Reconstruction of Melanorosaurus readi, copyright Steveoc 86.

Belongs within: Sauropodomorpha.

The Anchisauria is a clade of prosauropods defined by Galton & Upchurch (2004) as the smallest clade including Anchisaurus and Melanorosaurus.

Characters (from Galton & Upchurch 2004): Length of prefrontal subequal to that of frontal; frontal excluded from margin of supratemporal fossa; at least five teeth present on premaxilla; ratio of forelimb length to hindlimb length greater than 0.60; pubis with pubic foramen completely visible in cranial view; femoral shaft straight in cranial or caudal view; femoral fourth trochanter displaced to caudomedial margin of shaft; proximal end of metatarsal II hourglass-shaped.

<==Anchisauria GU04
    |–Anchisauridae GU04
    |    |–Ammosaurus Marsh 1891 GU04
    |    |    `–A. major (Marsh 1889) [=Anchisaurus major; incl. An. solus Marsh 1892] GU04
    |    `–Anchisaurus Marsh 1885 GU04 (see below for synonymy)
    |         `–*A. polyzelus (Hitchcock 1865) Y03 (see below for synonymy)
    `–Melanorosauridae GU04
         |–Riojasaurus Bonaparte 1969 GU04
         |    `–R. incertus Bonaparte 1969 GU04
         `–+–Melanorosaurus Haughton 1924 GU04
            |    |–M. readi Haughton 1924 GU04
            |    `–M. thabanensis Gauffre 1993 GU04
            `–+–Camelotia Galton 1985 GU04
               |    `–C. borealis Galton 1985 GU04
               `–Lessemsaurus Bonaparte 1999 GU04
                    `–L. sauropoides Bonaparte 1999 GU04

Anchisaurus Marsh 1885 [=Amphisaurus Marsh 1882 (preoc.), Megadactylus Hitchcock 1865 (preoc.), Yaleosaurus Huene 1932] GU04

*Anchisaurus polyzelus (Hitchcock 1865) Y03 [=Megadactylus polyzelus GU04; incl. A. colurus Marsh 1891 GU04, Yaleosaurus colurus N85]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[GU04] Galton, P. M., & P. Upchurch. 2004. Prosauropoda. In: Weishampel, D. B., P. Dodson & H. Osmólska (eds) The Dinosauria 2nd ed. pp. 232–258. University of California Press: Berkeley.

[N85] Norman, D. 1985 (reprinted 2000). The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs. Salamander Books: London.

[Y03] Yates, A. M. 2003. A new species of the primitive dinosaur Thecodontosaurus (Saurischia: Sauropodomorpha) and its implications for the systematics of early dinosaurs. Journal of Systematic Palaeontology 1: 1–42.

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