1823 (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--A. carinifrons Cameron 1903BM76
|--A. chalybea Smith 1856BM76
|--A. collator Bradley 1934BM76
|--A. compressa (Fabricius 1781)C85 (see below for synonymy)
|--A. compressiventris Guérin-Méneville 1835 [incl. Sphex sibirica Fabricius 1793 non Christ 1791]BM76
|--A. conigera Kohl 1893BM76
|--A. constanceae (Cameron 1891) [=Rhinopsis constanceae]BM76
|--A. crassicornis Kohl 1898BM76
|--A. crawshayi Turner 1917BM76
|--A. crudelis Bingham 1897 [incl. A. trigona Cameron 1902]BM76
|--A. cuprea Smith 1856BM76
|--A. cyanator (Thunberg 1822) [=Ichneumon cyanator; incl. A. gratiosa Kohl 1893]BM76
|--A. cyanipes (Westwood 1841) [=Chlorion cyanipes, A. cyaneipes Dalla Torre 1897]BM76
|--A. cyanura Kohl 1893 [incl. A. africana Cameron 1905, A. capensis Cameron 1905]BM76
| |--A. c. cyanuraBM76
| |--A. c. monticola Arnold 1928BM76
| `--A. c. rhodesiana Arnold 1928BM76
|--A. cyclostoma Gribodo 1894BM76
|--A. dentata Matsumura & Uchida 1926BM76
|--A. denticollis (Cameron 1910) [=Dolichurus denticollis]BM76
| |--A. d. denticollisBM76
| `--A. d. rufithorax Arnold 1931BM76
|--A. ‘denticollis’ Tsuneki 1967 non Dolichurus denticollis Cameron 1910BM76
|--A. difficilis Strand 1913BM76
|--A. dissector (Thunberg 1822) (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--A. distinguenda Kohl 1893BM76
|--A. dives Kohl 1893BM76
|--A. elegantula Kohl 1893BM76
|--A. erythropus Kohl 1893BM76
|--A. esakii Yasumatsu 1936BM76
|--A. ferruginea Bradley 1934BM76
|--A. formicoides Turner 1926BM76
|--A. formosa Kohl 1893BM76
|--A. fulgens Beaumont 1970BM76
|--A. hellmayri Schulz 1904BM76
|--A. himalayensis Cameron 1903BM76
|--A. honesta Kohl 1893BM76
|--A. hospes Smith 1856 [incl. A. foveifrons Cameron 1903]BM76
| |--A. h. hospesBM76
| `--A. h. cognata Kohl 1893BM76
|--A. insularis Smith 1857BM76
|--A. interstitialis Cameron 1903BM76
|--A. javana Cameron 1905BM76
|--A. khasiana Cameron 1903BM76
|--A. kristenseni Turner 1917BM76
|--A. kurarensis Yasumatsu 1936BM76
|--A. laevigata Kohl 1893 [=A. levigata Dalla Torre 1897]BM76
|--A. latifrons Kohl 1893 [incl. A. brevicornis Cameron 1902, A. pulchriceps Cameron 1900]BM76
|--A. lazulina Kohl 1893BM76
|--A. longicollis Cameron 1902 [incl. A. trichiosoma Cameron 1902]BM76
|--A. lugubris Arnold 1947BM76
|--A. luluana Leclercq 1954BM76
|--A. maculicornis (Cameron 1889) [=Rhinopsis maculicornis; incl. A. maculicollis Dalla Torre 1897]BM76
|--A. major Kohl 1893BM76
|--A. melanocera Cameron 1908BM76
|--A. metallica Kohl 1893BM76
|--A. micado Cameron 1905BM76
|--A. micans Kohl 1893C85
|--A. minor Kohl 1893BM76
|--A. mirabilis Berland 1935BM76
|--A. mocsaryi Kohl 1898BM76
|--A. moebii Kohl 1893BM76
|--A. montana Cameron 1903BM76
|--A. moultoni Turner 1915BM76
|--A. murotai Tsuneki 1973BM76
|--A. mutilloides Kohl 1893 [incl. A. sanguinicollis Brauns 1898]BM76
|--A. nasuta André 1894BM76
|--A. nebulosa Smith 1856 [incl. A. cribrata Kohl 1893]BM76
|--A. neotropica Kohl 1893BM76
|--A. nigricans Cameron 1899BM76
|--A. nigrocaerulea Saussure 1892 [incl. A. jansei Cameron 1910, A. spiloptera Cameron 1905]BM76
|--A. nitidicollis Turner 1919BM76
|--A. occipitalis Arnold 1947BM76
|--A. overlaeti Leclercq 1954BM76
|--A. pilipes Kohl 1893BM76
|--A. pilosa Cameron 1900BM76
|--A. psilopa Kohl 1893BM76
|--A. purpurea (Westwood 1844) [=Chlorion purpureum]BM76
|--A. raptor Smith 1856BM76
|--A. regalis Smith 1860BM76
|--A. rothneyi Cameron 1902BM76
|--A. ruficollis Cameron 1888BM76
|--A. ruficornis (Cameron 1889) [=Rhinopsis ruficornis]BM76
|--A. ruficoxis Cameron 1902BM76
|--A. rufofemorata Cameron 1903BM76
|--A. sagax Kohl 1893BM76
|--A. satoi Yasumatsu 1936BM76
|--A. sciophanes (Nagy 1971) [=Chlorampulex sciophanes]BM76
|--A. seitzii Kohl 1893BM76
|--A. senex Bischoff 1915BM76
|--A. sikkimensis (Kriechbaumer 1874) [=*Waagenia sikkimensis]BM76
|--A. smaragdina Smith 1858BM76
|--A. sodalicia Kohl 1893 [incl. A. striatifrons Cameron 1902, A. tricarinata Cameron 1902]BM76
|--A. sonani Yasumatsu 1936BM76
|--A. sonnerati Kohl 1893BM76
|--A. spectabilis Kohl 1893BM76
|--A. splendidula Kohl 1893BM76
|--A. surinamensis Saussure 1867BM76
|--A. sybarita Kohl 1893BM76
|--A. takeuchii Yasumatsu 1936BM76
|--A. thoracica Smith 1856BM76
|--A. toroensis Turner 1919BM76
|--A. trigonopsis Smith 1873BM76
|--A. varicolor Turner 1919BM76
|--A. venusta Stål 1857BM76
`--A. viridescens Arnold 1947BM76

