Anoplognathus chloropyrus, copyright Donald Hobern.

Belongs within: Rutelinae.

The Anoplognathina are an Australasian group of chafers characterised by the presence of an anteromedian labial process that curves into the mouth cavity. Species of the genus Anoplognathus are commonly referred to as ‘Christmas beetles’ in reference to their main period of emergence.

    |--Paraschizognathus Ohaus 1904CW92
    |    |--*P. prasinus (Boisduval 1835) [=Schizognathus prasinus]CW92
    |    |    |--P. p. prasinusCW92
    |    |    `--P. p. nigricans Ohaus 1904CW92
    |    |--P. brittoni Carne 1974CW92
    |    |--P. brunneus Carne 1958CW92
    |    |--P. elgatus Carne 1958CW92
    |    |    |--P. e. elgatusCW92
    |    |    `--P. e. kiewarrus Carne 1958CW92
    |    |--P. frazieri Carne 1974CW92
    |    |--P. marcus Allsopp & Carne 1986CW92
    |    |--P. miskoi Carne 1974CW92
    |    |--P. ocularis Carne 1958CW92
    |    |--P. olivaceus Ohaus 1904CW92
    |    |--P. pinarus Carne 1958CW92
    |    |--P. prasinicollis Ohaus 1904CW92
    |    |--P. queenslandicus Carne 1958CW92
    |    `--P. tubrabuccae Carne 1958CW92
    `--Anoplognathus Leach 1815 [incl. Paranonca Castelnau 1840]CW92
         |--*A. viridiaeneus (Donovan 1805)CW92 (see below for synonymy)
         |--A. abnormis Macleay 1873 [incl. A. quadrilineatus Waterhouse 1874]CW92
         |--A. aeneus Waterhouse 1868CW92
         |--A. aureus Waterhouse 1889 [incl. A. concinnus Blackburn 1900, Calloodes frenchi Blackburn 1890]CW92
         |--A. blackdownensis Carne 1981CW92
         |--A. boisduvalii Boisduval 1835 [incl. A. lineatus Macleay 1864, A. pulchripes Burmeister 1844]CW92
         |--A. brevicollis Blackburn 1892CW92
         |--A. brunnipennis (Gyllenhal in Schönherr 1817) (see below for synonymy)CW92
         |--A. chloropyrus (Drapiez 1819) [=Rutela chloropyra; incl. A. nitidulus Boisduval 1835]CW92
         |--A. concolor Burmeister 1855CW92
         |--A. daemeli Ohaus 1898 [incl. A. daemeli micantipennis Ohaus 1898]CW92
         |--A. flindersensis Carne 1981CW92
         |--A. hilleri Allsopp 1990CW92
         |--A. hirsutus Burmeister 1844CW92 (see below for synonymy)
         |--A. macalpinei Carne 1981CW92
         |--A. macleayi Blackburn 1892CW92
         |    |--A. m. macleayi [incl. A. pallidus Arrow 1919]CW92
         |    `--A. m. aurora Arrow 1919CW92
         |--A. montanus Macleay 1873 [incl. A. odewahnii Macleay 1873]CW92
         |--A. multiseriatus Lea 1919CW92
         |--A. narmarus Carne 1957CW92
         |--A. nebulosus Macleay 1864CW92
         |    |--A. n. nebulosusCW92
         |    |--A. n. acuminatus Ohaus 1904CW92
         |    `--A. n. moanus Carne 1957CW92
         |--A. olivieri (Dalman 1817)CW92 (see below for synonymy)
         |--A. pallidicollis Blanchard 1851CW92
         |--A. parvulus Waterhouse 1873 [incl. A. parvulus cuprifulgens Ohaus 1904, Calloodes mastersii Macleay 1873]CW92
         |--A. pindarus Carne 1957CW92
         |--A. porosus (Dalman 1817) (see below for synonymy)CW92
         |--A. prasinus (Castelnau 1840) [=*Paranonca prasina]CW92
         |--A. punctulatus Olliff 1890CW92
         |    |--A. p. punctatusCW92
         |    `--A. p. insularisCW92
         |--A. rhinastus Blanchard 1851CW92
         |--A. rothschildti Ohaus 1898CW92
         |--A. rubiginosus Macleay 1873CW92
         |--A. rugosus Kirby 1818CW92 (see below for synonymy)
         |--A. smaragdinus Ohaus 1904 (see below for synonymy)CW92
         |--A. suturalis Boisduval 1835CW92
         |--A. velutinus Boisduval 1835CW92
         |--A. vietor Allsopp & Carne 1986CW92
         `--A. viriditarsis Leach 1815CW92 (see below for synonymy)

Anoplognathus brunnipennis (Gyllenhal in Schönherr 1817) [=Rutela brunnipennis; incl. A. castaneipennis Castelnau 1840, A. flavipennis Boisduval 1835, A. flavipennis quadrimaculata Ohaus 1898]CW92

Anoplognathus hirsutus Burmeister 1844CW92 [incl. A. explanatus Burmeister 1844CW92, A. orichalcicus Sturm. 1843M86, A hirsutus quadraticeps Ohaus 1904CW92]

Anoplognathus olivieri (Dalman 1817)CW92 [=Rutela olivieriCW92; incl. A. duponti Boisduval 1835CW92, A. impressus Boisduval 1835CW92, A. sieberi Sturm. 1843M86]

Anoplognathus porosus (Dalman 1817) [=Rutela porosa; incl. A. inustus Kirby 1818, A. luridus Arrow 1901, A. pectoralis Burmeister 1844]CW92

Anoplognathus rugosus Kirby 1818CW92 [incl. A. dispar Macleay 1873CW92, A. longipennis Macleay 1873CW92, A. modestus Sturm. 1843M86, A. viridicollis Boisduval 1835CW92]

Anoplognathus smaragdinus Ohaus 1904 [=Calloodes prasinus Macleay 1873 non Paranonca prasina Castelnau 1840; incl. C. translucidus Benderitter 1923]CW92

*Anoplognathus viridiaeneus (Donovan 1805)CW92 [=Melolontha viridiaeneaCW92; incl. Rutela caesarea Billberg in Schönherr 1817CW92, Anoplognathus caesareusB35, R. latreillei Gyllenhal in Schönherr 1817CW92, A. latreilliiB35]

Anoplognathus viriditarsis Leach 1815CW92 [incl. Rutela analis Dalman in Schönherr 1817CW92, A. analisM86, A. impressifrons Boisduval 1835CW92, A. reticulatus Boisduval 1835CW92, A. viridicollis Macleay 1873CW92]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B35] Boisduval, J. B. 1835. Voyage de Découvertes de l’Astrolabe. Exécuté par ordre du Roi, pendant les années 1826–1827–1828–1829, sous le commandement de M. J. Dumont d’Urville. Faune entomologique de l’océan Pacifique, avec l’illustration des insectes nouveaux recueillis pendant le voyage vol. 2. Coléoptères et autres ordres. J. Tastu: Paris.

[CW92] Cassis, G., & T. A. Weir. 1992. Rutelinae. In: Houston, W. W. K. (ed.) Zoological Catalogue of Australia vol. 9. Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea pp. 359–382. AGPS Press: Canberra.

[M86] Masters, G. 1886. Catalogue of the described Coleoptera of Australia. Part III. Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales, series 2, 1 (1): 21–126.

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