Anatoma crispata, copyright Natural History Museum Rotterdam.
Belongs within: Vetigastropoda.

The Anatomidae are a group of marine gastropods with a trochoid biconical shell that usually bears an open slit at the periphery (Zelaya & Geiger 2007).

Characters (from Zelaya & Geiger 2007): Shell 1–11 mm, trochoid biconical, protoconch with smooth, flocculant or reticulate sculpture, slit at periphery, usually open (exceptionally closed); radula with lateral tooth 5 enlarged by elongation.

|–Sasakiconcha elegantissima Geiger 2006 ZG07
|–Thieleella Bandel 1998 ZG07
|    |–*T. amoena (Thiele 1912) [=Scissurella amoena, Anatoma amoena, Schizotrochus amoena, Sch. amoenus] ZG07
|    |–T. argentinae Zelaya & Geiger 2007 ZG07
|    |–T. baxteri (McLean 1984) ZG07
|    |–T. flemingi Marshall 2002 ZG07
|    |–T. gunteri (Cotton & Godfrey 1933) ZG07
|    |–T. reticulata Bandel 1998 ZG07
|    `–T. weddelliana Zelaya & Geiger 2007 ZG07
`–Anatoma Woodward 1859 ZG07 [=Schizotrochus Monterosato 1884 KC60, P61; Anatominae, Schizotrochidae]
|–*A. crispata (Fleming 1828) ZG07 [=Scissurella crispata ZG07, *Schizotrochus crispata P61]
|–‘Schizotrochus’ aupouria Powell 1937 P61
|–A. baxteri McLean 1984 ZG07
|–A. conica (d’Orbigny 1841) [=Scissurella conica, Anatomus conicus, Schizotrochus conica] ZG07
|–A. disciformis (Golikov & Sirenko 1980) ZG07
|–A. euglypta (Pelseneer 1903) (see below for synonymy) ZG07
|–‘Schizotrochus’ finlayi Powell 1937 P61
|–A. janetae Geiger 2006 ZG07
|–A. josephinae Odhner 1960 ZG07
|–‘Scissurella’ mantelli Woodward 1859 F27 [=Schizotrochus mantelli P61]
|–A. obtusata (Golikov & Gublin 1978) ZG07
|–A. proxima F12
|–‘Scissurella’ regia Mestayer 1916 F27 [=Schizotrochus regius P61]
|–A. shiraseae Numanami & Okutani 1990 ZG07
`–A. yaroni Herbert 1986 ZG07

Anatoma euglypta (Pelseneer 1903) [=Scissurella euglypta, A. euglyptus, Hainella euglypta, Schizotrochus euglyptus] ZG07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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