Ampulex Jurine 1807C85 [incl. Chlorampulex Saussure 1892BM76, Lorrheum Shuckard 1837BM76, Pronoeus Latreille 1809BM76, Rhinopsis Westwood 1844BM76, Waagenia Kriechbaumer 1874BM76; AmpuliciniBM76]

Ampulex aenea (Fabricius 1804) [=Dryinus aeneus, *Pronoeus aeneus; incl. Ampulex dahlbomii Kohl 1893, A. guerini Dahlbom 1843]BM76

Ampulex canaliculata Say 1823 [incl. *Rhinopsis abbottii Westwood 1844, R. melanognathus Rohwer 1912, Ampulex pensylvanica Haldeman 1849]BM76

Ampulex compressa (Fabricius 1781)C85 [=Sphex compressaC85, *Chlorampulex compressaBM76, Chlorion compressumBM76, *Lorrheum compressumBM76; incl. Ampulex sinensis Saussure 1867BM76, Chlorampulex striolata Saussure 1892BM76]

Ampulex dissector (Thunberg 1822) [=Ichneumon dissector; incl. A. amoena Stål 1857, A. consimilis Kohl 1893, A. japonica Kohl 1893, A. novarae Saussure 1867]BM76

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BM76] Bohart, R. M., & A. S. Menke. 1976. Sphecid Wasps of the World. University of California Press: Berkeley.

[C85] Cardale, J. C. 1985. Vespoidea and Sphecoidea. In: Walton, D. W. (ed.) Zoological Catalogue of Australia vol. 2. Hymenoptera: Formicoidea, Vespoidea and Sphecoidea pp. 150–303. Australian Government Publishing Service: Canberra.

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