Female Trouessartia corvinus, from

Belongs within: Psoroptidia.
Contains: Alloptidae, Avenzoariidae, Pteronyssidae, Proctophyllodidae, Sarcoptoidea, Pyroglyphidae, Turbinoptidae, Xolalgidae, Analgidae.

The Analgoidea are a group of astigmatan mites usually found as parasites or paraphages of birds, more rarely as nidicoles or in synanthropic habitats (OConnor 2009). They are closely related to the mammal-associated Sarcoptoidea and may possibly be paraphyletic to the latter group. A subgroup with solenidion ω1 on tarsus I migrated distad to a position near solenidion ω3 has sometimes been treated as a separate superfamily Pyroglyphoidea (OConnor 2009).

The Knemidocoptidae are specialised parasites that burrow into host tissue, with females having a globose body and greatly shortened legs (OConnor 2009).

Characters (from OConnor 2009): All tarsi lacking proral setae, tarsus IV lacking seta s; genu I with 0–2 solenidia; pretarsus with empodium claw-like in center of ambulacral disc or flattened as central sclerite; condylophore guide typically present at junction of ambulacral stalk and disc; pretarsus often retractable. Paraproctal chaetome with 0–3 pairs of p setae and no ad setae.

<==Analgoidea [Cytolichidae, Cysticolae]DW10
    |  `--Trouessartia Canestrini in Canestrini & Kramer 1899H98 [TrouessartiidaeDW10, Trouessartiinae]
    |       |--T. corvinus (Koch 1841) [=Dermaleichus corvinus, Pterocolus corvinus, Trouessartia corvina]H98
    |       |--T. funiculataDW10
    |       |--T. geospizaO09
    |       |--T. megadisca Gaud 1962H98
    |       `--T. rosteriiDW10
       |  |  `--ProctophyllodidaeDW10
       |  `--+--SarcoptoideaDW10
       |     `--PyroglyphoideaO09
       |          |--PyroglyphidaeDW10
       |          |--Ptyssalges [Ptyssalgidae]O09
       |          `--TurbinoptidaeO09
             `--Knemidocoptidae [Knemidokoptinae]DW10
                  |--Neocnemidocoptes Fain 1966H98
                  |    |--N. australiensis Fain & Lukoschus 1979H98
                  |    `--N. gallinae (Railliet 1887) (see below for synonymy)H98
                  `--Knemidocoptes Fürstenberg 1967DW10, H98
                       |--K. intermedius Fain & Macfarlane 1967 (see below for synonymy)H98
                       |--K. jamaicensis Turk 1950 (see below for synonymy)H98
                       |--K. mutans (Robin & Lanquentin 1859) (see below for synonymy)H98
                       `--K. pilae Lavoipierre & Griffiths 1951 [=Cnemidocoptes pilae, Knemidokoptes pilae]H98
Analgoidea incertae sedis:
  Thysanocercus [Thysanocercidae]O09
    `--T. affinisO09
    |--Pandalura strigisotiO09
    `--Mesalgoides Gaud & Atyeo 1967O09, H98
         `--M. oscinum (Koch 1840) [=Dermaleichus oscinum, Megninia oscinum, Mesalges oscinum]H98
    |--Paralges microtrichusO09
    |    |--D. columbaeE-KO07
    |    `--D. elongatusRN72
         |--E. bicaudatusAL37
         |--E. buchholzi (see below for synonymy)T05
         |--E. columbi (see below for synonymy)T05
         |--E. favetti (Trouessart 1899)SL71
         |--E. forcipiger (Mégnin & Trouessart 1884) [=Pterolichus forficiger]T05
         |--E. numenii (Canestrini 1878) [=Dermaleichus numenii, Pterolichus (Eupterolichus) numenii]T05
         `--E. totani (Canestrini 1878) [=Dermaleichus totani, Pterolichus (Eupterolichus) totani]T05
  Gaudoglyphus [Gaudoglyphidae]O09
    `--G. minorO09
  Atelespoda [Apionacaridae]O09
    `--A. crenaO09
  Dermationidae [Dermationinae]O09
    |--Rivoltasia Canestrini 1894H98
    |    `--R. bifurcata (Rivolta & Delprato 1880) [=Epidermoptes bifurcatus]H98
    `--Passeroptes Fain 1964H98
         |--P. dermicolaO09
         `--P. lophophaps Fain 1965H98
    |--Rallepidermoptes fulicaeO09
    |--Epidermoptes Rivolta & Delprato 1880H98
    |    `--E. bilobatus Rivolta & Delprato 1880H98
    `--Myialges Trouessart 1906H98
         |--M. ancistronae Fain 1965H98
         |--M. bombycillae Fain 1965H98
         |--M. (Promyialges) macdonaldi Evans et al. 1963K09, H98
         `--M. nudusO09
  Laminosioptidae [Caminosioptidae]O09
    |--Laminosioptes Mégnin 1880H98
    |    `--L. cysticola (Vizioli 1868)O09, H98 (see below for synonymy)
    `--Fainocoptes Lukoschus & Lombert 1979 (see below for synonymy)H98
         |--F. australis (Lukoschus & Lombert 1979) [=Streetacarus australis]H98
         |--F. columbicolaO09
         |--F. conopophilae (Lukoschus & Lombert 1979) [=Calamicoptes conopophilae]H98
         |--F. meliphagae (Lukoschus & Lombert 1979) [=Calamicoptes meliphagae]H98
         `--F. nixoni Lukoschus & Lombert 1979 [=F. nizoni (l. c.)]H98
  Cytoditidae [Cytoditinae, Kytoditidae]O09
    |--Cytonyssus Fain 1960H98
    |    |--C. andrei Fain 1960 [=Kytonyssus (l. c.) andrei]H98
    |    `--C. temenuchiO09
    `--Cytodites Mégnin in Girard 1877O09, H98
         |--C. amandavae Fain & Bafort 1964 [=Kytodites amandavae]H98
         |--C. geopeliae Fain & Lukoschus 1979 [=Kytodites geopeliae]H98
         `--C. nudus (Vizioli 1868) (see below for synonymy)H98

