Forewing of Aboilus columnatus, from Martynov (1938) via here.

Belongs within: Haglida.
Contains: Tettigonioidea, Grylloidea.

The Apohaglida is a clade of orthopterans supported by a forewing vein CuPaβ which is posteriorly bowed between its base and the handle, and which has an angle and a broken part at the level of the handle, with the broken part directed towards CuA + CuPaα, though both these characters have been reversed in some derived sublineages (Béthoux & Nel 2002).

    |--Haglomorpha martynovi Gorokhov 1986BN02
    `--+--Archihagla Sharov 1968BN02, BNL02
       |    `--A. zeuneri Sharov 1968BN02
       `--+--Dulcihagla Gorokhov 1986BN02
          |    |--D. beybienkoi Gorokhov 1986BN02
          |    `--D. mistshenkoi Gorokhov 1986BN02
               |--Proisfaroptera martynovi Sharov 1968BN02
                    |  `--MaraginaeBN02
                    |       |--Maraga Gorokhov 1986BN02
                    |       |    |--M. angusta Gorokhov 1986BN02
                    |       |    `--M. tshorkuphlebioides Gorokhov 1986BN02
                    |       `--+--Paramaraga fusca Gorokhov 1986BN02
                    |          `--ProphalangopsidaeBN02
                    |               |  i. s.: TermitidiumRJ93 [TermitidiinaeGR02]
                    |               |           `--T. ignotumRJ93
                    |               |--Prophalangopseides vitimicus Sharov 1968BN02
                    |               `--+--Tettaboilus pulcher Gorokhov 1988BN02
                    |                  `--+--Prophalangopsis obscura (Walker 1869)BN02
                    |                     `--Aboilus [Aboilinae]BN02
                    |                          |  i. s.: A. aulietusGR02
                    |                          |         A. maculatusG01
                    |                          |--A. zebra Gorokhov 1996BN02
                    |                          `--+--A. columnatus Martynov 1925BN02
                    |                             `--Protaboilus praedictus Gorokhov 1988BN02
                         |--+--Tasgorosailus orlovskajae Gorokhov 1990BN02
                         |  `--Archaboilus shurabicus Martynov 1937BN02
                         |    |--Paracytophyllites Sharov 1968BNL02 [ParacyrtophyllitinaeGR02]
                         |    |    `--P. undulatus Sharov 1968BN02
                         |    `--+--VoliopinaeBN02
                         |       |    |--Voliopus ancestralis Gorokhov 1986BN02
                         |       |    `--Melovoliopus fasciatus Gorokhov 1986BN02
                         |       `--TuphellinaeBN02
                         |            |--Neotuphella minor Gorokhov 1986BN02
                         |            `--Tuphella Gorokhov 1986BNL02
                         |                 |--T. rasnitzyni Gorokhov 1986BN02
                         |                 |--T. rohdendorfi Gorokhov 1986BN02
                         |                 `--T. sharovi Gorokhov 1986BN02
                              |  i. s.: FalsispeculinaeBN02
                              |           |--Angaragryllus angaricus (Sharov 1968)BN02
                              |           |--Asiogryllus asiaticus (Sharov 1968)BN02
                              |           `--Falsispeculum karatavicusRJ93
                              `--Gryllavidae [Gryllavoidea]BNL02
                                   |--Zagryllavus Gorokhov 1986BNL02
                                   |--Galliagryllavus Papier et al. 2000BNL02
                                   |--Gryllavus Sharov 1971BNL02
                                   |    `--G. madygenicus Sharov 1968BN02
                                   `--Paragryllavus Gorokhov 1986BNL02
                                        `--P. curvatus Gorokhov 1986RJ93

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BN02] Béthoux, O., & A. Nel. 2002. Venation pattern and revision of Orthoptera sensu nov. and sister groups. Phylogeny of Palaeozoic and Mesozoic Orthoptera sensu nov. Zootaxa 96: 1–88.

[BNL02] Béthoux, O., A. Nel, J. Lapeyrie, G. Gand & J. Galtier. 2002. Raphogla rubra gen. n., sp. n., the oldest representative of the clade of modern Ensifera (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidea, Gryllidea). European Journal of Entomology 99: 111–116.

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