Corn chamomile Anthemis arvensis, copyright Udo Schmidt.

Belongs within: Asteroideae.
Contains: Artemisia, Leptinella, Cotula, Tanacetum, Chrysanthemum.

The Anthemideae are a tribe of composite-flowered plants including such plants as chamomiles, yarrow, tansies and chrysanthemums. In members of the subtribe Anthemidinae, the receptacle bears chaffy scales whereas in the Chrysanthemidinae, the receptacle is naked. Anthemidinae include the genera Achillea, with compressed achenes and almost orbicular ligules, and Anthemis, with little compressed achenes and oblong ligules. Within the Chrysantheminae, members of the genus Matricaria bear heterogamous-radiate flower heads with a conical receptacle (Black & Robertson 1965).

Characters (from Black & Robertson 1965): Involucral bracts with scarious margins; heads heterogamous-radiate, or heterogamous-discoid with female flowers tubular; receptacle naked or chaffy; style-branches of fertile bisexual flowers always truncate with tuft of collecting hairs at summit; pappus absent or rarely of scales or bristles or small crown; leaves alternate.

    |    |--AchilleaBR65
    |    |    |--A. alpinaC55a
    |    |    |--A. millefolium (see below for synonymy)H93
    |    |    |--A. nanaC55a
    |    |    |--A. ptarmicaC55b
    |    |    |--A. tanacetifoliaC55b
    |    |    `--A. tomentosaBR65
    |    `--AnthemisM79
    |         |--A. arvensisBR65
    |         |--A. chiaPT98
    |         |--A. cotulaBR65 [=Maruta cotulaC55b]
    |         |--A. rigidaPT98
    |         |--A. ruthenicaBO08
    |         `--A. tinctoriaC55b
         |--Ceratogyne obionoidesBR65
         |--Dimorphocoma minutulaBR65
         |--Isoetopsis graminifoliaBR65
         |--Elachanthus pusillusBR65
         |    |--S. anthemifolia Br. 1817C06 [=Gymnostyles anthemifoliaMS72]
         |    |--S. nasturtiifoliaC55b
         |    `--S. sessilis [incl. S. daucifolia, S. pterosperma]H93
         |--Centipeda Loureiro 1790 [incl. Myriogyne Lessing 1831]BR65
         |    |--C. borealisLK14
         |    |--C. cunninghamii [=Myriogyne cunninghamii]BR65
         |    |--C. minima (Linnaeus) Brown & Ascherson 1867 (see below for synonymy)BR65
         |    `--C. thespidioidesBR65
              |--M. chamomillaTG88
              |--M. discoideaC06
              |--M. inodoraC06
              |--M. perforataAK02
              `--M. suffruticosa [incl. M. multiflora]BR65
Anthemideae incertae sedis:
    |--U. anthemoidesOS04
    `--U. frutescensCV06
    |--A. clavatusS86
    |--A. homogamosS86
    |--A. latealatusS86
    |--A. linearilobusS86
    |--A. maroccanusS86
    |--A. monanthusS86
    |--A. nigellifoliusS86
    |--A. pyrethrumS86
    `--A. radiatusS86
    |--E. dinteriCV06
    |--E. giessiiCV06
    |--E. kingesiiCV06
    |--E. klinghardtensisCV06
    `--E. pinnatusCV06
    |--S. cana [=Tanacetum canum]H93
    `--S. potentilloides [=Tanacetum potentilloides]H93
         |--S. p. var. potentilloidesH93
         `--S. p. var. nitrophilaH93
  Abrotanella Cass. 1825A61
    |--A. caespitosa Petrie ex Kirk 1892A61
    |--A. christenseni Petrie 1915 (n. d.)A61
    |--A. filiformis Petrie 1915A61
    |--A. inconspicua Hooker 1864A61
    |--A. linearis Bergg. 1877 [incl. A. linearis var. apiculata Simpson & Thomson 1943]A61
    |--A. muscosa Kirk 1892A61
    |--A. pusilla Hooker 1864 [=Trineuron pusillum Hooker 1853]A61
    |--A. rosulata Hooker 1864 [=Ceratella rosulata Hooker 1844]A61
    `--A. spathulata Hooker 1864 [=Trineuron spathulatum Hooker 1844]A61

Achillea millefolium [incl. A. lanulosa ssp. alpicola, A. millefolium var. alpicola. A. borealis ssp. arenicola, A. millefolium var. arenicola, A. millefolium var. borealis, A. borealis ssp. californica, A. millefolium var. californica, A. millefolium var. gigantea, A. millefolium var. lanulosa, A. millefolium var. littoralis, A. millefolium var. pacifica, A. millefolium var. puberula]H93

Centipeda minima (Linnaeus) Brown & Ascherson 1867 [=Artemisia minima Linnaeus 1753; incl. Cotula minuta Forster 1786, Myriogyne minuta (Forster) Lessing 1831, Centipeda orbicularis Loureiro 1790]BR65

*Type species of generic name indicated


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