Cytodites nudus (Vizioli 1868) [=Sarcoptes nudus, Cytolichus nudus, Cytoleichus (l. c.) nudus, Kytodites nudus]H98

Eupterolichus buchholzi [=Pterolichus (Eupterolichus) buchholzi; incl. P. (E.) buchholzi var. fascigera Mégnin & Trouessart 1884]T05

Eupterolichus columbi [=Pterolichus (Eupterolichus) columbi; incl. P. (E.) columbi var. major Mégnin & Trouessart 1884]T05

Fainocoptes Lukoschus & Lombert 1979 [incl. Calamicoptes Lukoschus & Lombert 1979, Streetacarus Lukoschus & Lombert 1979]H98

Knemidocoptes intermedius Fain & Macfarlane 1967 [=Knemidocopties (l. c.) intermedius, Knemidokoptes intermedius]H98

Knemidocoptes jamaicensis Turk 1950 [=Cnemidocoptes jamaicensis, Knemidocoptes mutans var. jamaicensis, Knemidokoptes jamaicensis]H98

Knemidocoptes mutans (Robin & Lanquentin 1859) [=Sarcoptes mutans, Cnemidocoptes mutans, Knemidokoptes mutans]H98

Laminosioptes cysticola (Vizioli 1868)O09, H98 [=Sarcoptes cisticolaH98, Caminopioptes (l. c.) cysticolaH98, Laminosioptes cisticolaH98]

Neocnemidocoptes gallinae (Railliet 1887) [=Sarcoptes laevis var. gallinae, Cnemidocoptes gallinae, Knemidocoptes gallinae, Knemidokoptes gallinae]H98

*Type species of generic name indicated


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