Sea mouse Aphrodita aculeata, copyright Michael Maggs.

Belongs within: Phyllodocida.
Contains: Polynoidae.

The Aphroditiformia, scale worms, are marine worms characterised by the presence of dorsal cirri modified into elytra or scales on alternating segments. They include the Aphroditidae, sea mice, in which the dorsum of the relatively short body is also covered in iridescent chaetae.

    |  i. s.: EulepethidaeRF98
    |         Faustoscolex gemmatusPTV14
    |         Histriocola delicatulaPTV14
    |--Dryptoscolex matthiesaePE16, PTV14
       |  `--AphroditidaeSS07
       |       |--Sthenelaites Roverto 1903H62
       |       |    `--*S. dasiaeformis (Massalongo 1855) [=Nereites dasiaeformis]H62
       |       |--HermioneH04
       |       |    |--H. hystricellaH04
       |       |    `--H. hystrix (Savigny 1818) [incl. Melaenis tropicus Treadwell 1934]H56
       |       |--Protonympha Clarke 1903H62
       |       |    |--*P. salicifolia Clarke 1903H62
       |       |    `--P. transversa (Blake 1994) [=Foliaster transversus]CMG06
       |       |--Aphrodita Linnaeus 1758H62
       |       |    |--*A. aculeata Linnaeus 1758H62
       |       |    |--A. australisPG98
       |       |    |--A. magna Treadwell 1925H56
       |       |    |--A. pallidaPP64
       |       |    `--A. squamata Linnaeus 1758L58
       |       `--Laetmonice nitida Treadwell 1926H56
       `--+--Paralepidonotus ampulliferus (Grube 1878)RP07
             |    |--Sthenelanella uniformis Moore 1910SS07
             |    |--SthenelaisRP07
             |    |    |--S. boa (Johnston 1833)RP07
             |    |    `--S. chathamensisPG98
             |    |--Thalenessites Stauffer 1933H62
             |    |    `--*T. lobatus Stauffer 1933H62
             |    |--Sigalion Audouin & Milne-Edwards 1832H62
             |    |    |--*S. mathilde Audouin & Milne-Edwards 1832H62
             |    |    |--S. bandaensis (Mackie & Chambers 1990)RP07
             |    |    |--S. spinosus (Hartman 1939)SS07
             |    |    `--S. squamatumPP64
             |    |--PsammolyceH56
             |    |    |--P. arenosa (delle Chiaje 1841) [=Sigalion arenosum; incl. Eupholoe nuda Treadwell 1936]H56
             |    |    `--P. flava Kinberg 1855 [incl. Eupholoe acuminata Treadwell 1934]H56
             |    `--LeaniraH56
             |         |--L. grubei (Treadwell 1901) [=Sthenelais grubei]H56
             |         |--L. hystricis Ehlers 1874 [incl. Eupholoe cirrata Treadwell 1934]H56
             |         `--L. tetragonaPP64

*Type species of generic name indicated


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