Right and left valves of Libumella walkerorum, from Hoare & Merrill (2004).

Belongs within: Palaeocopida.

The Aparchitidae are a group of ostracods known from the Lower Ordovician to the middle Upper Carboniferous. The type genus, Aparchites, is known from the Lower Ordovician to the Middle Devonian and characterised by a generally swollen carapace with the hinge line distinctly shorter than the carapace and the cardinal angles distinctly obtuse (Benson et al. 1961).

Characters (from Benson et al. 1961): Carapace nonsulcate, inequivalved, largely amplete; adductor muscle scar not visible exteriorly or indistinct but may also be well defined; velar structure developed as low ridge which may be tuberculate, extending along ventral border and in some along part of end borders or entire free border; subvelar area channeled; dimorphism not observed.

|--Longidorsa rectelloides Schallreuter 1985WSB93
|--Brevidorsa devonica Reynolds 1978WSB93
|--Macronotella Ulrich 1894BB61
| `--*M. scofieldi Ulrich 1894BB61
|--Neoaparchites Bouček 1936BB61
| `--*N. obsoletus (Jones & Holl 1865) [=Primitia obsoleta]BB61
|--Aparchitellina Polenova 1955 (n. d.)M61, BB61
| `--*A. decorata Polenova 1955BB61
|--Coeloenellina Polenova 1952M61
| `--*C. parva Polenova 1952M61
|--Ginella Ivanova 1960 [=Pinella Ivanova 1955 non Stephenson 1941]M61
| `--*G. tenuispina (Ivanova 1955) [=*Pinella tenuispina]BB61
|--Zaborovia Polenova 1952 (n. d.)M61, BB61
| `--*Z. obscura Polenova 1952BB61
|--Cyathus Roth & Skinner 1930 non Haller 1768 (ICBN)CB86
| |--*C. ulrichi Roth & Skinner 1930BB61
| |--C. caperatus (Guan 1978) [=Sinocoelonella caperata]CB86
| `--C. formosus Shi 1982CB86
|--Saccelatia Kay 1940 [=Saccaletia]BB61
| |--*S. arrecta (Ulrich 1894) [=Aparchites arrectus]BB61
| |--S. arcamuralisBB61
| `--S. bullataBB61
|--Aparchites Jones 1889BB61
| |--*A. whiteavesi Jones 1889BB61
| |--A. crossotusBB61
| |--A. diuturnusNU83
| |--A. fimbriatusBB61
| |--A. kauffmanensisBB61
| `--A. messleriformisB94
| |--A. m. messleriformisB94
| `--A. m. instabilis Polenova 1974B94
|--Libumella Rozhdestvenskaja 1959HM04
| |--L. bonapartensis Jones 1989HM04
| |--L. cribrosa Robinson 1978HM04
| |--L. discoides Rozhdestvenskaja 1959HM04
| |--L. reticulata Robinson 1978HM04
| `--L. walkerorum Hoare & Merrill 2004HM04
`--Baltonotella Sarv 1959B94
|--*B. kuckersiana (Bonnema 1909)B94
|--B. circulantis (Harris 1957) [=Paraparchites circulantis]B94
`--B. parsispinosus (Kraft 1962) [=Aparchites parsispinosus]B94

*Type species of generic name indicated


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