Sybra alternans, copyright Udo Schmidt.

Belongs within: Lamiinae.

Sybra punctatostriata
Published 19 October 2014
Sybra punctatostriata, from here.

Just a very brief post today, because once again I’ve drawn a species that I haven’t been able to find too much about. Sybra punctatostriata is a member of the Cerambycidae, the longicorn beetles, a diverse but (usually) fairly distinctive group of beetles whose larvae burrow into wood and plant stems. This species was first described by H. W. Bates in 1866 as part of a collection of beetles from Taiwan. Since then, it has been recorded over a wide area stretching from Japan in the north to Hainan in the south (though mostly in Japanese and Chinese sources that I don’t have access to, and probably couldn’t follow if I did). However, Samuelson (1965) indicated that S. punctatostriata was one of a number of very similar species in the genus Sybra, hinting that its range may require revision. Samuelson himself only identified a single specimen of S. punctatostriata from Okinawa in collections of beetles from the Ryukyus, which he described as showing some small differences from Taiwan specimens.

Another view of Sybra punctatostriata from the same site.

Sybra punctatostriata has been recorded feeding on Gossypium, the genus that includes cotton. However, other Sybra species are known to have wide host ranges. Sybra alternans, a species that has been recorded infesting bananas, has also been known to feed on fig trees, pineapple plants, passionfruit vines, beans… (Chen et al. 2001). It is possible that S. punctatostriata‘s host range may also be wider than recorded.

Systematics of Apomecynini
|--Parmenonta Thomson 1868TT02
|--Asaperda Bates 1873S65
| `--A. bicostata Hayashi 1956S65
|--Dorcasta Pascoe 1858 [incl. Aegilopsis Horn 1860]TT02
| `--D. cinerea (Horn 1860)TT02
|--Adetus LeConte 1852 (see below for synonymy)TT02
| |--A. lherminieri Dup. in Fleutiaux & Sallé 1890FS90
| `--A. muticusFS90
|--Apomecyna Latreille 1829 [incl. Anapomecyna Pic 1925, Pseudalbana Pic 1895, Vocula Lacord. 1872]S65
| |--A. histrio (Fabricius 1792) (see below for synonymy)S65
| |--*Anapomecyna’ luteomaculataS65
| |--A. nigrita Pascoe 1859M87
| |--A. nigritarsis Gahan 1900JG19
| `--A. tsutsuii Hayashi 1956S65
|--Ropica Pascoe 1858S65
| |--R. exocentroides Pascoe 1859M87
| |--R. formosana Bates 1866 [incl. R. formosana var. variabilis Schwarz. 1925]S65
| |--R. hayashii Breuning 1958S65
| |--R. honesta Pascoe 1865 [incl. R. formosana var. dorsalis Schwarz. 1925]S65
| |--R. subnotataLL20
| `--R. vinaceaP66
`--Sybra Pascoe 1865TT02
|--S. acuta [incl. S. geminata Pascoe 1863]M87
|--S. alternansTT02
|--S. baculina Bates 1866 (see below for synonymy)S65
|--S. centurio Pascoe 1866M87
|--S. incivilis Pascoe 1863M87
|--S. loochooana Breuning 1939S65
|--S. ordinata Bates 1873S65
|--S. oshimana Breuning 1958S65
|--S. pascoeiS65
| |--S. p. pascoeiS65
| `--S. p. taiwanella Gressitt 1951S65
|--S. posticataG00
|--S. punctatostriata Bates 1866 [incl. Homonoxia gossipi Shiraki 1912]S65
|--S. subtesselata Breuning 1960S65
`--S. umbraticaP66

Adetus LeConte 1852 [incl. Agennopsis Thomson 1857, Atimuropsis Thomson 1868, Polyopsia Haldeman 1847 non Mulsant 1839, Pterichthya Bates 1880, Pterichtya Aurivillius 1922, Pterichyta Thomson 1868, Sicyobius Horn 1880, Stygnesis Pascoe 1866, Talaepora Fairmaire & Germain 1859, Tautoclines Thomson 1868]TT02

Apomecyna histrio (Fabricius 1792) [=Saperda histrio; incl. Lamia alboguttata Meg. 1802, Apomecyna maculaticollis Pic. 1918, A. quadrifasciata Thoms. 1868]S65

Sybra baculina Bates 1866 [=S. posticalis baculina; incl. S. kotoensis Matsush. 1934, S. maculiclunis Matsush. 1931]S65

*Type species of generic name indicated


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