Anisopetala mutabilis, copyright Maja Dumat.

Belongs within: Dendrobium.

Anisopetala is a southeast Asian genus of epiphytic orchids with elongate, narrow stems (Clements 2003).

Characters (from Clements 2003): Plants epiphytic herbs. Stems elongate, narrow, relatively fleshy. Leaves along almost their entire length when young, deciduous prior to flowering. Inflorescence lateral, the peduncles short and usually pendulous, bearing 1–14 flowers. Flowers showy, with a distinct mentum fusion of the basal part of the lateral sepals, and always held away from the ovary and pedicel; free parts of sepals and petals spreading; labellum with distinct claw, with or without a small projection on the upper surface near the base, the apical part spreading, usually without distinct sidelobes, and with a bilobed apex.

<==Anisopetala (Kraenzlin) Clements 2003 [incl. Pedilonum sect. Sanguinolenta Brieger 1981]C03
    |--A. inflata (Rolfe) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium inflatum Rolfe 1895]C03
    `--+--*A. mutabilis (Blume) Clements 2003 [=Onychium mutabile Blume 1825, Dendrobium mutabile]C03
       `--A. sanguinolenta (Lindley) Clements 2003 (see below for synonymy)C03
Anisopetala incertae sedis:
  A. acutimenta (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium acutimentum Smith 1917]C03
  A. annae (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium annae Smith 1905]C03
  A. biflora (Blume) Clements 2003 [=Pedilonum biflorum Blume 1825]C03
  A. calicopis (Ridl.) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium calicopis Ridl. 1903]C03
  A. filicaulis (Gapnep.) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium filicaule Gagnepain 1949]C03
  A. fulminicaulis (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium fulminicaule Smith 1917]C03
  A. hughii (Reichenb.) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium hughii Reichenb. 1882]C03
  A. montana (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium montanum Smith 1905]C03
  A. nuda (Blume) Clements 2003 [=Onychium nudum Blume 1825]C03
  A. rigida (Blume) Clements 2003 [=Onychium rigidum Blume 1825]C03
  A. spathilinguis (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium spathilingue Smith 1913]C03
  A. transtillifera (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium transtilliferum Smith 1922]C03

Anisopetala sanguinolenta (Lindley) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium sanguinolentum Lindley 1842, Pedilonum (sect. *Sanguinolenta) sanguinolentum]C03

*Type species of generic name indicated


Clements, M. A. 2003. Molecular phylogenetic systematics in the Dendrobiinae (Orchidaceae), with emphasis on Dendrobium section Pedilonum. Telopea 10 (1): 247–298.

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