Female Anastatus bifasciatus ovipositing on eggs of Nezara viridula, photographed by H. Dumas.

Belongs within: Eupelmidae.

Anastatus is a cosmopolitan genus of wasps that parasitise eggs of other insects, mostly Lepidoptera and Heteroptera but also some other taxa such as cockroaches or Orthoptera (Bouček 1988).

Characters (from Bouček 1988): Length of body usually less than 5 mm; first fumcle segment shorter than scape; vertex convex, eye longest in subvertical direction; forewing not unusually long and narrow, stigmal vein normally developed, not very short (or species brachypterous); mid tibia widened at the apex and there, on the anterior side, usually as if partly cleft by a distinct groove outside of a group of several black peg-like spines; gaster posteriorly more or less flattened; apex of last tergite more or less rounded, convex, with a stiffened flat rim which may be slightly upturned.

Anastatus Motschulsky 1859 (see below for synonymy)B88
|--*A. mantoidaeB88
|--A. aereicorpus (Girault 1925) [=Eupelmus aereicorpus]B88
|--A. apterus (Girault 1913) [=*Parooderella aptera]B88
|--A. aristoteleus Girault 1915 [=A. aristotelea]B88
|--A. atriflagellum (Girault 1924) [=Eupelmus atriflagellum]B88
|--A. axiagasti Ferrière 1933 [incl. A. axiagasti var. rufithorax Ferrière 1933]B88
|--A. bernardi Ferrière 1954AN-A04
|--A. bifasciatus (Geoffroy in Fourcroy 1785) [=Cynips bifasciatus]AN-A04
|--A. biproruli (Girault 1925) [=Eupelmus biproruli]B88
|--A. blattidifurax Girault 1915B88
|--A. bombax Girault 1915B88
|--A. catalonicus Bolivar 1934AN-A04
|--A. darwini Girault 1915B88
|--A. dodone (Walker 1839) [=Calosoter dodone, Eupelmus dodone]B88
|--*Cacotropia’ echidnaB88
|--A. extraordinarius (Girault 1929) [=Eupelmus extraordinarius]B88
|--A. flavithorax (Girault & Dodd in Girault 1915) [=Parooderella flavithorax]B88
|--A. floridanusHB13
|--A. fuligispina (Girault 1939) [=Eupelmus fuligispina]B88
|--A. gibboni Girault 1920B88
|--A. giottini (Girault 1922) [=Eupelmus giottini]B88
|--A. giraudi (Ruschka 1921) [=Eupelmus giraudi; incl. A. dolichopterus Bolívar 1934]AN-A04
|--A. goethei (Girault 1929) [=Parooderella goethei]B88
|--A. hemipterus (Girault 1913) [=*Parasolindenia hemiptera, Parooderella hemiptera]B88
|--A. hookeri (Girault 1915) [=Eupelmus hookeri]B88
|--‘Halidea’ insignis Förster 1860B88
|--A. intonsioculus (Girault 1934) [=Eupelmus intonsioculus]B88
|--A. japonicus Ashmead 1904 [incl. A. bifasciatus var. disparis Ruschka 1921]AN-A04
|--A. lichtensteini (Ruschka 1921) [=Eupelmus lichtensteini; incl. A. ameleophagus Bernard 1935]AN-A04
|--A. lutheri (Girault 1934) [=Parooderella lutheri]B88
|--A. maculosus Askew in Askew & Nieves-Aldrey 2004AN-A04
|--A. madagascariensis (Risbec 1952) [=Oodera madagascariensis; incl. A. (Cladanastatus) umae]B88
|--A. magnoculus Askew in Askew & Nieves-Aldrey 2004AN-A04
|--A. mancus (Girault 1915) [=Parooderella manca]B88
|--A. maximus Girault 1915B88
|--A. motschulskini (Girault 1915) [=Eupelmus motschulskini]B88
|--A. nasonini (Girault 1925) [=Eupelmus nasonini]B88
|--*Eupelmoides’ obscuratusB88
|--A. octavia (Girault 1939) [=Eupelmus octavia]B88
|--A. oscari (Ruthe 1859) [=Eupelmus oscari]AN-A04
|--A. osmyli (Girault 1927) [=Eupelmus osmyli]B88
|--A. pasteuri Girault 1915B88
|--A. pentatomidivorus Girault 1915 [=A. pentatomidivora; incl. A. pentatomidivora var. nonexcisus Girault 1915]B88
|--A. pipunculi Perkins 1906B88
|--A. poggioni (Girault 1922) [=Eupelmus poggioni]B88
|--A. racinei Girault 1915 [incl. A. racinei var. praecipuus Girault 1915]B88
|--A. redini (Girault 1925) [=Eupelmus redini]B88
|--A. ruficaudusAN-A04
|--A. saintpierrei Girault 1917B88
|--A. semiflavidusG05
|--A. semitectus (Girault 1915) [=Parooderella semitecta]B88
|--A. simplicifrons (Girault 1924) [=Parooderella simplicifrons]B88
|--A. tennysoni (Girault 1921) [=Eupelmus tennysoni]B88
|--A. tenuipes Bolivar 1925 [incl. A. blattidarum Ferrière 1930, Solindenia blattiphaga Mani 1936]B88
|--A. thoreauini Girault 1917B88
|--A. tricolor Girault 1915B88
`--A. worcesteri (Girault 1915) [=Eupelmus worcesteri, Calosota worcesteri]B88

Anastatus Motschulsky 1859 [incl. Anastatimorpha Erdös 1957, Antigaster Walsh & Riley 1869, Cacotropia Motschulsky 1863, Cerycium Erdös 1946 non Philippi 1841, Cladanastatus Bouček 1979, Eupelmoides Masi 1917, Lutnes Cameron 1884, Misocoris Rondani 1877, Paraguaya Girault 1911, Parasolindenia Girault 1913 non Brues 1907, Paravignalia Risbec 1951, Parooderella Girault 1913, Pseudanastatus Masi 1917, Pseudooderella Brethes 1922, Solindenia Cameron 1883, Vignalia Risbec 1951]B88

*Type species of generic name indicated


[AN-A04] Askew, R. R. & J. L. Nieves-Aldrey. 2004. Further observations on Eupelminae (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea, Eupelmidae) in the Iberian Peninsula and Canary Islands, including descriptions of new species. Graellsia 60 (1): 27-39.

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